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How to Get Shiny Hair Naturally at Home

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Proper hair care is the only fast way for both men and women to get shiny, silky and soft hair either by using glossing hair products or by naturally using home remedies. There is no overnight treatment that can make your hair glowing just in one day. Even after making hair shiny you need to take good care to keep it healthy.

How to get shiny hair naturally at home

Adding gloss to hair is a simple task that can be easily done at home using the natural remedies like lemon, vinegar, honey etc. To make hair look lustrous with minimum damage you need to follow the treatments very carefully. Find a list of the most popular and widely used natural treatments for adding shine and softness to the hair.

Tips for making hair shiny

Usually after a bath when we notice our hair, it feels pretty smooth and soft, but after say 2-4 hours later it feels so rough that you think that you need to wash hair again. So here I am going to give you some tips to make hair shiny hair without affecting its quality.

  1. After bath :

    After taking a shower, usually the first thing people do is rub hair with a towel which is wrong because it causes breakage and damage to the wet hair shaft. Well, what you really should do is comb hair with wide tooth comb slowly, because hair gets easily damaged when wet. Also washing hair with cold water is effective for restoring the natural shine of hair.

  2. Product to use:

    Use hair serum of any brand to protect your hair on a regular basis. If you’re going to use heat styling products on your hair then you need to apply thermal protection serum. Generally, you should not use heat styling agents. Shine serums are also available in the market that can be applied to get rid of rough hair and making hair brighter. Use these serums from the bottom of hair and slowly go upwards. This treatment works well with wet hair.

  3. Healthy hair :

    If you really want to increase your hair length and make it healthy, then use coconut milk on hair. You should put coconut milk on dry hair, carefully pour it on all over your scalp and then cover with shower cap for 20-30 minutes. Now, wash your hair and apply shampoo and conditioner. Frequent use of coconut oil leads to smooth and shiny hair. You can also do this process by Egg, yogurt etc. It is usually called natural ways to keep your hair smooth and glowing.

  4. Conditioning :

    Conditioners provide softness to hair, but for polishing you need to use leave in conditioners. For deep conditioning you need to apply oil on scalp properly and then let it remain as it is for the entire night. The next morning you should wash your hair with a shampoo and then condition. This will get you shiny hair with a beautiful look. It should mostly be done during winter months or if you live in some place with cold climate.

  5. Get a hair treatment :

    You can go to the parlor and have a glossing hair treatment. This treatment involves the use of dye on hair, which makes hair look lustrous. If you want an alternative to salon then you can buy hair glossing kit from somewhere and then try it. This treatment is not permanent and will only last for about a month. This hair sparkling treatment is being used by many superstars to get shiny hair.

  6. Comb your hair :

    This is the basic step which we have learned before to take care of our hair, but nowadays people don’t usually care about combing. They just apply gel and make some funky hair style and leave hair without styling. Combing hair is very important, it should be done at least twice a day. When you comb, the moisture from scalp properly spreads in the hair and thus hair stays soft and glowing.

  7. Protect hair from chemical :

    One thing you need to note down is that after getting shiny hair you need to protect it from chemicals to keep hair healthy and strong. Chlorine in pools, ammonia in shampoos and alcohol based hair products should be avoided to always keep the hair glossy and sparkling.

Using hair product for gloss

get shiny hair

With sprays which are meant to make hair shiny you can give a nice glowing color to your hair. Such sprays are rich in fatty acids and vitamin A and ingredients that compensates for the lack of lipids, protecting them from oxidation and depigmentation. The color intensity and brightness of the hair are unsurpassed. With rock crystal extract that cleans and polishes the surface of the hair these treatments eliminates waste and soothes the cuticle to smooth the hair surface, which reflects light more intensely.

Other Remedies to make hair shiny naturally at home

  1. Honey and lemon treatment for hair

    Add half lemon juice to a small bowl of honey, stir it well and then apply it to hair. Slowly start to massage scalp for 5 minutes and then leave hair for 15 minutes. Now, rinse your hair with water. Lemon extracts help to clean the oils and dandruff while honey moisturizes hair making it soft and shiny. Use this hair treatment once a week for getting glowing and radiant hair.

  2. Use aloe gel for hair

    Aloe Vera extracts are being widely used in the cosmetic industry. Due to its nutritional benefits this gel can be used to provide nourishment and a glowing effect to the hair. Apply the aloe gel to your hair and gently massage it. Since this gel is antiseptic, it helps to treat scalp infections and itchy scalp. This gel contains moisture, antioxidants, vitamins and other compounds that benefits hair, making it healthy and strong. This is an effective remedy to get shiny hair naturally.

  3. Deep hair treatment for hair

    Prepare an egg and honey hair conditioner by mixing four full spoons of honey to 2 eggs. Apply this paste to hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Using a shampoo and warm water wash your hair thoroughly. Protein in egg and moisture in honey provides shine and softness to hair.

  4. Banana as a hair conditioner

    Make a paste of banana and add orange juice to it. Use it as a hair mask and rinse it with warm water. You can also add honey to banana as an alternative for making hair smooth.

  5. Green tea wash for shiny hair

    For dry and rough hair, use warm tea water with no sugar in it. Make sure that he water is not hot. Rinse your hair with this warm tea water for making hair silky and shiny.

  6. Vinegar for lightening effect

    Take a half glass of vinegar and add half water to it. Rinse your hair with this water once a week. Vinegar is one of the most promising agents for making hair shiny and clean. You can also add yogurt to vinegar for deep conditioning of hair. This will help to polish your hair color.

  7. Healthy nourishing diet

    Since hair is built of protein named keratin, so it is necessary to include a good amount of proteins in our diet. Fish, meat, eggs are some foods with a good source of protein in it. Also moisturizing foods with vitamin E should be taken for getting silky soft hair. Banana, almonds, nuts are some good source of vitamin E. Apart from this eat fruits and vegetables, drink milk not only for hair but also for a good health. Healthy diet should also include lots of water for keeping hair moisturized.