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How to get Straight Hair Naturally

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Lack of moisture is often the major reason for the frizz and acts as an obstacle to get straight hair. There are many natural home remedies that will perfectly make your hair straight without damaging its quality and luster.

Get straight hair naturally

These various natural hair straightening treatments available can be used to get the best looking hair. After using the given home remedies you should also learn to properly clean your hair to avoid any residue left on the scalp.

  1. Aloe vera

    Enzymes provided by aloe vera have natural ability to condition dry hair and make it soft in few washes. The aloe gel goes deep till our hair root which makes the entire hair strand smooth and straight. Blend aloe gel with coconut oil and massage this mask to the hair for 5 minutes. Now wear a plastic or shower cap to keep the moisture locked. After 20 minutes, give cold water rinse to the hair. If your hair is still oily then use little shampoo for proper cleansing. Try this remedy twice a week and this will naturally turn your dry hair to smooth and straight.

  2. Almond oil

    The vitamin E rich almond oils are natural moisturizers for straightening frizzy and rough hair. After taking baths many people complain for dry hair and this is because of the lost moisture. Massage almond oil for 5 minutes and after 30 minutes take a shower. Following this precaution will keep hair uniform and moist.

  3. Milk cream

    Milk cream is a good place for moisture and many hair friendly vitamins which have the tendency to turn hair to silky and shiny. Take some milk cream in a bowl and add water to reduce its density. Now apply it evenly throughout the scalp, massage it for 5 minutes and then wear a shower cap for 20 minutes. Massaging stimulates the blood towards our hair roots that makes it more nourished and strong. For this case, rinse hair with lukewarm water.

  4. Honey

    The humectants properties of honey have been used since ancient times for providing moisture and making hair silky. To get straight hair you need to create a hair mask using honey and few lemon drops. Adding lemon helps in removing flakes and oils from the scalp. Apply this mask all over the hair, keep it covered for 30 minutes and then wash. After three treatments you will notice considerable change in the quality of the hair.

  5. Coconut oil and olive oil

    These natural oils have been in use from centuries to deeply condition hair at home. These vitamin E providing oils work great in keeping hair moist and making it longer. Mix it equally, apply it to the hair and then massage it for 5 minutes. Leave it for the night to work and in the morning using a shampoo thoroughly rinse your hair. Repeat this treatment twice a week to straighten the hair strands.

  6. Apple cider vinegar

    One of the best natural conditioner when it comes to home remedy is the most popular and widely used apple cider vinegar. This product extracts help in turning rough hair to silky and shiny. Fill half bowl with vinegar and the next half with water. Use this vinegar water combination to wash your hair and after rinsing use a shampoo to remove the vinegar residue. This is one the best and easy way to remove dandruff, itching problems, dryness and get straight hair naturally at your home.

  7. Egg

    Using an egg is a popular remedy that gives the same result as the hair serum products to regain lost softness in hair. To make this conditioner you need eggs depending on your hair length and add honey to it. Now spread it properly on the hair and give 20 minutes for this mask to work well. Later use a mild shampoo to clear the paste from the hair. Repeat it every week to get sleek hair.

  8. Celery leaves

    Add celery leaves and little water to the grinder and make a paste of it. Extract the water from the celery leaves and mix this water with honey and vinegar. Put this remedy to the hair and take a 30 minute rest. The hair straightening and moisturizing properties in celery leaves, honey and vinegar will get you shiny and silky hair in few washes.

  9. Curd

    This treatment is popular and widely used in India for clearing the impurities and itch from the scalp. To perform the straightening of hair with this natural product you need to add aloe gel and eggs to this and cover the hair with it. After 20 minutes wash hair using warm water and shampoo.

  10. Avocado

    The omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in avocado provide hair with the shine and softness. The avocado paste protects frizz and dryness in hair and also controls hair fall and split end problems. Because of these powers this fruit has it makes it to the list of the best natural conditioners. To prepare this hair tonic is really very simple, just grind the avocados and apply the paste to the hair for 30 minutes. This will improve your hair quality and make it more healthy and beautiful.