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Best Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

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Proper care is the best way to keep hair healthy and nourished. You can use either hair products or home remedies for damaged hair treatment. Split ends, dry hair, itchy scalp and weak hair are some the hair conditions that can be treat with these natural home remedies. These tips can also be used by men to make hair healthy and strong.

Home Remedies for damaged hair

Maintaining healthy hair is as important as a good cut, since it will fail to shine if the hair is dry and damaged. A healthy, shiny hair is one of the best attributes of beauty that we have. Today we share some ideas that you can use if you have dry and weakened hair. Try these natural remedies for damaged hair.

Steps to prevent hair damage

  1. The first approach to repair your damaged hair should start by following the necessary precautions to prevent the quality of hair from degrading.
    1. Wash hair just once in two days to prevent stripping of moisture from hair.
    2. Avoid using soaps for cleaning your hair. Soaps are a major reason for dry and damaged hair.
    3. After shampooing use warm water to rinse your hair. Give a miss to hot water to prevent damage and weak hair.
    4. Hair should always be kept moisturized for maintaining the softness and nourishing hair.
    5. It needs to protected against the chemicals like sulfate and ammonia in poor quality hair products.
    6. Use caps, hats or umbrellas to cover your hair under sun.
    7. Contact with hot curlers and hair dryers should be minimum.
    8. Rubbing wet hair with towel can lead to damage such as hair loss and splits.
  2. In case of split ends the only cure it to trim your hair. There are no products or home remedies that can repair split, they can only prevent split ends. For boys its ok, they have trims usually after every month or two but what can we do for girls. The answer is simple, just trim half inch of hair every month to solve this problem. After removing splits you need to take proper care to prevent further hair breaking.
  3. Add honey to a bowl and add little water to it. Stir this mixture well, massage it to hair for five minutes and then let it dry. When honey dries on hair it provides the moisturizing properties to it making hair soft. The antiseptic nature of honey also helps to get rid of itchy scalp. Using this home remedy will treat your damaged hair and weak hair and keep split ends and hair loss away.
  4. I have always mentioned aloe vera as one of the best natural hair product. The essential hair friendly enzymes and compounds in this gel can put a stop to hair breaking and split problems. It can also be used to treat hair infections, dandruff and improve the quality of hair. Evenly distribute aloe all over scalp and wait for 20 minutes. Follow this home remedy for a week to treat all your problems and make your hair clean, clear, soft and healthy.
  5. Neem leaves are effective for clearing dandruff, infections, dry hair and hair loss. In case you are suffering from hair fall problems then neem leaves can be the best option. Add thirty-forty leaves to one litre water and boil it. Now allow this water to cool and then wash your hair using this water. This will cure dandruff problems, remove fungus and bacteria, repair hair fall making hair long and strong.
  6. Provide vitamin E to deeply moisturize and relax your hair. Natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil are a great source of vitamin E. Use this oils to massage your hair and leave it for the night. Use a shampoo in morning to clear these oils and make your hair clean and clear.
  7. Using eggs is one of the best natural remedy for protecting hair from damage. Vitamins, mineral, proteins and omega 3 fatty acids help in making hair soft and strong. Break two eggs add curd and olive oil to it. Leave this mixture on hair for 20 minutes and then use a shampoo to rinse your hair.
  8. A well known remedy is to use vinegar for rinsing hair. Take a half cup vinegar and add half cup water to it. Mix little honey and few lemon drops to this solution. Add this mixture to your hair and leave it for 15 minutes. People using this remedy have claimed to get shiny and silky hair.
  9. Avocado extracts are used in hair products for deeply moisturizing hair and make it soft and smooth. To get rid of dry rough hair prepare a paste of avocado and spray it all over your hair. Now give 15 minutes to allow this remedy to work and using water wash hair thoroughly.
  10. A hair nourishing recipe is prepared by mixing curd and banana paste together. In this paste, add 2 spoons of aloe gel and then let this mask dry on hair. The nutrients in banana and curd will provide nourishment to reverse the damaged hair condition and make it healthy and long.