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Best 10 Tips That Help in the Faster Growth of Hair

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Genes are generally responsible for your hair growth and it grows usually around half an inch per month. However, you can try few things to drastically improve the hair growth and improve the health and thickness of your hair locks. If you want luscious and long hair locks, here are the tips to make hair grow, faster, longer and even more beautiful.

Trim Your Hair Locks to Prevent Split Ends

When your hair starts growing, it is vital to keep them in excellent condition so you can trim off your hair locks again and prevent split ends. Using hair masks can be the best way to get your hair looking beautiful. You need to choose the efficient and great hair mask which will not just help improve your hair growth but also makes your hair locks look healthier, shinier and even more stunning. All you need to blend one egg yolk with a tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, 1 tbsp of honey and 1 tbsp of Cognac (or Vodka) in a small bowl. Massage it well on the roots of your hair and spread this mixture to the lengths and let it for 30 minutes.

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Wear a shower cup on the head and cover it with a towel for best results. After 30 minutes rinse it well and condition your hair. You will see a drastic change by doing this mask at least once in a week or every 2 weeks, within a month. If you hate the smell of egg, you may try sweet almond oil, coconut oil and honey hair mask. Just blend these ingredients in same proportions, warm it in the pot and massage it well in your hair. Leave it for 30 minutes before you wash out. It is an excellent hair treatment that can rejuvenate and nourish your hair and make it glossier and shinier and improve hair growth.

Consume Protein

If you want beautiful and thick hair locks, watch out what you consume. Along with working on your outside body, it also rejuvenates your hair. Your diet can make a drastic impact on your hair growth. Protein gives a building material and leads your hair to grow thicker, stronger and look healthier. Hair is made of protein. The more protein you consume, the more your hair grows. Be sure to include fish, nuts, eggs, red meats and chicken in your diet.

Regular Brushing

For 1 to 2 minutes, you need to brush your hair daily every morning and evening to promote blood flow in your scalp. Be sure to gently massage your head. Brush your hair twice a day gently for 2 minutes to improve blood flow in the scalp and spread natural oils properly over the hair. Healthy blood flow is vital for hair follicles that can work well and grow hair in a healthy way. Don’t brush forcefully when it’s wet as it can damage your hair locks. Use a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush for painless and smooth detangling.

Apply Conditioner Just on Hair Length

Growth of Hair

Healthy scalp leads to beautiful and healthy hair. Hence, it is very vital to take care of scalp. Avoid applying hair condition to roots of the hair. It won’t just lead to loss of volume, your hair may get oily and some hair conditioners have silicone and waxes. So, it cause trouble in your skin from breathings and block skin pores if you apply it on a regular basis. So, it is important to apply it only on the length of hair.

Massage Your Hair while Shampooing

Massage your head gently with fingers for around a few minutes and move the skin around the head which will promote blood flow to the scalp and help in healthy hair growth.

Get Some Potato Juice

It is yet another easy hair mask to promote your hair growth. I know it sounds weird, but it really works! Potato juice smells less bad than onion juice. Onion juice can easily help boost skin shine and hair growth but the smell is terrible. Even worse, that smell lasts for weeks. This is why I request you to avoid onion juice mask if you hate its smell. To make your best potato hair mask, take 2 large potatoes and make a juice. Add 1 egg yolk and 1 tbsp of raw honey. Massage this mixture into your hair, especially roots and let it for 30 minutes and shampoo the hair. This hair mask is natural and is really effective.

Warm Oil Scalp Massage

This trick is really very easy and works nicely. All you need to heat up your favorite oil little bit. You may choose olive oil, linen oil, argan oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil. All you need to warm it slightly, instead of boiling. Make sure it is comfortably warm so you can touch and massage your scalp. Massage your head and go through the roots gently in circular motions.

Get Castor Oil Treatment Overnight

This tip can make your hair grow faster. Get wonderful and amazing effects with castor oil. All you need to massage your hair before sleep and leave it overnight. Wash and condition hair next morning. Try it once or twice for a few weeks and you will see the amazing and astonishing difference in your healthy hair. Castor oil can also help you grow thicker eyebrows and longer lashes.

Care for Hair when Sleeping

You may be wondering how I can care for hair while sleeping. Well, it is as simple as pie. Never sleep with tight braid or ponytail. It won’t be helpful for hair growth can break your hair and pain in the scalp. Instead, you need to make a loose ponytail. You should sleep on silk pillow case to avoid friction instead of cotton pillow covers. Silk pillowcase can also prevent facial wrinkles to appear.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Wash Hair

It is the best way to remove grime, dirt and pollution on your hair. It will strip off the entire residue left by various hair products. It can improve hair growth and detangles your hair naturally and improves shine. It can transform the overall look of your hair locks.