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How To Clean Your Scalp

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Here are some of the shampoos and home remedies that will help you clean your scalp from dandruff and excess oils. If the problem is becoming worse then visit a hair specialist.

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Washing hair is a personal hygiene habit to keep both hair and the scalp healthy and beautiful. The basic rule is to wash the hair when it looks dirty, for hygiene, health and aesthetics. The hair cannot be washed only with water and soaps used for the body are not recommended for your health, having components that can dry and leave the dull and difficult to comb. How clean is a shampoo electric charges, which have positively charged ingredients, which are attracted to hair that has a negative electrical charge.

Clean your scalp with a shampoo

The shampoo is a major bestseller beauty products worldwide, which is mainly used for cleaning and hair care. Its main function is to remove grease, dirt, cosmetics residues, scales and unwanted particles, but especially favors removal of oils from hair.

Currently there is a wide variety for all tastes and requirements, gender, age and all hair types. Knowing how to choose the suitable is one that fits the needs of each person and the best will be to solve the problem without side effects, divided into two groups according to each necessity: cosmetic grade and nonprescription medicines with therapeutic prescription.

The amount of foam does not determine that a shampoo cleans scalp better. The basic components in the manufacture of shampoos are surface active agent (surfactant), which almost all have it, which is necessary for the formation of the foam. The most used is sodium lauryl ether sulfate. Today, this ingredient is highly controversial to cause harmful health, same effects that are not yet proven. In those people sensitive to this product is best to use one that does not.

Foam stabilizers, preservatives, water, conditioners, perfumes, dyes, functional, softeners, thickeners, hydrating additives and citric acid maintain acidity equal to normal skin. When a medicinal shampoo other ingredients are added depending on the problem: fungi, dandruff, anti-inflammation, among others.

In conclusion, a good cosmetic or medicinal shampoo is one that is compatible with the skin, not affecting the eyes, to clean well without irritating the scalp, stop fiber clean, silky and easy to comb both wet and dry and low electric charge. Furthermore it is easy to extend, with efficient, easy foaming rinsing, without an on-conditioned having fewer harsh chemicals, its pH is acidic to neutral and to be biodegradable. Besides achieving therapeutic goals will clean your scalp without side effects.

Home remedies to clean your scalp

Men and women often suffer it from itchy and scalp and here are some of the home remedies to fight against it. Although dandruff can be caused by a genetic predisposition are other factors influencing the onset of the disorder, stressful life, allergic to the very aggressive chemical reactions or lack of zinc in the body.

  1. Do not wash often with shampoos. Washing your hair too often can encourage the emergence of dandruff, if in addition to washing, you usually intensely rub your scalp which may lead to production of more oils.
  2. Vinegar: You can use any type of vinegar: white or apple . Its use is very simple, just mix it with warm water and apply it on your scalp massaging gently. You can do it before washing the hair to clean tour scalp from dandruff and oils.
  3. Lemon: A very powerful scalp cleanser which will make your hair dirt free and also provide a refreshing smell to hair. Mix it with water. Apply over your head in small doses and always with a massage. It is one of the best remedies to eliminate dandruff and clean your scalp.
  4. Tea Tree Oil: Surely you do not wonder that between one of the many properties of tea tree oil, the remedy be anti dandruff. Many of the shampoos contain that help to clean scalp contain tea oil among its ingredients. And if you want to create your own special hair cleansing shampoo it is as simple as adding a few drops of tea tree oil to your regular shampoo and ready.
  5. Aloe vera: You can find it at the nursery and is best suited to people to clear scalp from all dirt, fungus and infections. This means that apart from dandruff your scalp produces sebum. Take a aloe vera gel and water mixture in equal parts and apply the mixture gently over your head. Let it sit there for half an hour, and it then rinse and wash your hair as normal.
  6. Neutral Henna: Traditionally used for dyeing hair, henna also has properties to eliminate dirt and clean hair. Mix the henna powder with water until creamy. Apply it to damp or dry hair let stand for one hour. Then wash your hair as usual.
  7. Baking soda: It is also one of those products that can save you more than a pinch. As easy as mixing it with water and applying it. You can also mix vinegar and baking soda together for a cleaner scalp, the result will be just as effective.
  8. Celery: With this you will finally say goodbye to dandruff and oils in hair. Boil two or three stalks of celery with leaves contained in a liter of water. Bring to boil all together for 5 minutes, remove from heat and let cool. Apply on your scalp before washing your hair.

You see, nature has the solution to many problems. Here are just some of the remedies to get cleaner scalp. If your problem is more serious, as mentioned, do not hesitate to see a specialist but if it is less, you can always try these scalp cleansing remedies.