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Ayurvedic Home Remedies and Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

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Nobody likes to lose their healthy and good hair. A lot of people are adopting Ayurveda to deal with all of their hair problems without any side effects. You have a lot of easy home remedies in Ayurveda to make your hair healthy, beautiful and strong. We will discuss some of the powerful remedies to work out. These remedies can solve all of the hair problems from within.

Bhringaraj (Eclipta Prostrata) – The King of Herbs

Also known as False Daisy, Eclipta prostrate and yerba de ago, Bhringraj is effective to promote hair growth. Make a paste of some Bhringraj leaves and apply it to your hair. Cover your scalp and let it dry for a couple of minutes. Rinse it well with cold water. However, it is not available everywhere so easily. You may go for an alternative solution if it is not there in your area. You may buy a packet of dried Bhringraj. Take around 5-6 tbsp and get it steep in warm water. Take its paste and apply on your scalp and hair. Let it dry for 20 minutes and rinse it well. Do it regularly to ensure proper hair growth.

The Indian Gooseberry – Almaki or Amla

It is another natural ingredient to purify your blood. It can relieve indigestion. It contains Vitamin C that can resolve all the hair problems from within. Make a powder by drying some amla. Make a paste by mixing the powder with warm water. Apply the paste on the scalp to get long and thick hair. It promotes hair growth and gets it black naturally. It also solves lots of hair problems.

                                                             Ayurvedic Home Remedies and Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Get a Hot Oil Massage with Some Ayurvedic Oils

You can get a nice hot oil massage on your scalp by using any of the essential oils like almond oil, coconut oil or Brahmi oil. A hot oil massage can improve blood flow in your scalp. It also rejuvenates hair follicles and improves blood flow in the roots of the hair. Within just 6 months, you will notice the difference. Hair fall can drastically be reduced and hair can grow thicker, better and longer. Squeeze some lemons and take 2 tablespoons of its juice and blend it in ½ cup of hot oil. Get a hot oil massage with this mixture if you have dandruff.

Get Some Champi or Ayurvedic Massage

 Ayurvedic Massage or Abhyanga is known as the best hair-fall treatment which also improves blood flow to hair roots and improve hair growth. To do at-home champion, blend some oil in the bowl and get it warm by holding it in hot water. Apply the oil in a small amount on various parts of the scalp by moving the fingers round and round. It’s just like shampooing your hair. Repeat it again and again until the entire scalp is covered. Tap and head all around by using your fists to massage the oil. It will help improve blood flow to the hair and relieve your muscle.

Leave the oil to dry on your hair for 1 hour and take warm water bath. You can also soften your hair with a simple trick. All you need to dip a towel in hot water and cover it with the head after taking a massage. Do it before sleep and let it overnight and bath on the next day for best results. Don’t wrap the towel all night as it may cause a headache.

Lamba Kevin – Elchuri Ayurvedic Remedy

This simple tip can be tried by both children and adults to have long and strong hair. Cut 20 gm or radish in small slices. Take 3 pinches of Rock salt powder and Black pepper powder and blend them with radish. Eat it, at least, two times a day. Add some honey to it for some taste.

                                                                                    Ayurvedic Home Remedies and Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Fenugreek (Methi) – The Miracle Herb

It is a great herb to promote hair growth. It is found usually in every household and is available easily. Roast some Methi and grind well. Make a paste of Methi with warm water. How much paste you need is usually depend upon the length of hair. Apply some paste on your hair. Cover your scalp and hair properly. Let it sit for 20 minutes and wash with cold water.

Ashwagandha for Pitta Dosha

Ashwagandha is known as an anti-oxidant herb which relieves Pitta Dosha, which is the main cause of hair fall and hair loss. Take 6 mg of Ashwagandha capsule daily. It cleanses your system and removes all toxins from the body. It fixes different types of hair problems and it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Aloe Vera – Promote Hair Growth by Boosting Metabolism

It is an all natural ingredient which is helpful to clean your system. It is widely used in Ayurveda and it has several properties that are good for health. Take 2 tbsp of Aloe Vera latex leaf and swallow or drink it. It is helpful to boost metabolic rate. It promotes bowel movement. Don’t overdo it as it can cause diarrhea or other problems.

The Indian Spikenard – Jatamansi

Also known as Muskroot, Jatamansi is a herb which is used to clean all the impurities in blood and get your skin glow. Apply it on your scalp directly to promote hair growth. You may also get a capsule to swallow it. Don’t take over 6 mg.

Rosemary Essential Oil

This hair oil works well for your hair and this natural oil is widely used and is helpful to improve hair growth. Massage the head with Rosemary oil gently three times in a week. It improves the overall functioning of nervous system, reduces hair fall and prevents premature hair graying. Use it overnight for faster and best results.


Along with trying such remedies, you should drink plenty of water to keep your body functioning well. Enzymes and hormones in your body can perform well if you are well hydrated. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to control hair fall and improve hair growth. Be sure to have healthy diet also.