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How to Increase Hair Growth Naturally

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Nowadays both men and women wants to increase hair growth natuarally fast to make it long and more attractive. Natural home remedies like honey, eggs, aloe vera, vinegar, lemon, milk cream, olive oil and almond oil along with wide variety of products are present that will give the best size of hair you want. Follow these helpful ways and expert tips to increase the growth of hair.

How to increase hair growth naturally

3 Products That Can Help

Increasing the length of the hair may be a long term process and hence you should not lose the hope for long hair. The remedies and precautions shown are some of the best and most popular natural treatments to grow the size of hair you want.

Eat well and your hair will grow well

It may not seem relevant to you but your hair grows directly from your body so whatever you eat have a great affect on your hair. So if you want to increase the growth rate of your hair you may want to develop a diet plan accordingly. And for that here are some of the points you might want to get under consideration.

  1. For Proteins and Fats

    We all know that our hair is made of protein content so we should have enough protein in our system. You should include chicken or turkey, fish, eggs, soy products, nuts and beans. These products increase Keratin production, which in turn increase hair production.

  2. For Iron

    You’ll get enough iron from lean animal meats as required but if you’re vegetarian you should consider eating soy products, beans and lentils.

  3. For Zinc

    My favourite way to get enough zinc in my body is to eat dark chocolate but there are other ways too like roasted pumpkin, oysters, low fat roast beef and cocoa powder.

  4. For Moisture

    A person should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day.

One must reduce or eliminate alcoholic intake to as minimum as possible.A person who wants healthy hair must quit smoking because it affects to one itself as well as people around one’s self.

Hair growth products

Cosmetic companies have developed several products that works to increase hair growth and make it long. The ingredients of these products include many essential extracts that provide all the necessary nourishment required for the hair to grow fast. Ask a dermatologist for such a product or you can also research the internet as there are many people who have tried a product in the greed of long hair.

Stress and Mental health

Our body is like well automated robot, if there is any problem in any circuit than the robot doesn’t work properly as for body if our mental health is not stable or in other words if a person is under pressure due any reason then the hair will show its effects. So to prevent stress to ruin your hair one must undertake meditation or yoga habits. It helps to calm oneself which in turn will help the growth of one’s hair.


It is good to have exercise in our daily routine at least for half an hour. A person always wants to stay fit but sometimes we get a step ahead to be perfect like take steroids which increases hormones and effects our hair growth too. So it is good to exercise to stay fit but it’s bad to overdo it.


A person should apply oil like coconut, almond or lavender on the person’s scalp and massage the scalp for some time and then put a shower cap on it just for an hour and then wash the hair as usual. These natural oils are good source of vitamin E and anti oxidants that helps to repair our hair and increase its growth.

A person can also apply natural things like egg, yoghurt, aloe-vera, honey etc on scalp before taking the shower.

Aloe vera for hair growth

Since ancient times aloe vera gel has been used for promoting growth of hair. The proteolitic enzymes present in aloe vera remove excess oils, dandruff and dead skin that blocks our hair follicles. Seborrhea is a condition in which the sebum blocks our follicles leading to loss of hair and baldness. Washing hair with this gel clears the sebum from scalp and it alkaline properties that maintains the pH levels of our hair scalp. This helps in increasing the volume of hair and preventing hair fall. Take aloe vera gel and apply it to your hair. Now gently massage to spread it all over your hair and scalp. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it using warm water.

Honey to increase hair

Honey is a natural conditioner which contains about 90% of water and rest sugar. Honey provides lots of moisture helping you to get rid of rough hair. Lack of moisture can be a reason for dryness in hair that leads to split ends, weak hair roots leading to loss of hair. Honey is also anti septic which makes it a best remedy for treating infections and itching. Apply honey to hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Wear a shower cap for getting more effective results. Later wash your hair with warm water. This will perfectly condition your hair making it long and strong.

Massage olive oil or coconut oil

Before sleep massage olive oil or coconut oil and go to sleep. This will not only calm your hair but will the vitamins and other hair froendly nutrients will make hair stronger and increase its length.

Use apple cider vinegar

Take a cup, fill half with vinegar and add the next half with clean water. Mix the solution well and then use it for rinsing your hair. This solution will prevent hair loss, make hair softer with increased growth.

Hair maintenance

  1. A person should not rub wet hair in the towel instead one should soak the moisture out of the wet hair.
  2. A person should use wide toothed comb for hair brushing.
  3. He/she should not use hazard chemical products that can harm one’s hair.
  4. One should not use hot water or anything hot to straighten one’s hair because it effects the quality of its hair.
  5. And one should always remember to rinse its hair after massages because overdo may also cause harm to one’s hair.

Follow all the above remedies and precautions and just have patience because making hair longer require months. One thing is missed above is your hair rinsing technique should be perfect to see some change. If you don’t know learn these best tips to wash your hair properly.