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How to Moisturize your Dry Hair

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Before teaching you how to moisturize your hair naturally you need to learn what makes your hair dry. Lack of care is the main reason that removes moisture making hair rough. Hence use home remedies like olive oil, coconut oil, honey, milk cream, aloe vera, almond oil, avocado to provide nourishment and make hair soft.

Moisturize your Dry hair

Whether the weather is winter or its summer, both extreme high and low temperatures can remove the moisture from the scalp leading to rough and brittle hair. There are many conditioners available in the stores that can restore the hydration levels and turn your hair soft. Some of the home remedies like honey, olive oil, coconut oil and aloe vera are also very effective for making hair smooth and silky.

Conditioning products work great to moisturize dry hair. Home remedies also show the same result but takes time to work. These easy home remedies are just a room away in your kitchen which you can use to create the special tonic to add softness to hair.

  1. The first step to soften your dry hair is, select the best conditioner from the store and then use it to deeply moisturize dry hair. This is a common problem faced by many and the solution is also very simple, use this conditioner every time after shampooing. These conditioners contain several moisturizing properties that help in removing your dry and frizzy hair and make it silky. If your hair is very dry then get a product which contains special oil extracts as oils work great for keeping hair moist.
  2. Coconut oils can be used as a natural hair moisturizer to keep hair nourished and strong. The day before you have planned to wash your hair massage coconut oil and leave it overnight. Now properly comb your hair so that it spreads all over scalp and go to sleep. In the morning shampoo and then condition to make your hair ultra soft and smooth.
  3. Properties in olive oil make it an ideal conditioner for treating dry hair. Linoleic acid in this oil seals moisture to hair making it silky. Massage olive oil to scalp for 15 minutes and then leave it on hair for the entire night. Use a good oil removal shampoo to wash hair and then use a conditioner. It is an effective method to moisturize hair and make it shiny.
  4. Honey is used since ancient times as a natural moisturizer to get rid of dry hair and keep hair healthy and away from split ends. Honey helps hair to lock water molecules that helps in keeping hair moisturized.
    1. You can add lemon juice to honey and then use it for moisturizing and removing dandruff from hair. This remedy can be helpful for people with rough hair with dandruff.
    2. Add olive oil to honey and apply it to hair for 20 minutes. This is a complete moisturizing mask for helping hair regain its lost softness and shine.
    3. Antiseptic nature of honey treat infections in scalp making hair healthy.
  5. Extracts of aloe vera are widely used in hair care products for removing dandruff, split ends, scalp infections. This is all in one treatment that provides moisture and nourishing compounds that make hair strong.
    1. To moisturize hair with aloe vera add a natural oil like coconut oil to it, keep this hydrating pack on hair and wear shower cap for 20 minutes.
    2. Add drops of vinegar to aloe gel and use it for making hair ultra soft and smooth.

    Like honey aloe vera also treats scalp infections and help to maintain the moisture levels in hair.

  6. Vitamin E in almond oil deeply moisturizes hair and keeps it away from dry and frizzy condition. Just like coconut and olive oil massage it your scalp, leave it for the night and the wash it in the morning.
  7. Walnut oil is also a great remedy to treat dryness and roughness in hair by providing the moisturizing vitamins required for keeping hair silky soft.
  8. Avocado is used in cosmetic industry to make skin and hair moisturizing products. It contains enzymes and oils that can solve your hair problem. Add honey to avocado paste and apply this conditioning mask to hair for 30 minutes and then wash it with water.
  9. Egg and curd therapy can also feed hair with moisture and protein that can make hair strong, long and soft. Blend curd and egg white together and keep this mask on hair for 20 minutes. Now use a shampoo to wash off the mask from your hair.
  10. Another helpful remedy is to add olive oil to mayonnaise and apply it to hair. Leave this pack on hair for 20 minutes and then using warm water wash it.
  11. Banana and honey mixture can be effective used to provide moisture, vitamins and minerals to hair. To use this mixture, first wet your hair and then apply this banana paste. After keeping it on hair for sometime wash it with cold water.

Tips to keep hair moisturized.

  1. Never use very hot water to washing hair as it not only damages hair roots but also steals away the moisture making hair rough. Hot water can also lead to burns on scalp and hence cold or warm water is advised for rinsing.
  2. Use of hair straighteners and electric curlers should be occasional.
  3. Never wash hair everyday as this can wash off the natural oils and make hair dry. Instead make a timetable for washing your hair. Washing of hair should be done in alternate days.
  4. Hair should be protected from the chemicals in swimming pools and hair products.
  5. Give natural oil massages in alternate days to maintain the softness of hair.