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Tips for Hair Loss Prevention and Regrowth

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Find the best tips for hair loss prevention and regrowth. These tips and home remedies will help you reduce hair break and make it stronger.

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We are now entering the last days of summer. Autumn knocks on the door and with it, some of the problems that are repeated year after year. One of them is hair loss. Inevitably, we face this problem with the entry into the new season. Apart from resorting to multiple cosmetic options and treatments that can lend a hand to prevent this problem, there are also a few simple tips that can help. We’ve had the help of experts, who gives us the keys to control hair loss, so frequent in autumn. There are easy for hair loss prevention and regrowth.

An upward massage

Not only massage go well with your back and other parts of your body, your scalp also benefits from the benefits of massage. It is highly recommended massaging the scalp to stimulate blood circulation, improve oxygenation of the scalp and avoid falling. I recommend doing it from the neck area and go uphill until you reach the front, since this area is the biggest problems of present hair fall. So we are bringing blood to that area by improving circulation and health of the hair bulb.

Bet for cold water

You’ve always heard this recommendation, and that is a gesture that benefits your hair. “Ending washing hair with cold water is very beneficial as it also helps to activate blood circulation to the scalp.” Hair washing is the technique which will either give you strong hair or leads to lots of hair loss. Hence, wash your hair with luke warm water and at the end use normal water and this will benefit. This is one of the best tips for hair loss prevention and regrowth.

Product? Do not go overboard with the amount!

They say less is more, and in this case this is true. I recommend avoiding excess product when we apply the shampoo, the hair creams as they can suffocate the hair follicle and cause hair loss. Using shampoo is important, but use it just two times a week. Also if you use gels and other styling creams, its time to put a break on it. This will reduce hair fall and make it grow faster.
Hair styles are also important

Hairstyle can also influence the health of your hair. For example, the braids are not always good allies, especially if they are too tight, exerting traction that damages and weakens the hair bulb area. Moreover, the gums tend to break the hair. So just make sure you properly tie your hair, but not too tight to prevent hair loss.

Diet is important

Food is very important in hair loss. It is vitally important to eat a balanced diet. The most important nutrients for healthy hair are iron, selenium, zinc, biotin, and in general, the B vitamins If lead a less-balanced diet, you can use specific nutritional supplements for hair health. If you visit a dermatologist for hair fall treatment then he may prescribe you some products and vitamins or mineral tablets. So it is best to have a balanced diet with all the nutrients required for hair regrowth.

Do not stress

The stages of anxiety and nervousness are not especially good in general … not for your hair. Stress is also linked to hair loss. Bring to practice techniques of meditation or yoga sessions per week can help lower stress levels and thus stop this fall. Stress is the reason for secretion of many hormones and chemicals which harms the body, skin and hair. So just stay calm and happy to regrow your hair.

Home remedies for hair fall

With the arrival of autumn many people notice that the pillow, shower or brush fill with more hair than usual. This collateral damage to the hair in question is a normal phenomenon, which must not last longer than three months.

Many will wonder why hairs fall more than usual are lost, but dermatologists explain that there is a physiological hair move, as do mammals.

It is normal to lose 100 to 200 hairs at this stage, but let go of the hair causes stress in both men and women and most appropriate is to find a solution or make everything available to curb it.

There are many reasons that cause hair loss, from inheritance to poor diet, hormonal imbalance, illness, stress. But there are also natural remedies that help strengthen hair and give more vitamins during this autumn stage.

  1. Sweet almond oil:

    The ancient Egyptians discovered that using almond oil helped reduce hair loss, mixed with castor oil. Almonds are a great source of protein, vital nutrient for healthy hair. Castor oil helps increase blood circulation, so that hair follicles receive more nutrients delaying hair loss. Mix a tablespoon of castor oil with two of almond oil and massage the scalp. Leave the lotion on your head for 15 minutes and wash as usual.

  2. Onion juice:

    Onion juice helps improve blood circulation to the follicles regenerating new hair. Extract onion juice, strain and then apply it directly on the scalp. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash the hair very well to let go of the annoying smell of onions.

  3. Carrot and coconut to stop hair loss:

    Carrot juice is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, especially vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, essential for healthy and shiny hair. Moreover, coconut milk has been used for many years for cosmetics and hair care. The following concoction is to combine a carrot juice with the same amount of coconut oil and leave for 15 minutes.

  4. Olive oil to combat hair loss:

    Massaging olive oil to the scalp can be very beneficial in reducing hair loss because it increases the circulation of blood to the hair follicles that nourishes and reduces inflammation. Massage can be done during washing or dry. Another remedy is to apply 3 to 5 drops of rosemary oil in the shampoo you use and also helps improve blood circulation.

Natural drinks to stop hair loss

  1. The lack of iron or vitamins also causes hair loss. For this reason, there are homemade drinks to bring an extra dose of iron and mitigate the loss. All these remedies, like medical treatments need continuity and time to yield results.
  2. Cucumber: put in a blender pieces of a peeled cucumber, two carrots and a handful of spinach. Extract the juice and drink it immediately.