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How to Prevent Hair Loss

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Taking proper care is the only fast way to get rid and prevent hair loss. Using naturally made home remedies like neem, eggs, aloe vera, amla, olive oil, eggs can also put a stop to hair fall problem. These helpful tips can be used on hairs of both men and women to protect it from becoming weak.

Prevent Hair Loss

Hair fall is one the common problem faced by people these days. And most people go and buy some products to prevent hair fall from happening. But when this product doesn’t as it’s supposed to be, what should we do then? Huh! So here is a solution to prevent hair fall. The solution is to go back to basic things i.e. to allow natural ways to do their work. These natural ways never fails. So here are some natural ways to prevent hair falling.

  1. Maintains a healthy nutritional diet for hair. One of the most common reasons behind hair fall is lack of essential nutrients in an individual’s body. So to prevent this to be the reason behind your hair fall you have to follow a nutritional diet.
    1. You should include foods which are rich in Vitamin A like carrot, Indian Salmon etc. It helps nourishing scalp.
    2. Diet which includes green vegetables is always a healthy diet because it not only keeps you healthy but also keeps strengthening your hair.
    3. Foods which are Iron rich like prunes and beet root prevents your hair from getting dry and thin.
    4. A person should always include Oats in one’s diet as it is rich in zinc, iron, omega-6 fatty acids which helps with the growth of your hair.
    5. One should eat egg in one’s daily life in any way possible.
  2. Scalp massage for strong hair. Oil massage is one of the oldest tradition that one person should follow. Massages help to increase the flow of nutrients to scalp via blood. It is also a great eay to keep mind relax. Take lukewarm oil of either olive, coconut, lavender, sesame, or almond, apply it on your scalp and then put on a shower cap. Let it be for an hour or so than take a normal shower as usual. Do it regularly and notice the difference in the quality of your hair.
  3. Stress management for healthy hair. Believe it or not, stress is one of the major reasons of hair fall nowadays. One should try to meditate or undertake yoga practice for daily life as it helps to release tensions from one day to day life.
  4. Exercise is important for every part of the body. One should go for walk or run every day, or undertake some exercising habits since it helps for better blood circulation which in turns prevent hair fall.
  5. Proper hair care techniques. Sometimes people have nice hair but they don’t know how to take care of them, which then leads to hair fall. So here are some basic things one should do to prevent hair falling.
  6. Do not rub your hair with towel when they are wet. Use towel gently to soak out excess moisture. If you rub your hair with towel vigorously it will lead to hair breakage and eventually hair fall.
  7. Do not comb your hair when they are wet. Wait for them to be dry or semi-dry at least and then comb your hair.
  8. Use a wide toothed comb to brush your hair since it prevent hair breakage and also detangle your hair as needed.
  9. Don’t use harsh chemical shampoos or conditioners on your hair, because it may show some side effect on your hairs.
  10. If you follow all the steps given above you’ll have strong and nice hair.

Learn to get rid of hair loss naturally

  1. Do you know that aloe vera gel was used thousands of years ago by our ancestors to treat dandruff and hair fall problem. Aloe vera contains antioxidants and enzymes that help to maintain PH level and treat scalp infections. Take the gel of aloe and slowly massage it to hair. After you massage leave it on hair for 30 minutes and then use lukewarm water to clean it from hair.
  2. In India gooseberries (amla)are used as a hair tonic to treat a variety of hair problems like premature hair greying, dry and rough hair, dandruff and also hair fall. Applying gooseberry to hair makes hair dark, shiny and nourished. Apply the gooseberry paste to hair, let it stay for an hour and then rinse it with warm water. Drinking gooseberry juice is also an effective remedy for making hair stronger and longer.
  3. Sometime it happens that due to some infection hair tend to become weak and fall. To treat this hair problem prepare a paste of neem leaves and use if for your rinsing. The antiseptic agent in neem removes the fungus and infections curing your hair loss problem.
  4. Take help of the antioxidants in green tea to prevent your head from becoming bald. Add green to water and let it boil for 10 minutes (don’t add sugar to this water). Now let the water cool and rinse hair with it to make hair follicles strong.
  5. Hair is primarily build up of proteins and egg is a major source of it. Apart from proteins eggs also contain omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals can be used to provide some profit to hair. Break two eggs and mix little curd to it. Cover your hair with this egg mask for 20 minutes and then rinse it. Repeat it twice a week to improve the quality of your hair.
  6. You can also apply fresh natural onion juice and leave it overnight and then rinse your hair in the morning as usual. Onion is rich in sulphur that increases the blood flow towards scalp improving the strength of hair keeping it strong.
  7. Many people say that massaging coconut milk provides protein and other essential nutrients that will put a stop on hair loss problem. To get better results add aloe gel to coconut milk and use it for your rinsing your hair.