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How to get Rid of Itchy Eyes Fast

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The best ways to get rid of itchy eyes at home is by using remedies like cold water, cucumbers and potatoes. You can also use moisturizing eye drops and within two days if you still feel the sting and redness then consult an eye doctor to get quick relief.

Get rid of itchy eyes

Itching in the eyes can be due to a variety of reason from allergies to lack of care for the eyes. Despite the fact that itchiness in eyes usually do not bring about any specific danger or risk to eyes, but to make sure you do not suffer from any vision problems, hence consult with an eye doctor. It probably has an effect on the large group of people especially in city where the atmosphere is polluted. Tickling in eye is a well-known issue which deteriorates throughout the time of the pollen period or maybe in the extremely contaminated climate (polluted cities). Almost every uncomfortable irritated feeling anywhere in and near the eyes is more or less seen as an itchy eye. A normal allergy to a person can also be behind the irritation in the eyes. Hence to quickly get rid of this problem, first find the cause and then go for the treatment.

The reason behind this problem

There are many causes behind the itchiness in the eyes and these are the most common. Just make sure that after trying some home remedy like cold water wash, keeping cucumbers etc. the problem is still there then quickly take an appointment from the eye specialist.

Here are some of the main causes can turn eyes itchy:

  1. Lack of moisture can make eyes dry and cause irritation.
  2. Some people feel the itch due to constant use of contact lenses.
  3. Any kind of bacterial infection.
  4. It may also happen that a symptom of an allergy can cause itchiness in eyes.
  5. Contact of eyes with chemical water of swimming pools.
  6. Some of your makeup products may also be behind this problem.

Treatments to get rid of this eye problem

Here are few treatments which also include some home remedies that can help a person get relief from stinging eyes.

Avoid constantly wearing contact lenses

In the allergy season when a lot of pollens and allergens are in the air and this is when these allergens get settled on the surface of the lenses. So it is important that you properly utilize the liquid of these lenses to keep it clean. This is a preliminary precaution you need to follow to stay away from eye problems. You can also use disposable lenses where a person wears new lenses after few uses.

Eye drops can be used

You buy eye drops and put it in the eyes. These drops help in leveling the moisture levels in eyes thus getting rid of dryness. These drops are easily available at any medical store, put these drops in the eyes to get rid of itchy eyes due to lack of moisture in it. If your eye allergy is relatively small then you can use these drops to cure this problem.

Visit a eye specialist

The fastest cure to get rid of itchy eyes can only be provided by an eye specialist. An eye doctor will perform a checkup, see the condition of eyes and give you medicines and eye drops that can soothe any irritating symptoms and provide you relief. Sometimes it also happens that dust particles settles in eyes and is not removed by normal water wash, in such cases a specialist is the only person that can help. Eyes are a very delicate part of our body hence if you are opting for home remedies select some simple ones like water rinsing or keeping cucumbers. If within 2 days there is still itch in the eyes then there can be a severe problem. Hence don’t read any home remedy and try it immediately. I will show you three simple home remedies, but do not try any remedies other than that. My final advice to all the people with severe itch is to visit a specialist immediately.

Keep Cucumber Slices on eyes

One of the most simple and effective home remedies to treat inflammation and stinging eyes is by keeping cucumbers on it. The high moisture content and its cooling properties provide relief to eyes. Refrigerate 5-6 cucumber slices for 30 minutes and then keep it on closed eyes. The chilled cucumber with its moisture properties will help you to get rid of itchiness and redness in eyes.

Keep Cold Spoons

Keeping cold spoons have gained a lot of popularity to reduce the extreme stress on eyes and make it relaxed. Take four metals spoons and freeze it for 20 minutes. Now remove two spoons and keep the outward curve on the eyes. As soon as the spoon has become warm remove the other two spoons and repeat the procedure. These spoons will help to reduce puffiness and will also relieve the stress on the eye muscles. Repeat this remedy two times a day for one week to cure the itchiness and stinging in eyes.

Use Potato slices

Cut two big slices of potato and you can either directly keep it on eyes or first cool it for 20 minutes and then use. This remedy is great for reducing the inflammation and stinging in the eyes. Using it regularly will also lighten the dark circles and remove the puffiness around eyes.

Splash cold water

Splashing cold water is a grandma’s remedy to get rid of itchy eyes. Chilled water will constrict the blood vessels and remove puffiness and inflammation. If you work on laptops and computers everyday then this remedy can help soothe the sting in eyes. The only disadvantage of this remedy is that splashing water also removes the moisture, but to overcome this obstacle keep eyes closed and then splash the water.

These are some of the most effective ways to treat the irritation and sting in the eyes. In case the problem still exists take an appointment with an eye specialist quickly.