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Working on PC? Here’s How to Prevent Eye Strain

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There are many people dealing with eye strain these days. It is basically in large areas as we spend a lot of time staring at tablets, smartphone, and computer screens. Gazing at the same area for a long time strains your eye’s ciliary muscles, which can cause blurriness and tire your eyes. In children, this strain can cause nearsightedness. It usually occurs due to the breakdown of the ability of eye muscles in order to accommodate and produce the flattening of the lens. Eye strains also lead to dry eyes, headache, and blurred vision. There are different ways to tackle this problem and most are free and affordable.

Relax Your Eyes

relax your eyes caretricks

The 20-20-20 Rule

On your PC, be sure to rest your eyes by staring at something positioned 20 feet away for 20 seconds after using your PC for 20 minutes. Look at something outside if you have a window around you. You can also move your head to stare at something close to something far from you. In every 10 seconds, you need to switch between both for 10 times to have a bit of eye workout.

Roll Your Eyes

Roll your eyes and close them to lubricate them. It is also helpful to relax your eye muscles. You need to roll your eyes around and close your eyes in circular motion. You have to roll your eyes clockwise and counterclockwise. It can also make your eyes feel good and relax your eyes.

Scan Your Room

After working on the skin for a long period, take a quick break to look around and keep your eyes in motion and look at the things positioned at a different distance.

Get Some Glances

Glance up as far as possible without any discomfort and close your eyes. Keep your eyes still for a while and then look down. Rest your eyes for a while after repeating it a few times. Look at the left and right and keep your eyes closed.

Blink More Often

Sometimes, eyestrain usually occurs as you are likely to blink less when you focus on something. So, you have to blink your eyes more often consciously when you work.

Practice Palming

Your eye muscles work as a spring which must not be extended overly for a long term. The ability of it to recoil can also weaken out. In order to avoid it, you have to do a lot of things to relax your eyes. You need to warm and rest your eyes with friction heat. Create some heat by rubbing your palms together, close your eyes, and place your palm over each eye gently and rest them for a while. Do it again when needed.

Change Inner Environment

Reposition Your Monitor Screen

reposition your monitor screen

The angle of looking at the skin can also affect how much your eyes can strain. You need to adjust your screen position and it should be lower than eye level slightly. The top of the monitor/screen must be aligned when you look just ahead. Make sure that your neck is kept in a natural position and it may lead to less work on your eyes.

Adjust the Contrast and Brightness

Turn the contrast of your screen up and turn the brightness down to make your screen soothing for eyes. Screens are too hard and bright for your eyes. Having a lack of contrast between whites and blacks on your screen is also difficult to your eyes.

Clean Desktop Screen

It is important to remove the electrostatic particles from your screen that can be emitted from it. They can push the dust to your eyes and cause strain and irritation. Proper cleaning can also minimize glare. Spray anti-static solution to the cloth and wipe the screen.

Position Your Face

Reposition the face as far as possible from the monitor. It may be around 20 to 40 inches towards the right distance. At this distance, your eyes will be relaxed. You may want to enhance font sizes or have a larger screen to read it at such a distance.

Reduce Glare

Harsh glare can also strain your eyes on your computer screen. If you are unable to control the lighting in your environment, you should have an anti-glare screen or wear anti-glare specs. Anti-glare screens can improve privacy and anyone cannot easily stare on your screen from any other angle.

Adjust Lighting

You need to set the environment which has to light just like that of the monitor. The perfect workspace has limited natural lights, soft lights, and no fluorescent lighting or any surface that reflect a lot of light. You may adjust window blinds and switch your bulbs in the office to reduce eyestrain. You may want to adjust the colors if you cannot control lighting. You also have to adjust the temperature. It may also turn the blue down a bit to reduce eye strains. You can also adjust color with control panel if you are using Windows PC. The software can also adjust the monitor colors automatically according to outside environment and time of the day to match with natural lighting. This way, you can view the screen easily at night or dim light.

Reposition the Work Materials

Shifting of eyes can also cause frustration and eye strain unless it is performed like an exercise. Look for a stand for your papers and books so that you can easily find your resources to avoid it. Keep the stand in front of the screens to avoid shifting of your eyes. If you shift your eyes, you can make your eyes focus and focus again on various materials. If objects are just a few inches from one another, there is literally no need to refocus.

If possible, you may want to look for a high-resolution screen. It is also soothing and relaxing for your eyes. Older monitors are likely to flicker more and the high-resolution models can give a lot consistent illumination. Flickering can also cause eye strain. Older monitors can also cause your eyes to readjust image refreshes every time and they have a slower refresh rate.