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How To Fix Split Ends Fast Without Cutting

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Find the best treatment to fix split ends fast at home. These tips and home remedies will help you treat split ends overnight without cutting hair.

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Although we usually always help we can, cut hair every three months will help us clean up the split ends and prevent the rest of the hair is damaged. Are you tired of having to cut your hair to eliminate split ends?

You may have already tried all kinds of specific products like as conditioners or serums to eliminate split ends and yet you see no improvement. Obviously, the points are the most fragile part of the hair and therefore if you do not care then we have to cut from time to time. This makes the hair look very spoiled, but we care, because once that the only remedy is to cut open to prevent hair continue breaking in two. Take note of these tips for hair care to fix split ends fast. In this article we give the keys to avoid them naturally and thus to have a long, healthy and hydrated hair.

Use quality products

When we talk about this we mean to avoid too much chemical products that we add to hair. This punishes and discolors the hair fiber, making it brittle and split ends. We must leave it as natural as we can and use products that contain less chemicals. In addition, you can use shampoos that have neither silicones nor parabens or sulfates, which damage the hair. A quality shampoo is essential to maintain healthy hair.

Natural oils to fix split ends

Forget the chemical serums, which are expensive and only provide some hydration while wearing them. We propose that some of the best nutritious vegetable oil, which only need a couple of drops to maintain healthy tips.
Natural oils have been a great discovery for our beauty, which increasingly have more followers and rightly so. One of the most indicated for use in hair is coconut oil, which can be used as a mask for half an hour before washing hair. It is natural oil that nourishes, moisturizes and softens our hair. It is ideal ingredient to take care and fix split ends naturally. There are also others that may be interesting, such as jojoba oil or olive oil, thanks to its moisturizing properties. You can put this oil wrapping hair in a towel, or on the ends, to hydrate.

Cut the split ends every three months

Every three months we can prevent having a bad appearance by cutting the tips, so that they are always in good condition. It hurts to hear this, because perhaps we wanted to avoid cutting the hair tips. However, cutting only half a centimeter every three months, you will not notice your hair grows strong and healthy. This way you can avoid having to cut good piece of hair later later.

Choose a natural shampoo

The shampoo does matter for split ends treatment. Shampoos contain sulphates, which although may deep clean on the first day but leaves our great hair to dry and damage, especially the hair ends. We recommend choosing hair cleansers, free from sulfates. For a few day you can opt for natural shampoos to wash your scalp.

Hair masks for split ends

Do not forget to moisturize your hair and make you occasional treatments to improve their appearance. Conditioner softens and untangles to prevent hair from breaking when we comb. Also, if you use masks once or twice a week, you’re hydrating more and will notice the difference. If these are natural, even better, because it will avoid chemical products that eventually are not beneficial to the hair fiber.

Comb your hair with the right brush

Choosing a good comb is essential to prevent and fix split ends. We are not referring to a professional comb of the most expensive, but the wooden combs and brushes with natural bristle. These types of comb do less damage to our hair and do not produce static electricity, unlike plastic or other synthetic materials. Every night before bed, brush your hair carefully all from root to tip, so that the natural oils from the scalp are passed all over the hair.

Beware irons and dryers

I’m sure you already know: the plates and the dryers are damaging the fibers of the hair and weaken it, doing that is more fragile, they break up with ease and open up the tips. Therefore, avoid these devices whenever possible and when you buy, choose the right one with least damaging to hair, like the ones that are ceramic, infrared, etc.

Eat in a balanced manner

Sometimes split ends have to do with a deficit of vitamins, minerals, proteins or fatty acids. When there is a lack of nutrients, the body cannot fulfill these nutrient requirements of hair to lead to breaking and hair loss. Be sure to consume daily the following foods like raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, avocado, vegetables, fish, eggs and whole grains. Proper diet is one of the best fixes for split ends problem.

Drink water

The split ends are also associated with a lack of hydration. Our hair also needs water, like the rest of the body, which is why we suggest you to drink at least 6 glasses of water every day. You can take two on an empty stomach, two in the morning and two in the afternoon, always out of meals.

Massage scalp

A good daily massage around the scalp, besides being very relaxing, will help stimulate the circulation and nutrients to reach all your hair better. Do it once a day, making circles with the fingertips, or get someone you do while you enjoy it and you benefit from it.

Tips to repair split ends

  1. Before looking for remedies to the problems, the first thing to do is avoid, so buy yourself a good heat shield. This will protect your hair from sun and thus prevent splits and hair loss.
  2. You can also put some olive oil on the half hour before tip wash your hair. This makes the washing easy and cause less harm to hair.
  3. Use a brush with teeth apart and avoid rubbing towel on wet hair. This prevents the strands from breaking, as usually occurs when people use towel for removing water from hair.
  4. Treat your hair like an expensive fabric and it will last longer and will not lose its beauty.
  5. If cutting hair is the last resort to the problem of split ends, cut the tips is the best preventive measure.
  6. Avoid using metal clips for hair styling.
  7. If you are looking for a home remedy to fix splits then this one is the best. Make a mixture of a ripe banana, half an avocado, honey, milk, and olive oil. Mix all ingredients and apply from the means to the ends of the hair. Then remove it with the usual wash.