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Maintain Your Eyes Health with These Foods

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Your eyes are vascular. In order to improve the health of blood vessels in your eyes, you need to go for a heart-friendly diet which is low in saturated and Trans Fat. Foods enriched with antioxidants are also helpful to protect your eyes against ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration) that is the main cause of blindness in older people, along with cataracts and other eye problems. An Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) was conducted on people who are given with supplements of antioxidants, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, antioxidants and vitamin E. They witnessed over 25% less risk of developing severe ARMD.

We only have one valuable pair of eyes. So, it is vital to take care of these organs. With age, your diet also affects your vision, according to a research. So, add these powerful foods to your diet to improve eye health.


Tomatoes are loaded with carotenoids, such as lycopene that helps give vivid red color to the tomatoes. According to a research, lycopene in ocular tissues is helpful to keep light induced damage at bay and protect your retina and other areas. Tomatoes are the great source of Vitamin C which protects your vision. Fresh tomatoes in salad with little bit of olive oil can help improve lycopene absorption in the body. Eat foods which are rich in antioxidants instead of taking supplements.

                               Maintain Your Eyes Health with These Foods

Kale and Spinach

Spinach, Kale and other leafy, dark greens have two key antioxidants that help macula – zeaxanthin and lutein. Macula is a vital part of retina which naturally blocks sun rays and protects your eyes from harmful light. Zeaxanthin and lutein absorb blue light that is hazardous for your retina. These nutrients are helpful to improve the eye detect contrast. Eat foods which are loaded with these antioxidants. It will not just improve your vision, but also help maintain it for long term. Since zeaxanthin and lutein are fat-soluble, combine greens with olive oil to ensure absorbing more of them.


Like several leafy greens and spinach, egg yolks also have high amount of antioxidants – zeaxanthin and lutein. In a study, subjects ate one egg every day and researchers found that the zeaxanthin levels are raised by 38 percent and lutein levels are raised by 26 percent. According to them, eating an egg per day didn’t cause any impact on HDL or LDL cholesterol levels. You need to look for eggs which have more lutein. Such type of eggs can be available by just feeding more carotenoid-rich feed to hens. Egg yolks also contain vitamin D that can reduce chances of developing ARMD.

Olive Oil

Diet which is low in saturated and Trans fat is helpful to avoid retinal infection. According to several studies, Mediterranean diet (which contains plant-based foods, fish and healthy fats) is helpful for healthy vision. Olive oil has less saturated fat and is free of Trans fats. According to the Australian researchers, people who consumed olive oil the most found with 48% less chance to have ARMD. Be sure to look for extra virgin olive oil to get extra boost of antioxidants.


Salmon is one of the great sources of eye-friendly Omega 3 acids. They have been known to reduce the chances of developing ARMD and help cure dry eyes. According to an Ophthalmology study, the high dietary consumption of Omega 3 acids caused around 38% reduction of ARMD risks. Salmon is also rich in vitamin D.

Strawberries, Grapefruits and Brussels sprouts

Vitamin C is considered to be a great antioxidant. These foods have vitamin C as a key nutrient. Eat some Brussels sprouts or ½ cup of strawberries and ½ of grapefruits every day. Oranges, papaya and green peppers are also rich in vitamin C.

                              Maintain Your Eyes Health with These Foods

Nuts, Seeds and Wheat Germ

Both Vitamin E and C are helpful to keep your healthy tissues strong. But most of us are not able to get enough of Vitamin E as we must from food. This way, you need to have little bit of sunflower seeds, or add a tbsp of wheat germ oil in salad to get a large boost. Pecans, almonds and vegetable oils are also rich in Vitamin E and C.

Yellow Corn

It is rich in zeaxanthin and lutein. Around ½ cup of cooked corn contains around 1.8g of healthy pigments combined in each serving. These natural yellow pigments can boost blood levels. In a research, older adults who ate corn and fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoid have dramatically reduced the risk of losing such pigments. Another study shows that women, by consuming most vegetables and fruits, with yellow corns, have reduced the chances of cataracts. In order to improve the absorption of pigments in corn, make sure to have corn as the part of your meal which has some dietary fat, such as walnuts, olive oil and salmon.


It is the only nut which has a huge amount of zeaxanthin and lutein. They are the healthiest snack nuts for your eyes. They are also loaded with huge amount of vitamin E. They have both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that can improve caroteoid absorption. In a study, people who consumed pistachios improved levels of lutein.

Tips for Your Eye Health

It is no denying fact that right foods can be helpful to keep your eyes healthy. But you also have to follow these bonus tips for better results –

  • When you cross your 40s, get an eye test for baseline eye disease. You may be recommended with timings for exams by your ophthalmologist.
  • Our eyes cannot focus on an individual object for longer. You need to follow 20-20-20 rule. For example, after working for 20 minutes on your PC, take a break for 20 seconds. Then focus on an object around 20 feet away from you before starting the work.
  • Get proper sleep. Your eyes rejuvenate when you sleep and it gets proper lubrication. During sleep, they also remove all the irritants like allergens, dirt and smoke.
  • Our eyes also need proper oxygen intake and blood circulation like other organs. Regular exercise can help reduce chances of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.