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Eye Infection – Home Remedies and Treatment to Relieve Symptoms

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Eye infection normally causes irritation, redness and swelling in the eyelid, achiness and excess drainage in your eyes. If symptoms get severe, you will need to be medicated eye drops to reduce swelling and start the process of healing. Sometimes, it can be healed on its own. It may take a week to cure. You can try different types of home remedies to treat eye infection during the time to hasten the process of healing and relieve symptoms. Before discussing home remedies, let’s find out the common varieties of eye infection.

Basic Types of Eye Infection That Can Trouble Your Eyes

There are different factors responsible for eye infections. When it comes to treating eyes, it depends on what kind of infection you have. But you can go for any kind of home remedy to treat most of the infection. Here, we will discuss the eye infections that mostly affect your eyes –

  • Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis – This infection occurs most widely and it causes irritation and eyes may redden as well.
  • Blepharitis – This type of infection affects the eyelids and causes them to burn and itch due to irritation.
  • Stye – This type of infection causes the formation of a lump within the eyelid or at the eyelash’s base. It doesn’t cause any harm but it is painful. It is medically termed as hordeolum.
  • Ulcer of Cornea (Keratitis)Mainly, it is caused by the presence of the outer body in your eyes that can cause an ulcer to the cornea.
  • Fungal Keratitis In 2006, using contact lens solution was in trend during which this outbreak had occurred. However, this solution is no longer available in the market.

Eye Infection – Home Remedies and Treatment to Relieve Symptoms

Home Remedies to Cure Eye Infection

In order to treat an eye infection, home remedies are known to be very effective for a lot of problems. But it is important to first ask your doctor to work on any serious issue. For some types of eye infections, treatment is simple, when some of them need proper medical intervention. Here, we consider some of the best home remedies for eye infection

Treating Stye

  • Cleanse – When fecal matter, dirt or any debris cause sebaceous glands affected by bacterial infection, it leads to the formation of a stye in your eyes. In case you develop a stye in your eyes, clean it properly to remove the infection. Clean your stye with warm water and swab or a cotton ball.
  • Hot Compress – It is among the most effective remedies for Stye. This way, you need to dip a lint-free cloth in warm water, wrung properly before you compress it on closed eye. It fastens the maturing process of stye and improves blood flow. Then the stye will be drained out faster. Apply the warm compress for 3 to 4 times in a day.

For Conjunctivitis

Salt water compress is among the most effective natural remedies to cure pink eye. Add salt to the boiling water. Once it gets cooled, dip the cotton ball down in it and put it on the affected area. It is very helpful and simple home remedy to treat conjunctivitis. Cold water compress is considered to be very soothing for your eyes. Once it gets cooled, use water. If only one eye is infected, don’t use the same cotton ball on both, to avoid infection to spread.

Treating Blepharitis

In order to treat this type of eye infection, compress closed eyes with warm water. It will be helpful to loosen the crusts over the eyelids. Remove oily scales and debris collected over the eyelashes with a moist cloth and a few baby shampoo drops. It can be helpful to treat both blepharitis and stye. Repeat this process for several times in a day and ensure that washcloth/cotton and hands are tidy to avoid spreading infection.

Reduce Burning Sensation with Tea Bags

In cold water, soak tea bags for a few seconds and place it on closed eyes. It will give you instant relief from burning in your eyes and it will cool them down.

Cleaning Eyes with Cold Bath

This specific home remedy is helpful to strengthen your eyes. It is also helpful to restore the expression and sparkle in your eyes. This way, you have to sink your eyes in cold water, fill a basin or dip your face and blink your eyes for 5 seconds. Remove your face from the sink and repeat this process at least 3 to 4 times.

                                Eye Infection – Home Remedies and Treatment to Relieve Symptoms

Stop Using Contact Lens

If you have an infection, you should stop using contact lens on your affected eyes. Ask your eye specialist to know how long you should avoid using it. Doctor will recommend you if you have to discard lenses, lens case, and solution. You need to clean non-disposable lenses properly before using them again.

Eye Drops

The ‘artificial tears’ or over-the-counter eye drops are also helpful to relieve symptoms related to an eye infection. These drops also contain some medicines like anti-histamines that are helpful to cure conjunctivitis.

Coriander Seeds

They are known to have effective properties that are helpful to reduce swelling caused due to stye. Soak coriander seeds in the water for an hour and wash the eyes. After finding out the causes of eye infection, your doctor may prescribe antiviral medications or oral antibiotics. They can also prescribe some ointments or eye drops. If you find any change or your symptoms worsen, you should consult the doctor immediately.


In order to prevent eye infections, it is wise to take some precautions. Here are some of the important steps to take in order to avoid these infections –

  • Don’t touch your own eyes if you are spending time with a person who has red eye. Wash your hands first.
  • Use cleansers, hand sanitizers, and anti-infective sprays if you are at a public place like classrooms, day care centers etc.
  • Wash your hands properly before touching your eyes or using contact lenses.
  • Don’t share bedding, towels with a person with red eye or any other eye infection. Be sure they also wash their hands properly.