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How to get Rid of Under Eye Bags

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Keeping eye relaxed and following proper treatment is the best way to get rid of eye bags quickly. The under eye puffiness can be permanently reduced with good medication, massages and home remedies like cucumbers, eggs, potato, cold tea spoons and green tea bags.

Get rid of under eye bags

Are you experiencing the ill effects of eye bags under eyes? If yes, then you need not worry, there are many treatments available to remove the puffiness around eyes. So before moving on let me start with the causes of this problem. A person can face this condition after he has crossed his forties or even in his twenties. As the person grows old, fats get accumulated near the eye area that makes the under eye region to appear swollen. Tired eyes due to lack of sleep or extreme stress load, some allergies, crying for long time and genetics are some more reason which can make the under eye look puffy.

Lower your sodium intake

Water retention in the area below eyes is common cause of puffy eyes. It is said that decreasing the salt in diet helps to clear this accumulated water content and help you to get rid of eye bags. According to experts, sodium is responsible for the retention of water near the eye area. So avoid fried and salty foods and instead for some days follow a healthy, low salt and low oil diet.

Treat the allergies

There are various reasons behind your allergy such as pollen, dust, contact with chemicals in makeup, some foods etc. Some of these allergies leads to accumulation of liquid under the eyes and make eyes puffy. In this case, one must immediately try to cure these allergies to solve the problem fast. Visit a doctor for proper medication and stay away from the allergens that has turned your eyes swollen.

Try retinol based eye creams

Nowadays there are products in the beauty stores that help to deal with the swollen bags under the eyes. These creams or ointments contain astringent properties that help to clear water build up and helps in getting back your beautiful eyes. If age is the problem behind this condition then you can go for retinol containing eye creams. The retinol in these creams helps in removal of the fats and the collagen fixes the puffiness fast.

Do some eye massages

Massaging the puffiness around eyes can actually be a good treatment for solving this problem. With your fingers when the massaging starts, the water that has been retained in this area begins to spread and then within some days it is totally removed. So to quickly get rid of under eye bags, daily in the morning with your fingers gently give a 5 minutes slow massage to the eyes. Rubbing hands daily in the morning and providing the warmth of it to the eyes provides a great relaxation to the muscles around it. Follow this treatment if your eye faces lot of stress everyday due to your work.

Surgical treatments

If your eye bags are due to age and no remedies are providing a solution to your problem, then the final solution is to consult a doctor for a surgery. Although this method comes with a little expense, but it will permanently get rid of eye bags. In this surgery the fats that is blocked under the eye region is cleared and this gets back your normal face. So, if you have the money and you are ready then book an appointment.

Home remedies to remove eye bags

Home remedies are a good alternative for reducing the puffiness below the eye region. Here is a list of five best natural remedies that can be used for curing this problem.

  1. Cucumbers

    Keeping cold cucumber slices on eyes makes it an ideal remedy for removing the baggy part of the skin. This is because cucumbers transfer the moisture and astringent powers that relaxes eyes and fastens the process of healing. This natural remedy works best also for reducing wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. Just keep chilled cucumber slices on eyes for 10 minutes and repeat it four times a day for a week.

  2. Eggs

    Eggs considered to be a source of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids also provide a firming effect to the skin. Break an egg, apply the white portion to the swollen area, massage it for 2 minutes and then let it dry. This will lessen the inflammation and the massage will stimulate blood flow, flushing the liquid accumulated in that region.

  3. Potato

    The high starch content of potatoes works great for eliminating the puffiness around the eye region. Remove the peels of a potato and refrigerate it for an hour. Now cut two round thick pieces and keep it on the eyes. Rest for 10 minutes and let the anti-inflammatory characteristics of potato work on the eye bags. Follow this treatment 4 times a day for a week to quickly erase bags and dark circles.

  4. Using tea bags

    The skin beneficial antioxidants, caffeine and a tannins compound in tea will tighten the skin, clear the fats and liquids stored and return back your young beautiful eyes. Have you ever noticed that caffeine is present in almost all the eye repairing skin products. So why not take the advantage of such a beneficial product. Keep tea bags for 15 minutes daily to remove under eye bags quickly.

  5. Cold tea spoons treatment

    Working on laptops or computers and lack of sleep gives lot of stress to eyes which can then turn the eye region baggy. So in this case to reduce the stress you need to follow this treatment. Use two cold spoons and keep it on both your eyes. This will help to relax the constricted blood vessels in the region and restart proper blood circulation. Following this remedy 3-4 times a day is advisable.