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Don’t Get Dishearten By Your Small Eyes, Here Are Makeup Hacks For You

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If you have small eyes, it is really challenging to find best makeup tips to make them look bigger. I also don’t have large eyes. So, I frequently used to look for some of the easiest and effective makeup tips to make small eyes look bigger and highlight beautifully. In this guide, I am sharing some of the best tips to make your eyes look large and help them highlight. So, let’s get started!

Groom Your Eyebrows

You need to first groom your eyebrows which are the step to make your small eyes stand out. Believe me! If you want to make your eyes highlight and look bigger, you have to keep your eyebrows well groomed and up. This way, I keep my eyebrows on a thin side a bit and ensure that I don’t need to have stray hairs. It makes my eyes stand out and pop them out.

Use Pale Eye Shadow

Do you know that your pale eye shadow can definitely enhance the shape and size of eyes? All you need to put a pale eye shadow along your eyelids if you have small eyes. You can choose any of your favorite colors. Be sure that you are choosing a pale color.  This way, I prefer pale purple or pink and draw it out into my eyes. You can choose the color which is best suited for your eye color.

Brighten Your Eyes with Light Colors

You can use light colors, basically, in order to brighten your eyes up and you can look more awake with it. With the help of this makeup tip, you can work really well in the morning, or when you are tired. It can make your eyes look awake and bright without having to work too hard.

                              Don’t Get Dishearten By Your Small Eyes, Here Are Makeup Hacks For You

Use Dark Colors on Outer Corners

If you are finding out the way so you can make your eyes look really beautiful and stand out, this tip is really very useful. All you need to swipe a little of dark eye shadow over the outer corners of the eyes. This way, your eyes can pop up and it can highlight the color of your eyes.

Use Light Colors for Brow Bone

It is a well-known fact that light colors can really brighten your eyes and make them appear much more alert and awake. If you choose to use light colors under the brow bone, it can also make your eyes look much bigger. Honestly, I just love doing this thing. It works really well and nobody can notice that you have small eyes.

Line along Upper Lash Line

Did you really line your upper lashes? Actually, I also didn’t do until I felt that I can really make my eyes look so much larger when I do it. It is really a very helpful tip if you have small eyes. It can completely enhance your eyes and your eyes can look large and adorable.

Read on to know some eyeliner tips to enhance small eyes even better.

Make Your Eyeliner Passing Outer Corners of Eyes

Recently I told you that I would be sharing some tips regarding eyeliner. This tip is what I was talking about. This way, you need to make your eyeliner pass through the outer corner in a cat-eye shape. It can highlight your eye little big and it can be appeared much larger.

                   Don’t Get Dishearten By Your Small Eyes, Here Are Makeup Hacks For You

Lower Lash Line

You also need to ensure that you have to line your lower lash line also. Along with your waterline, you also have to consider your lash line. Truly speaking, this tip took a little time to master for me. But once I did, it really worked and makes my eyes look stunning all the time.

Using White Eyeliner on Eyes’ Inner Rims

With this makeup tip, I will help you to brighten your eyes up and make them really pop up. You can make your eyes look doll-like by applying eyeliner just around the inner rims. It can also make them look super awake and bigger. It is an ideal way to hide a bad night’s sleep or hangover.

Smudge Your Liner

You need to smudge eye liner a bit more. It is yet another amazing makeup tip to make your eyes appear bigger. You can do it on both lower and upper eye lids. Make sure not to make it appear too smudgy. It is better to use smudge stick on the tip of your eyeliner pencil and smudge it gently.

Curl Your Eye Lashes

This list of makeup tips to make your small eyes look bigger is incomplete without talking about your lashes. You can make your eyes look bigger with your lashes. I always used to curl my eye lashes every morning to make eyes appear bigger. This way, I prefer lash curler. But you can do it with other ways.

Using Volumizing Mascara

It is yet another amazing way to make the volume up your lashes and make your eyes look bigger. Honestly, I have tried all kinds of mascaras. But Maybelline is my personal favorite brand. Along with going longer, this mascara also makes my eyes look pretty.

Use Two Mascara Coats

When it comes to apply mascara, you should go with just one coat. Instead, you need to ensure that you get around 2 coats of mascara. Hence, you admit that you will get more than just volume. Your lashes can stand out it a lot more.

Put Maximum Amount of Mascara on the Middle and Outer Edges

It is yet another mascara trick that may help you. It can make your eyes look bigger. It is helpful to ensure that you keep your mascara on the outer and middle edges of eyes. This eye makeup tip is helpful for small eyes and it works for all.

Apply Liquid Highlighter on Your Cheeks

When most of these tricks are dedicated to your small eyes, why not you try something new that covers your whole face? You can use liquid highlighter on your cheekbones which will also help pop your eyes up along with your cheeks.