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How to Get Soft Hair

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Conditioning hair in regular intervals and providing moisture daily is the best way to make hair soft, smooth and shiny quickly. To get soft hair you can also use natural home remedies like honey, aloe vera gel, eggs, milk cream, vinegar, olive oil, almond oils and coconut oil. These tips will help both men and women to make their hair smooth.

Get Soft Hair

  1. Avoid using hot water for washing your hair. Hot water steals the natural moisturizing oils from hair which is important for keeping hair soft. Instead use warm water for rinsing your hair.
  2. Never rub wet hair with a towel. Rubbing wet hair can lead to damage and hair fall. Just pat the towel to it so that it soaks some water. Women can tie the towel so that maximum water from hair is absorbed. Combing wet hairs should also be avoided. These precautions must be followed to protect hair from damage and keep it healthy and strong.
  3. Massage your hair daily with your fingers to increase the blood circulation to scalp and keep mind relaxed. Massage with any natural oil, one hour before you have planned to wash hair. Adding oil and then washing help to get soft and silky hair.
  4. Use conditioners for adding softness to hair. After shampooing use a good hair conditioner to nourish hair roots. You can also use leave in conditioners which are available to keep hair moisturized.
  5. Reduce the damage to hair caused due to high temperature. Hot air strips away the moisture from scalp making it dry and rough. Hence to keep hair silky soft you need to cover up during afternoons, use dryers at low temperatures and straighteners occasionally.
  6. Avoid using cheap chemical products for hair. Buy and use products that are free from ammonia, isopropyl alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate and other petrochemicals. Use a product that contains compounds of natural items and which is free from unwanted chemicals. This will prevent premature hair greying, split ends, dry rough hair and keep it healthy and strong.
  7. Maintain a healthy diet with proteins, vitamins and minerals to prevent any deficiency and keep hair nourished. Since hair is majorly made of keratin which is protein, you should have proteins in your food. Also vitamins and minerals are essential to keep hair in perfect condition.

Make hair soft and silky naturally

  1. Prepare a hair conditioning mask from honey to get soft hair at home. Apply honey mask to your scalp and massage it for 5 minutes so that it spreads all over hair. Keep this mask on hair for 20 minutes and then wash it. Honey helps hair to restore moisture and also treats infections in hair making hair smooth and silky.
  2. Simply washing hair with dilute vinegar solution can help you gain the lost shine and softness of hair. In ancient times vinegar was used as a conditioner for moisturizing and keeping hair silky. First you need to add water to vinegar and wash your hair with this solution. If this remedy provides good results to your hair, it can replace the conditioning products you get in stores.
  3. Prepare an egg mask by mixing few lemon drops and curd to egg white. After properly mixing all the ingredients apply this conditioner to hair and leave it for 15 minutes. This home remedy not only provides softness, but also clears the dandruff and makes hair strong.
  4. An ancient Egyptian and Indian remedy to make hair strong, long, clean and silky is by treating hair with aloe vera gel. Apply this gel to hair, let it remain for sometime and then use cold water to clean it. This is an all in one treatment for keeping hair nourished and healthy.
  5. Massing hair with olive oil or coconut oil and then using a shampoo can do wonders in making hair smooth. These oils are rich in vitamin E and other nourishing factors that maintain the softness in hair.
  6. Tea water with no sugar added can be used for rinsing hair. Tea water has provided positive results to many individuals to get soft shiny hair.
  7. Use mayonnaise as a natural conditioner for hair. Apply mayonnaise to hair and spread it. Now wear a shower cap for 30 minutes and then proceed for washing your hair with water.
  8. Yogurt and lemon treatment is also very effective for making hair clean and velvety. Add few drops of lemon to yogurt and cover your hair with this mask. Let it rest for 30 minutes and then clean your hair. Lemon drops in this mask help to remove dandruff and dirt while yogurt deeply moisturizes hair making it as smooth as silk.

Tips to get soft hair

  1. Wash hair once in two days to maintain the moisture levels of scalp.
  2. Conditioning should be done for every hair wash.
  3. Prevent contact of hair with high temperatures.
  4. Use products which are chemical free. Spend little more money to grab the best hair product.
  5. If you are using home remedies then patience is required. Natural remedies takes time to show good results but are totally harmless compared to chemical products.
  6. Always keep hair moisturized as moisture is very important to keep hair silky.