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Home Remedies For Simple Eye Problems

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Whether you have dark circles, under eye bags, tired or inflammable eyes, here are some of the best treatments and home remedies for simple eye problems.

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The eyes are a very sensitive part of our face and need time to rest for staying relaxed. Working long hours on computers or laptops, watching television or using your mobile for a long time can create stress of eye muscles. Lack of sleep is also a major reason behind tired eyes. Here are a few home treatments which you can use for solving some minor eye problems.

Many eye problems require medical knowledge that ophthalmologists acquired after years of clinical and surgical training. But there are eye problems that can be treated safely at home because they are relatively simple. From the website of information on eye health of the American Academy of Ophthalmology find some eye problems that may respond to treatment at home. Find some of the best tips and home remedies for simple eye problems.

Many women care about those dark circles purple spots around the eyes that betray us when we do not sleep, but another symptom of sleep deprivation, stress and chronic fatigue are bags under the eyes. Although many of these problems are genetic, there will be very good home remedies that can be applied to reduce the effects of tiredness in our eyes. Here we leave our favorite home remedies to solve our simple eye related problems.

  1. A cold spoon:
  2. If after spending lot of time in front of computer, T.V. or mobile screen your eyes are feeling tired and inflammable then leave metal 2 tablespoons in the freezer for 30-60 minutes and apply directly on the closed eyes. Leave them there until heated spoons. Many people recommend applying ice, but the spoon is much easier to use and has the same effect. If you want to use ice then wrap it in a soft cloth and then move it for 1-2 minutes. This will provide a great relaxation to your eyes.

  3. Chamomile tea:
  4. Another of the most popular remedies and extremely effective is using chamomile tea in bags. They can do used in 2 ways:

    Put two tea bags in hot water (or warm, it is important that the properties contained in the leaflets are released) and then let them cool until the temperature is comfortable to the skin. Close your eyes and put a bag over each eye. Let them stand for 10 minutes.

    Prepare one chamomile tea with one bag and let it cool. With a cotton swab to apply the liquid on the eyelids, with special emphasis on the bottom of the eye for people with eye bags and dark circles. Eye Bags and dark circles are common eye related problems which can be solved with this method.

  5. The classic cucumber:
  6. This is one of the best home remedy for simple eye problems as it is able to solve some common eye problems quickly. Whether your eyes have lost moisture or it is inflammable whether you have dark circles or eye bags you can easily cure all this problems using cucumber. Simple take a few cucumber slices and keep in the freezer for 15-30 minutes. Remove and place it on eyes. This will remove the tiredness of eyes and make it look more beautiful.

  7. Raw Potato:
  8. The potato has many properties that provides relief to the swelling of the eyes and the area around. For inflammation in eyes you can first cool the potato and then use. Thoroughly wash the potatoes or it is better to remove its peel, cut into slices and cover your eyes with these slices for 10 minutes. This will provide much relief and also help you get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes.

  9. Milk:
  10. If none of the above works apply a little milk with cotton bags on your closed eyes. This is a very old and effective home remedy for simple eye problems. It reduces the stress over the eye muscles and also lighten the dark circles and eye bags. If the bags under the eyes are a constant problem in your life then include this remedy in your beauty routine so they never face this problem again.

And remember that drinking water is extremely important to keep our skin healthy and clear, sleep at least seven hours always helps our eyes matted less swollen. Finally keep in mind that when looking at digital screens of your mobile, laptop etc. you forget to blink eyes which reduces the moisture and causes stress on muscles. Take breaks while working or chatting on your mobile. In this break keep your eyes closed for 2 minutes and then resume. Once or twice a day you can also splash cold water to relax eyes. After following these basic treatments if you can’t see any benefit and your eyes are causing much discomfort then it is best to consult an eye doctor.