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How to get Healthy Hair Fast

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Following a healthy diet and some basic prevention tips at home is the best way to maintain the strength and get healthy hair. Just by following these daily precautions you will strengthen your hair roots fast and stop hair fall and split ends. Both men and women want to get a bright, durable, full of volume strong and healthy hair, but how to get it? We give you our tricks to get hair that is better than ever.

How to get healthy hair fast

Diet for healthy hair

Proper nutrition is the foundation for healthy hair. Proteins and Vitamin B5 plays a crucial to ensuring healthy scalp and hair strands. Eggs, nuts, cheese, beef meat and fish are accompanied by with lots if necessary proteins. Vitamin B5 is found in rice, green beans or grains. Vitamins and minerals strengthen the hair root. Please note that coffee stimulates the secretion of fat in the roots, which favors flaking and dandruff. Nicotine and alcohol have no place in our diet for beautiful hair. However, we will lay great fruits, fish, leafy greens, soy milk and foods produced from cereals. These foods contain large amounts of iron, biotin, zinc and folic acid.

Give flexibility to your hair

Conditioners help to maintain soft and supple hair cuticle. Apply on the most damaged areas and rough ends of your hair. Also massages are great form of exercise that helps in improving the flexibility and strength of hair. Take coconut oil or olive oil to massage hair before shower. This will make your hair roots stronger thus preventing hair loss.

Good protection for your hair

Avoid subjecting your hair to a test. When you’re drying your hair, keep your hair in constant motion and avoid using diffusers that concentrate all the hot air flow. Choose medium heat to minimize damage to the hair. Dryers and hair irons reach temperatures of 200°C. In a damaged hair condition, the proteins start to degrade around 140°C. Always remember to use a heat protectant spray before using these devices. The spray proteins regenerate the hair structure and protect hair from heat damage.

A haircut can do wonders

The origin of the problem is many times in the haircut. Therefore, a good idea is to make an appointment with a good hairdresser. He’ll know to analyze the structure of your hair and give you good advice to wear a haircut on trend but also suitable to your hair type and face. If you a permanent hair style which you are maintaining for years then cut just the bottom one inch in every two or three months to prevent splits ends in hair.

A good brush is essential

The best brushes have natural bristles or mixed and slide easily on the hair. Your hair must be completely dry or slightly damp for easy brushing because when wet hair is more sensitive. A good brushing also helps remove dandruff and evenly distribute moisture from root to tip of hair.

Take out greasy hair

Women with oily hair should avoid fondling her hair to prevent spreading of oils to the roots with fingers. Regularly touching hands can distribute oils throughout the scalp that can lead to greasiness, dandruff and weak hair. In order to reverse this condition and get strong hair, use oil removing shampoos with essential natural extracts.

Tips to get strong and healthy hair

  1. To prevent breakage, apply a good shampoo and then conditioner and rinse. Conditioning is the best way to give your hair the nutrition it needs.
  2. Use a satin pillow if your hair is very delicate. Satin does not stick to hair whereas cotton can cause friction that will lead to split ends and hair fall.
  3. Do not use rubber bands with metal clasps because they cut hair.
  4. Using the right brush is key to minimizing frizz. Invest in a natural bristle brush with a rubber base to smooth and straighten hair. Finding the right brush is essential to prevent frizz. Invest in a good brush with rubber bristles for a more smooth and soft hair. Never brush your hair with a metal brush when wet. Avoid brushing until most of the moisture has evaporated.
  5. If you have really fine hair, apply conditioner first and then shampoo. This way your hair gets the moisture it needs and you will get a clean and healthy hair. Dry and brittle hair suffers from splits. Apply conditioner after shampooing to hydrate and make sure to rinse well.
  6. Rinse it thoroughly! Do not leave traces of conditioner in your hair to prevent it from damage. When applying conditioner, do it from the middle to the ends of the hair, where the hair is more damaged. No need to hydrate the roots.
  7. If your hair is brittle, gently rinse the conditioner. You might leave a small benefit of conditioner on the ends.
  8. If your hair is fine, do not try to condition it as this will make you feel your hair heavier. Choose the right conditioner for fine hair to restore hydration.
  9. To naturally get healthy hair, make sure you have a balanced diet. Your hair is a reflection of your health, so design right habits for good nutrition.
  10. From 2 to 3 times a week, deep condition your hair to leave it soft and super strong.
  11. After washing and conditioning the hair, rinse with cold water to seal the cuticle and leave it shiny.
  12. Avoid using a brush to detangle hair when wet, use a wide tooth comb. Hair is most prone to break when wet and hence avoid using combs on wet hair.