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How to get Rid of Puffy Eyes

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Some of the major reasons for puffiness under eyes are allergies, crying, smoking and aging. Now the best way to get rid of puffy eyes fast is by knowing the root of this problem and treating it. To reduce swollen eyes naturally, use home remedies like cucumbers, aloe vera, potato, honey, tomato and tea bags.

How to get rid of puffy eyes

Relax your eyes

Spending hours working on laptops and computers or watching television for hours can make your eyes tired. Constantly watching these screens without blinking the eyes reduces the moisture that can lower the eye vision and also lead to dark circles. When our eye faces this tiring routine every day, it starts becoming puffy. To avoid such stress on eyes take a break after every 30 minutes or an hour and in this break splash water to it. This helps to relax our eye muscles and prevent it from becoming puffy. Following this precaution will also prevent eyes from dehydration and always keep it moisturized.

Sleep is important for healthy eyes

Sleep plays an important role in maintaining the beauty and health of eyes. Lack of sleep due to work overload, stress, partying and sleep disorders can lead to dark black circles under your eyes and will also make it red. Have a minimum of seven hours sleep to keep eyes and body in perfect condition.

Lack of vitamins and minerals

It has been found that lack of vitamins is also a major reason for low vision and puffy eyes. Deficiency of vitamin A, K and B can lead to puffy eye bags under your eyes. Hence, include lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. Also drink one glass of milk once in two days to provide extra nutrients to body. Drink plenty of water (8-10 glasses) to keep body hydrated and whenever our eyes need moisture our body can provide it.

Wash eyes with chilled water

When puffy eyes are caused by excess stress on eyes due to lack of sleep, hours working on alaptop or computer, then water is the best cure for your eyes. Due to such regular stress on eyes, fats or fluids settle down under the eye area which leads bags under eyes. Splash cold water multiple times to reduce the stress and make it more relaxed. Chilled water compresses the blood vessels that leads to swelling and helps to get rid of puffy eyes.

Keep refrigerated spoon on eyes

Take two spoons and put it in the freezer for an hour. Now remove these spoons, lie on bed, turn the spoons and keep the curved part on eyes for 5 minutes. This will help to relax the muscles around the eyes, reducing the puffiness.

Creams to remove under eye puffiness

Nowadays there are many creams available in the beauty store that can help to reduce eye bags and also lighten dark circles at the same time. These creams contain ingredients like skin tightening peptides, vitamin E and C and caffeine that help to improve blood circulation and remove the baggy skin below eyes to make your face look attractive.

Kitchen home remedies for puffy eyes

There are plenty of ingredients in your kitchen that can help you to solve this problem. These are few best home remedies to treat your baggy eyes. Keep your eyes closed while using these natural remedies.

  1. Cucumber- the most popular remedy

    Cucumber is the best eye friendly natural product that provides moisture to eye, making it fresh and relaxed. Apart from this, the cooling property of cucumber reduces the inflammation and redness of eyes. Take a cucumber and separate it peels, cut the peeled cucumber in round broad pieces and refrigerate it for 20 minutes. Wash your eyes and keep this cold slices on both your eyes for 30 minutes. After every 5 minutes change the slices. Use this remedy every day for a week to permanently remove your puffy eyes.

  2. Aloe vera gel

    Aloe gel is rich in antioxidants, moisture and skin lightening enzymes that can be used for an overall eye treatment. Apply this gel to the skin under eyes, give a 5 minute massage for better blood circulation and then leave it. After 30 minutes use cold water to remove the gel from skin. The miraculous powers of aloe vera will help you get rid of dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness under eyes.

  3. Use tomato

    Like aloe gel, tomato also contains antioxidants and moisture that can treat your under eye skin. It can act as a substitute if aloe is not available. Mash one tomato and apply the paste around the eyes. Give sometime so that it dries and then use cold water to wash it off. Let eyes remain closed when using this remedy, eye contact of tomato with eyes can lead to inflammation. Use water immediately, if tomato enters into your eyes.

  4. Potato

    Potato is also a popular remedy to remove the swollen part under the eyes. Catecholase enzyme and anti-inflammatory properties in potato can be used to solve your puffiness and dark circles. Take two thick cold slices of potato, place it on your eyes and take a 5 minutes rest. Follow this remedy twice a day to quickly get rid of this problem.

  5. Skin nourishing milk cream

    Milk is a fuel with lots of vitamins, minerals and extracts that are used by many to soothe the puffed skin under the eyes. Take some cold milk cream and leave it on your closed eyes for 5 minutes. The moisture content of this cream will benefit you to get rid of stress on eyes and make them relaxed.

  6. Egg whites

    Apply egg whites to your eye circles for 20 minutes daily. This will heal the wrinkles plus the skin tightening properties of eggs will cure your puffy eyes. Following this remedy regularly for a week will give you quick relief from eye bags.

  7. Honey and strawberry

    Crush 5 strawberries and add it to 10 spoons of honey. Mix it properly and then apply it to the affected area. Massage the area for 5 minutes for increased circulation and to flush the settled fluids that make under eye skin look swollen. Honey will retain moisture to the skin and the alpha hydroxy acid and antioxidants will reduce the swelling and effectively return back your healthy eyes.

  8. Natural oil mixture

    A mixture of olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil can prove to be wonderful home remedy to remove baggy eyes. Mix all the three oils and use it once a day for 10 minutes. This will quickly clear your problem and give you beautiful looking eyes.

Tips to remove under eye puffiness

  1. To get instant relief today, quit smoking. According to a study, smoking can be major reason for the bags and dark circles under eyes.
  2. Avoid rubbing your eyes. If something goes in eyes and creates irritation, then splash water to get rid of it. Rubbing can worsen your problem adding redness to your eyes.
  3. Crying for too long can also be the cause of this problem. So staying happy and smiling.
  4. Some kind of allergies can make the capillaries under eyes blocked which can lead to accumulation of fluids that make eyes puffy. So visit a doctor to quickly treat your allergy and get a beautiful looking face.