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How to Get Beautiful Eyes

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Taking good care is the best way to get beautiful eyes and make it glowing. Eating healthy and eye exercise are some natural ways to make eyes attractive and nice. While home remedies include cucumbers, cold water and sleep. Some of the beauty products are also very helpful in maintaining the beauty of eyes. Follow the expert tips to get the solution of your problem.

Get Beautiful Eyes

Eye-friendly foods

Deficiency of vitamins and minerals in body can make eyes puffy, reduce eye vision, and lead to dark circles. Foods rich in vitamin A are helpful for getting perfect eye vision. Lack of vitamin K can lead to dark circles and puffy eyes. Hence eat fresh fruits , vegetables fish, egg milk to provide complete nourishment to eyes. It is also necessary to drink 10 glasses of water to keep body moisturized from inside so that whenever our eyes need moisture our body is able to provide it. Dehydrating drinks like coffee, tea and alcohol should not be taken in excess. Maintaining a healthy diet will always keep your eyes beautiful and glowing.

Eye exercises

Eye exercises include blinking eyes multiple times by rotating eye balls in circular motion. Yoga has given a very helpful remedy that helps to keep eye relaxed and fresh. In the morning rub your both hands together for a minute and then keep the warm hands on your eyes. Repeat it 4-5 times. Following this method daily will help you to get beautiful and pretty eyes.

Take breaks

Take breaks Spending too much time on computers, laptops and watching television can lead to stress on eyes. Hence its necessary to take breaks after 30 minutes or one hour and wash eyes with cold water to keep it relaxed. Watching or reading something constantly without blinking reduces moisture in eyes. Hence it is advised to put moisturizing drops in eyes everyday. At work close your eyes for 5 minutes to relax our eye muscles. Another good method is to take a cloth at home and add ice cubes to it. Keep it eyes for 5 minutes and then remove it. This will refresh and moisturize your eyes. Follow these precautions and your eyes will always stay beautiful and in perfect condition.

Eye brows and eye lashes

Eye brows and eye lashes plays a major role in making our eyes look more attractive. Give a good shape to your eye brows and eye lashes. After shaping take a colour pencil and shade it to make it look more black and dense. Now take a eyebrow comb and straight your hair. After this take a eye lash curler to curl your lashes and them look longer. At the end use a good shade liner and apply it to your lower eye lashes. This will give a beautiful look without less effort.


Sleep matters a lot for maintaining the beauty of eyes. Lack of sleep can stress your eyes and can lead to various eye problems like eye redness, dark circles, puffiness, and irritation in eyes. So sleep for at least 7-8 hours to give complete rest to body and eyes. Sleep is important for getting beautiful and sparkling eyes. Stress leads to contraction of skin leading to wrinkles around eyes. It also leads to accumulation of fluids under eyes that forms dark circles and makes eye puffy. So sleep well to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful.

Best eye products

Best eye products: We get a number of products in stores that are just for eyes. Some of these products are under eye lightening creams, wrinkle removing creams, moisturizing drops for eyes that are helpful for keeping eyes in perfect condition. Since our eyes are very sensitive use good quality products that are free from harmful chemicals. Spend few dollars more and buy the best product to prevent eyes from any kind of damage. Use normal skin moisturizers and apply it to under eye skin to get rid of dark circles and dry skin. In case of dark circles, puffy eyes or dry eyes it recommended to buy a product instead of natural treatment to fix your problem fast.


Cucumbers are the cheapest and easiest way to get attractive eyes. Cucumbers are rich in moisture and skin lightening properties that improves tone of under eye skin erasing the dark circles. Cucumbers are also effective in getting rid of red and puffy eyes. Using cucumbers can perfectly relax your eyes. Take a cucumber and cut it into slices. If you want keep it in refrigerator to make it cool or keep it directly on eyes. Let it remain for 15 minutes, till then you take some rest. Now remove the slices and wash your eyes with cold water. Follow this method daily to get pretty and beautiful eyes.

Cold Water

Cold Water helps to reduce stress on eyes. After lot of work on computers and laptops our eyes feel tired. Hence to refresh them take cold water and splash it 4-5 times to your eyes. Make sure your hands are clean before splashing water. This method will perfectly relax your eyes making your eyes look fresh and healthy.

Last and very important part to keep eyes beautiful is the type of product you use. In case your eyes are sensitive then even normal products can make them irritated and red. Never abuse too much makeup near your eye area. Eyes are very delicate and this can have a serious effect on them in the long run. The right makeup, along with the right foods and proper eye care will be the right choice for getting healthy eyes.