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How to Make Hair Wavy Overnight

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One fast way to make hair wavy overnight naturally at home is by using curling irons. Another technique to make your straight hair wavy without heat is by putting braids and using curlers. I think even men can grow their short hair and use it for getting long curls. Use of curling irons causes less damage to hair, but it is fine if you use it once a month.

make your hair wavy overnight

Make the most of your curls! A lot of girls do not like wavy hair just because they do not know how to shape them, but if you know styling it can be a good option to have a wavy hairstyle for a different look. So you’ll learn to do it, I invite you to know these secrets to have beautiful natural curls, that you must know.

Step 1: Wet your hair.

The first step in making your hair wavy begins with washing with a shampoo and then using conditioners for removing dandruff, oils and making hair soft. Wet hairs are usually easy to style and hence you can curl them quickly.

Step 2: Completely dry your hair.

Now use a blower at low temperature to completely dry hair. Avoid rubbing towels and using blowers at high temperature as wet hairs are weak and rubbing can lead to breakage and split ends. Have a little patience while drying hair, it is ok to spend some more time to prevent any kind of hair damage.

Step 3: Decide which wavy curls suits your style.

There are many kinds of curling styles like spiral, waves, loose curls, etc. Now decide which curl will suit you and go for it. I cannot suggest what style will suit you because everyone has different face size, different hair styles, different hair types and different personalities. Only you know yourself best and thus decide the wave type you want.

Step 4: Now heat the curling irons.

I know that in step 2 I have mentioned that heat can damage your hair. But by using curling irons you can make your hair wavy fast. To reduce hair damage use heat protectant products and sprays before you start curling. It is fine if you don’t use heat protection products only if you are using curling irons once a month. And don’t worry that the damaging effect of using irons is not that high, but using it daily can worsen your problem.

Step 5: Start making hair wavy.

Now start using curling irons from the bottom and slowly come to top. Use these irons slowly and gently to make your hair wavy overnight and get you a perfect hair style.

Step 6: Use hair styling products to keep your curls long lasting.

Now the last step is to spray a gel to keep hair wavy for some extra days. Styling creams are also available that can give your wavy hair a shiny look plus it helps to maintain the style for longer time.

Make hair wavy without using heat.

In this method the first three steps are same as above. In this technique you need to put braids and leave it for the entire night. You can also use tiny buns to make hair curly.

Step 4:

Decide your braid style according to the type of curls you need for your hair. More twists means more wavy hair and less twists means loose wavy hair. Hence, to get more curls tighten your braid and to get less curls make it loose. Now go to sleep and wait for 6-7 hours. There is another technique in which you twist your hair and tie it into round buns. Smaller the bun more wavy your hair will look. In this method you need to tie ten or twelve small buns and leave it overnight. And then use curlers as it is described above.

Step 5:

In the morning, remove the braids or buns and use curlers for hair. Keep these curlers for an hour or two and then remove it. This will make your hair wavy overnight without the use of heat on it. Apply a suitable gel or sprays on hair for your curls to remain for a long time. Applying some serum helps to give a gloss to hair and enhance the result of waves.

Some important tips

  1. Never use too much heat, as it can have an adverse effect on your hair.
  2. Applying too much pressure can lead to breakage, hence handle it with care.
  3. If you are not comfortable go to a parlor or take an expert help to avoid any risk to hair.

This is a complete guide to get wavy hair with and without the use of heat. After turning the hair wavy use hair styling sprays to keep your curls long lasting.