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How to Avoid and Reduce Eye Strain

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The best way to avoid stress on eyes is by relaxing the eye muscles with proper exercises and by following all the precautions. To reduce eye strain because of long hour work on computers use moisturizing drops or home remedies like cucumbers, cold spoons, and water splash. This will relieve the irritation and discomfort and make it moist and problem free.

Avoid and reduce eye strain

Using computers and laptops is common practice at work places and hence eye strain is one of the major compliant of such computer using employers. Not only computers but continuously daily writing and reading, watching television, long time under sun, improper sleep are also some of the major offenders that causes stress on eyes. These habits remove the moisture and cause a lot of strain on the eye muscles which can lead to lower vision, red eyes, head ache problem, dark circles and puffy eyes.

Do some eye exercises

Getting up in the morning and going for swimming, cycling, jogging or gym are all the different exercise that many people do to keep their body fit and healthy. So to keep eyes healthy, you need to do these special eye exercises. Here are some of the best drills which you can follow to reduce eye strain.

  1. Blink eyes

    Blinking eyes multiple times can be a great form of exercise to re-moisturize it. At work time take just 2 minutes break and in this time period wink your eyes several times. Lower vision and many other eye problems people face is when eye loses it moisture and kept de-moisturized for long time. Hence, this simple two minute exercise will help you to get rid of eye stress and fix the moisture levels.

  2. Rotate eye balls

    This exercise is specially to reduce the strain on the eyeball and the muscles around it. Close your eyes and rotate both your eyeballs for 2 minutes. Closing eyes and then moving eyeballs in circular motion will hydrate and provide relief.

  3. Rub your hands and keep it on the eyes

    This exercise was thought to me by our school physical fitness teacher and I would like to share it with you. Daily in the morning, rub both your palms for 20 seconds and now keep it on the eyes. Rubbing hands will make it warm and providing this warmth reduces the tension on eyes.

Splash cold water

Splashing cold water to eyes three or four times a day will protect it from stress overload and keep it relaxed. Keep the eyes closed while splashing the water because using this treatment with open eyes can wash the moisture. Another technique is by refrigerating metal spoons and then moving it on closed eyes. These are some most popular and widely used grandma’s remedies to keep eyes healthy.

Add moisturizing drops

Working with not blinking eyes can lead to loss of tears which are required for hydrating eyes and preventing it from becoming dry. With a prescription from an eye specialist use those prescribed eye drops to lubricate your eyes.

Keep cucumber slices

To treat the irritation and aggravation use cucumbers which are considered to be a standout amongst the most widely used natural cures. Cut a cucumber and let it cool for few hours and then keep it over the closed eyes for 5 minutes. This will remove the soreness and provide rest to the eyes and the muscles around it.

Adjust the light

Stress on eyes is frequently created by too much light either from outside daylight coming in or from home lightings. Reading and writing under such lights can later develop strain on the eye muscles and other problems. So adjust the light brightness properly before any reading or writing work. Also while working on computers adjust the screen brightness and keep it a little low. Normally these machines come with full brightness, but you can change the settings and make it a little safer for eyes.

Visit a eye specialist

After trying all the exercises and treatments if you are still experiencing some problem then book an appointment with the eye specialist. This person will do a checkup on eyes and give some medicines and advices that will cure all your problems. After some days if you are still facing the problem, then immediately consult an eye specialist to relieve eye stress quickly.

Some precautions to be followed

  1. Wear goggles

    Going to swimming without wearing goggles can turn them red and de-moisturized. Chlorine water in pools can have a bad effect washing away the eye lubricants and this chemical water also leads to inflammation, which turn your eye red. So it is advised to wear goggles before entering the pools to protect eyes against any problems.

  2. Sunglasses

    Wearing sunglasses during afternoon times can actually provide a shield and protect eyes against sun. Spending time in hot afternoons can have a bad effect on eyes and hence in this case wearing sunglasses is the best precaution.

  3. Computer glasses

    Wearing these special eyeglasses made for computer can help protect eyes in several ways. I actually don’t know what mechanism it uses to protect eyes, but many specialist recommend wearing these glasses during work on computer.

  4. Take breaks

    After reading, writing, working or playing video games take a 2 minutes break and do some eye exercises described above to give rest and rebuild the moisture levels.