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Home Remedies for Longer Hair

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The best fast way to make your hair longer and stronger naturally is by taking proper care of hair. You can use home remedies for longer hair like eggs, honey, aloe vera, olive oil, coconut oil etc. These tips will help both men and women to make hair long and thick. Cleaning hair, providing moisture and following a proper hair care habit will make your hair grow fast.

Home remedies for longer hair

Although the size of the hair is mostly based on your genetics, but you can use home remedies to increase some inches. Using natural products help in providing all the necessary nutrients required for the growth of long hair. Increasing hair length can take may be up to six months and hence you should not lose hope. My personal best remedies are using eggs and aloe vera because they are awesome when it comes to hair nourishment.

Many people have said that you cannot increase your hair length, but there are many home remedies which are used since ancient times and passed by our ancestors so that we can make hair longer. These natural remedies do take time, but the end result will be your long beautiful hair.

  1. Avoid hair exposure to hot temperature.

    1. Heat is the main reason for rough and dull hair. Avoid heat as far as you can because heat leads to hair loss. Wear hats or caps while you are out in afternoons to protect your hair from sun rays and to make it longer and stronger.
    2. Use lukewarm water for cleaning your hair as hot water removes moisture, damage hair roots, leads to split ends and can also lead to burns on scalp. This is the best precaution to get longer hair for both men and women.
    3. One should use hair dryers at low temperature to prevent damage such a split ends and hair loss. Also, you should use straighteners occasionally to protect hair from the damage caused due to heat. Following these precautions will help your hair to grow longer and healthier.
  2. Use good quality hair products.

    Good hair products are those which are free from chemicals and other harmful ingredients that lead to loss of hair. It is better to spend a little more and buy quality hair products with natural extracts instead of using cheap chemical products that degrades the quality of hair and leads to greasy hair. Buy good brand hair oils and use it as prescribed to get longer hair quickly.

  3. Healthy hair care habits to make hair long.

    1. Comb your hair not more than thrice a day. Use a wide tooth comb for styling hair to prevent any damage.
    2. Avoid using blowers at very high temperature instead lower the temperature for drying hair.
    3. Drink enough water every day to keep hair and body moisturized.
    4. Washing hair once in two or three days is considered to be a healthy hair care habit. Use a shampoo and then a conditioner for making hair clean and soft. This technique helps to get rid of dandruff permanently, fix oily and greasy hair and keeps hair soft.
    5. Apply a little almond oil or coconut oil the day before you wash your hair. This will nourish hair roots and increase hair growth naturally. This is a one of the best home remedy for long and strong hair.
    6. Avoid rubbing wet hair with a towel to prevent split ends and breaking of hair.
  4. Moisture to make hair longer.

    Buy moisturizing hair oils and leave in conditioners for keeping hair soft and strong. Providing moisture will help you to get rid of dry and rough hair keeping hair silky. Lack of moisture also sometimes makes hair oily and hence to get rid of greasy hair fast to need to always keep hair moisturized.

  5. Vitamins and minerals to grow hair quickly.

    Did you know that protein is the major constituent of hair build up. Hence, to make your hair grow longer you need to have enough proteins in your diet. Fish, eggs, meat are some good source of proteins. Also minerals like zinc, iron are responsible for strong and healthy hair. Deficiency of these minerals can lead to gray and weak hair. Vitamins A, B, C, E and K should also be included for nourishing hair roots and maintaining its strength. Eat fruits, vegetables, cereals, fishes, eggs or take multi vitamin pills under prescription for making your hair grow longer faster naturally. Also drink lots of water every day to make hair perfect.

  6. Massage your scalp.

    Massage hair with moisturizing hair oils thrice a week. Hair grows fast when the scalp is healthy and nourished. Massage stimulates blood supply to scalp which supplies vitamins, minerals and proteins to hair that fastens our hair growth making hair longer.

  7. Visit a dermatologist for help.

    Visiting a dermatologist is the safest way to prevent hair loss to treat your problem. There may be a scalp infection or any deficiency for breakage and weak hair and thus visit a specialist. Doctor will treat hair using corticosteroid syringes. This treatment has helped many to fix their hair problem. You can also be diagnosed with alopecia which may be treated with anthralin. For small problems the doctor shall give you some pills or prescribe some hair products to make hair long and strong.

  8. Home remedies to get longer hair.

    1. An egg is considered to be one of the best natural home remedy for making hair long quickly. It contains proteins, various hair friendly vitamins and minerals that help to increase hair growth naturally. Break two eggs in a bowl and add curd to it. Mix it well and apply it to hair. This will help you to get rid of dandruff permanently, remove oils from hair and make it ultra soft. After keeping it for 20 minutes, wash it thoroughly using warm water and shampoo.
    2. Aloe vera gel contains anti-oxidants, enzymes and nutrients that help to repair hair damage and make them healthy. Aloe gel extracts are widely used in hair care products for improving the quality of hair and making them grow long. Apply this gel to hair and massage it scalp for 5 minutes. Leave it for another 15 minutes and then wash it.
    3. Applying honey helps to provide moisture to hair naturally. Honey has anti-septic properties that treat scalp infection and other fungus problems making hair grow longer faster. Apply honey to hair and wear a shower cap for 15 minutes. Now using warm water rinse it and repeat this home remedy once a week for getting long healthy hair.
    4. Natural oil massage is also considered to be the best home remedy for longer hair. Take a mixture of olive oil, coconut oils and almond oil and massage it to y hair for providing nourishment to hair roots and making them stronger.
    5. Sometimes due to some infection on the scalp, hair becomes weak and later fall. In this case neem leaves is the best natural medicine for your hair. The antiseptic properties of this plant will treat the infections, kill the bacteria and clear the obstacle for getting an increased length and volume of hair.