Easiest Ways to Exercise Your Eyes to Maintain Eyesight Level

We all know the importance of the active and fit body and maintaining a healthy workout routine. But most of us don’t know that we can exercise our eyes too. There are certain eye exercises that can improve focus, strengthen eye muscles, eye movements and arouse the center of vision. It is not proved that these exercises can improve eyesight yet but they may, at least, help deal with several eye problems you are likely to have and maintain your existing eyesight level.

Preparing Eyes to Exercise

Preparing Eyes to Exercise

Ask Your Eye Specialist about Such Exercises

There is still a lack of evidence that prove eye exercises can enhance your eyesight. So before you start doing any exercise, it is wise to undergo a professional eye test from your optometrist. If you have any eye issues or problems, he will tell you. Before you go for eye exercises, ask if they can benefit your eyes.

Keep in mind that these exercises are not going to resolve or cure any eye problems like presbyopia (a condition where you are unable to focus near from far), myopia (nearsightedness) or astigmatism (blurred vision because of cornea’s shape).  A lot of optometrists avoid recommending exercises which claim to help remove the glasses. You may try these exercises as they are not harmful if you don’t have any eye problems. If you have critical eye problems like blindness in both or one eye, cataracts, or cornea injury, it is better to avoid such exercises.

Palm Your Eyes

By doing it, you can reduce stimuli to your brain and eyes. Close your eyes and put your palms on your eyes lightly and spread it over the eyes and relax them. Rub your hands until you feel warm, close your eyes and cover with cupped palms lightly. Don’t press your eyeballs. Don’t cover your nose fully to ensure having proper ventilation while palming.

Be sure to avoid lights entering into your eyes through gaps between the corners of your nose or palms or gaps between the fingers. The light will interrupt the relaxation process instead of helping. Visualize steep darkness and focus on it. Take deep breaths evenly and eventually and think of a calm scene like a clear lake, empty beach or mountain. Once complete blackness appears, it’s over. Now you can remove your palms from eyes.  Repeat it for around 3 minutes.

Massaging Your Eyes

It is helpful to improve the blood circulation around the face and eyes and prepare them for exercise. You may try cold and hot compress. This way, you need to soak a towel in cold water and in hot water. Place the warm part on your face and ensure that it drapes over the eyebrows, with eyelids closed. Remove the warm towel after 3 minutes and placed the cold one on the face. Chance the towels when desired. Be sure to end the massage with a cold compress. With changing temperatures on the face, it will lead to vasodilation and vasoconstriction. With such physiological changes, your face and skin around the eyes will be stimulated.

Go for a Full Face Massage. This way, you have to soak the towel in warm water, rub your forehead, neck and cheeks with a towel. Use fingertips to massage your closed eyes and forehead. After then, you can go for eyelid massage. Wash your hands properly and close eyes and massage circularly with fingers for few minutes. Be sure to press on eyes lightly while massaging them.

Eye Exercises

Strengthening Far and Near Focus of Your Eyes

                     Massaging Your Eyes For improve Eyesight

With this exercise, you can effectively strengthen the eye muscles to maintain the existing vision level. Stand in a place in front of the empty wall. Get your thumbs around 10” in front of the face and put your focus on it. You can also focus on anything placed 5 to 10 feet off for around 10 seconds. After that, focus on anything which is around 20 feet away from you without turning your head. Focus on it for 10 seconds. Focus on your thumb again after 10 seconds and repeat it for five times.

Zooming with Eyes

This is a good exercise to improve focus. You can adjust your focus on anything from specific distances. This way, you need to sit comfortably and stretch your arm with thumbs up. Then bring focus on the thumb which is near you and focus until it gets around 3 inches closer in front of your face. Move it away again until you completely outstretch your arm. Do it 3 more times, at least once in a week. You can also hold a pencil at arm’s length in front of you and focus on it. Follow the pencil with eyes until you lose focus.

Imagine a Huge “8”

This is known to be the ideal exercise you can practice controlling your eyes’ movement. Visualize a huge “8” figure on your floor, around 10 ft. Follow the figure with eyes eventually. Trace it for a couple of minutes on one way and do it on another way for two minutes.

Rhythmic Eye Movements

With the help of these eye movements, you can easily strengthen hand-eye coordination and your eyes. You can perform bar swings to test the ability of your brain to focus on any specific object with eyes and maintain coordination and balance. Go in front of barred window, fence or anything which has even spaces between vertical lines. Focus on a far object behind the bars. Send your weight between both feet and relax your body. Keep your breathing relaxed and steady. Blink your eyes during this exercise and keep it going for at least 2 to 3 minutes.

You may perform round swings to improve the peripheral vision of your eyes. This way, you can focus on anything located closely. Perform this exercise as directed for bar swings. Use peripheral vision and observe things around you when you sway. Do it for 2 to 3 minutes. You may also perform directional eye exercises by moving eyes in various directions.

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