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Home Remedies for Oily Hair

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Using home remedies like lemon, egg, vinegar, beer and baking soda for oily hair can make hair clean and oily free naturally. However, to quickly get rid of greasy hair at home you can always buy one oily removing shampoo to make hair clean and clear.

In the morning you get up and wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and style it in perfect way, just to look good for a day ahead. But after a few hours when you quick look in a mirror you will see your hair has become greasy and oily. It looks like you had not washed your hairs

If a situation like this is happening with you than you have an oily hair. Due to the oil glands your shafts stay protected from breakage and your scalp stay in perfect condition. There might be too much oil in these glands due to several reasons like heredity, hormonal fluctuations or natural texture of hair.

Home remedies for oily hair

Friends don’t worry, today I will share with you few amazing home remedies to get rid of oily hair.

It’s good that there is oil secretion in your hair as it helps to maintain the roots, but yes if it is in excess than your hair will be oily.

We can see now days in market there are many products available to treat oily hairs. These products fight off with the excess oil in hair. Have you tried any products? Have they worked? These are the questions which are still not solved.

Symptoms of oily hair

The most common symptoms are as follow:

If your scalp is producing excess of oil, this means it is making the roots weak, leading to premature bald spots on our head. Greasy hair easily produces dandruff, which will make your hair itchy and these dandruff will stick to sebum and form layers on your scalp which will lead to itchiness.

If your hairs are progressively thin and face hair loss than this is because of the sticky oils in hair.

Friends today in this post will provide you a few tips which can definitely help in reducing oil from hair and you will get more bounce. Even they are pocket friendly.

Here are some amazing home remedies for oily hair.

Simple Home Remedies for Oily Hair

  1. Shampoo your hairs daily if you have oily hair as it will keep your hair grease free and clean.
  2. Rinse your hairs nicely when shampooing as any deposit of shampoo in hair will attract more dirt and oil.
  3. In market there is shampoo available, especially for oily hair so buy that shampoo only.
  4. At home, you can make your own shampoo for that take one cup of any mild shampoo and add 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tbsp of aloe vera gel. Apply this shampoo whenever you wash your hair. This shampoo can be stored in the fridge for 1 week.
  5. If your hair is dried out apply conditioner, but only at the end of your hair. But yes, if you have more oil in your hair naturally than never use conditioner.
  6. It’s good to have manageable hair for that you need to brush your hair regularly. But avoid using brush too much on your hair. Every time when you run a brush on hair your scalp get disturbed and spreads the oils allover hairs.
  7. Sprinkle, some baby powder on your hair when you are in a hurry and have to be on time. For 5 minutes, let powder rest on your hair than comb nicely. We sprinkle powder as they soak up excess oil from your hair and your hair will smell good. If you don’t have baby powder than you can use any talc available at your home.
  8. Take bowl in that dilute beer, cider vinegar and lemon juice. Apply on your hair while taking head shower. Then finally with tea water rinse your hair nicely. Later, after 2 minutes rinse your hair with water. To remove excess oils from your hair these acidic ingredients work well helping you get rid of greasy hair.
  9. Take bowl in that mix 2 egg yolks and a few drops of lemon juice, apply this mixture on your wet hair. Leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse your thoroughly with water. Make sure there is no egg yolk on your hair.
  10. Take around 4 drops of hazelnut oil and mix it with 2 tbsp of water. Take a cotton ball and dab in the solution and apply them on your scalp and after half an hour wash your hair. This home remedy will reduce oiliness from your hair. You can repeat using this method for 3 to 4 times a week to get best result.
  11. Try not to apply any hair styling products as they will produce sebum in your scalp and will make your hair greasy.
  12. To get rid of excess oil from your hair than occasionally use your bath soap on your hair.
  13. Take a bowl in that add henna powder 3 tbsp, olive oil 1 tbsp, honey 2 tbsp and warm water to make a paste, mix nicely and apply this paste on your hair. Take a plastic cap and wear it to cover your hair. After half an hour wash your hair nicely with water. After that you can use any mild shampoo.

We hope these simple tips will suit you and get rid of oily hair at your home. Make sure you recommend these tips and fight the battle of oily hair. If you know some more wonderful tips than do share.