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How to get Big Curly Hair Naturally

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Using a curling iron and following the techniques properly will help you to get big curly hair naturally overnight. After trying few times at home, if the end result is not positive, then I advise you to go to a hair stylist for getting the perfect look.

How to get big curly hair naturally

Who does not like to wear a perfect makeup with a beautiful looking hairstyle? A well groomed long hair is the beauty of a woman. There is a big difference between nice hairstyle and hair that is collected quickly or combing anyway, is distinguished from miles apart.

But it is not necessary to go to the salon or spend hours in front of the mirror to be beautiful. You can use simple and effective strategies, such as using a tong for your hair (or a curling iron if you prefer).

Do you know how to use a curling iron to guarantee you a flawless and radiant finish to your hair without harming it? With tongs you’ll have beautiful waves that can slightly change your straight look. You do not always have to iron the hair, right? Better give a different look!

There are many things which one should consider before you curl your hair at home. In case if your hair is coloured or fine and fragile or damaged or it does not have good elasticity or you may have tried curling your hair before which did not turn out well, you should be taking the help of a professional stylist for getting it done. However if you still try it yourself at home you could cause a severe colour fading and even hair breakage in case if you are using the techniques incorrectly.

Are you doing well?

Before you get to use the tongs for your hair, you should know to make proper use of this small appliance. For example, when you go to use it to make your hair curly, you must wait until it is hot, usually the appliance tend to have a light signal that can alert you to get started.

Then when you have finished using them for your hair, you must not put it directly into the case because this way you could mess up the appliance. Before you save you have to wait for them to cool completely in order to put them in their case or box. Following this step will increase the life of your tongs.

When to curl?

You will have to decide whether your hair is healthy enough and you may curl it at home, you will have to finalize the kind of curls you would like. Are you getting a complete makeover for yourself? Are you planning to add just a little bit of texture to you existing style? Are you aiming for something groovy and super curly? A curl is great if your hair is naturally straight and you want to do many more styles. You can still wear it perfectly straight if you would like but if you want to shake things a little and go completely curly then this style will make your hair more manageable and will also help it holding whatever style one has ever dreamt up. It will also work well in case if your hair is really curly. Curling your hair using a rod larger in size will reshape the curls making it more manageable.

Tips to get beautiful curls

get beautiful curly hair

Know that if you want to create some beautiful curls in your long hair, upload your curls with a curling iron and start from the tips to the root. It will be much more pronounced than if you do it only at the tip of the hair, the curls will only be at the tips, hence doing it correctly will make your wavy hair to last longer.

The curling rods which you need depend on the shape curl desired by you. It’s mainly common sense that a rod which is skinnier will give tighter curls and a rod larger in size will provide you bigger and larger curls. In case if you are not affirmative on the size to get you can do some experimenting and get an idea for it.

Remember that to use it you’ll have to turn your wrist in the opposite direction to the curl you do. In this way will be very well positioned for unwrapping.

You may also do a test the curl in case if you need to pick an extra curling kit. Instead of starting with your entire head just do one rod and see how it works for you. You can then adjust the sizes of the curling rod to make hair wavy.

Tips to prevent hair from burn

It’s easy to protect hair from burn, just be careful at the temperature control and especially you must control how long to keep your hair in the curling iron.

You should also consider your hair type and the products commonly used. If you are using products containing alcohol, it can damage your hair. Better not ever try it. Instead use heat protectant sprays to provide a layer of protection to your hair against heat.

As for your hair type, if you have thick better endure the heat; but if you have thin or vulnerable never exceed 10 seconds. And if your hair is damaged, do not put your tweezers with more power because it would only damage further.

Some points to remember after curling

You can use spray some styling products on the hair to keep the curls to last for a long time. These sprays help in keeping the style intact, but the only problem is that using frequent use of these styling products can damage hair.

Never shampoo the hair before 24-48 hours post curling. All your hard work may go for a toss if you are forgetful and your curl falls out. In case if you have problems with frizziness it is ok to apply a little gel or anything else to settle it little down. Then rinsing your hair with just water is also just ok.

Since you start to shampoo your hair once again make sure and use a good shampoo with moisturizer and conditioner to regain what is lost after curling. You should also try to avoid wrapping up the wet hair in a turban style in the towel and instead press your hair to dry it. This will also avoid breakage and stress on your newly made curls.

This is the correct technique of using irons for your hair. Using a good curler appliance at the right temperature, good hair products and the type of hair plays an important role in protecting hair from the damage. Of course, if you have more questions go ahead and ask your hairdresser.