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Diy Hair Mask for Shiny Hair

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Find the best natural diy hair mask for shiny hair. Prepare these masks using honey, eggs, olive oil, vinegar at home and use it to make hair smooth and silky.

Diy Hair Mask for Shiny Hair

The smoother the surface of the hair, the more it will shine as the light reflects much better. Capillary surface is arranged in scales. All you need to get shiny hair is to work the hair fiber and smooth the surface as possible. It does not seem very complicated, right? Just be careful with anything that steals our hair shine. Using unsuitable products can cause great damage to the hair and leave it rough and dull. You also have to know that, by nature, curly blond hair and tend to shine rather little, because the hair cuticle is rougher. But calm, no matter you’re blonde and you have the straight or curly hair; we give you the best diy hair masks for shiny hair.

DIY Oatmeal Mask for Shiny Hair

Spend some time and see that your hair does not need to spend large amounts of money on products, because in the comfort of your home you can make a lot of treatments that will help you get shiny hair naturally.

If what you need is to make hair look more healthy, strong and shiny then you must take into account the ingredient that will help you get is oatmeal. We share with you this diy hair mask for shiny hair which can also be used to strengthen your hair at home.

Prepare a mask, all you have to do is mix oatmeal with warm water until you get a paste that you will apply after the shampoo in your shower. Apply separating strands of all your hair, let stand for 30 min. In the end, flush with cold water.

Honey hair mask

Moisturizing hair masks are a good choice if we want to keep it soft and hydrated, as we offer something that the shampoo and conditioner do not give us common. Meet this diy hair masks that will help moisturize your hair and make it shiny naturally. The ideal is to apply it one to two times a week for a month for best results.
The noblest hair mask is honey with oatmeal, then you can also use it on the scalp. You need: 5 tablespoons of honey, a teaspoon each of yogurt and oats. Mix the ingredients into a creamy paste. During the shower, apply from root and gives a massage with it. Leave it for 30 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Green tea mask

You need is to mix a few tablespoons of green tea to cold water and bring to boil over low heat for 20 minutes. Collect the water and let it cool. Apply it on the scalp and remove with warm water, you’ll see shiny hair. Green tea has some great soothing properties which help to get rid of roughness in hair.

Olive oil and egg mask

This mask is very effective, with three tablespoons of olive oil and two eggs will have a wonderful mask to regain your shine of your hair. We must make a good massage to apply the mixture all over the scalp to ends. We put on a shower cap and leave on for 20 minutes and rinse. Olive oil closes split ends and egg allows healthy growth.

Mayonnaise hair treatment

Mayonnaise also has established itself as a home remedy against dry hair and makes hair soft and silky again. In addition, add an egg to it as it supplies your hair with proteins. Spread the mayonnaise mask into your hair after the hair wash, comb through and place a plastic hood for 20 to 30 minutes. After rinsing your hair it is much more supple and shiny.

Avocado hair mask

Avocados have different nutrients, including vitamin E and proteins that help us keep hair soft and shiny. To it you should add honey which is a natural antibacterial and moisturizer. The mask, made with an avocado puree and a spoonful of honey, is suitable for all hair types. We perform a massage on hair, leave on for 20 minutes and wash. The regular use of this hair mask will soon reward your hair with a new glow.

Banana and almond oil

This fruit is can be one of the best natural hair masks for soft shiny hair. The nutrients, vitamins and minerals make hair texture smooth, thereby easily reflects light giving a glow to hair. Ideal for dry hair and to prepare this mask we need half a ripe banana, two tablespoons of honey and a few drops of almond oil. Put it in your hair, put a shower cap and leave on for 20 minutes and then wash normally.

Vinegar for shiny hair

Apple cider vinegar has amazing properties for hair that will surprise and make it become your favorite beauty ally. We share some the best recipe to prepare your diy hair mask with vinegar to have a hair which is soft and shiny. Preparing a rinse for your hair, you just need to mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water and wear it in your hair after washing to placate him. Rinse well and then put on a light conditioner. Acetic acid in vinegar helps remove waste that our scalp do not need and will leave your hair shiny.

Diy aloe vera hair mask

Bring one leaf and collect all the gel from it. Now mix a one spoon each of lemon and honey to it. Massage your scalp before you get shampoo. Another option is to mix one teaspoon of vinegar in and wash your hair with this mixture. The most important thing is to massage and concentrate on the scalp. Aloe vera has anti-fungal and end up fighting with dandruff natural properties. It also gives hair a smoothening effect which makes them shine.

Yogurt mask

Yogurt contains fatty acids and proteins that can make your dry hair shine again. It also provides your hair with the vitamins as well as with important minerals for healthy hair growth. The application is here as with the olive oil, only that you have to add an egg and mix until you get a kind of cream. This diy hair mask using natural products is ready to treat dry hair and make it shiny.

Natural oil massage for shiny hair

A proven home remedy for moisturizing hair is to use natural hair oil. Especially with olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil you can bring shine to your hair in a simple way. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo, dry it without scrubbing with a towel and comb it carefully. Now you massage the warm oil from the beginning to your tips. Then pack your hair in a warm towel for one to three hours before washing the hair again. This will help in restoring the softness and shine to the hair.