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How to Scrunch your Hair

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There are different ways by which one can scrunch hair, but which ever technique you are using make sure it is correct. Scrunching sprays are also available which have made this task much more easier than before.


Scrunching of hair is an art in beauty therapy. It involves a deep study and wide knowledge. Many people spend huge money to scrunch their hair. Tricks over the internet are widely used to help scrunch your hair in style.

There are many factors to be considered before you scrunch your hair. Physical factor like head size or face shape is considered. Some people have round face or square face or triangular face or heart shape face or diamond shape face. In head size also one has to consider narrow head, too big or too small head. Your head might have uneven surface or may have a top flat etc. This way, you also have to consider the hair length before you scrunch your hair. Long hair gives better scope for hair scrunching whereas short hair gives less scope.

Next, you have to consider your hair condition before you scrunch your hair. Unhealthy hair with split ends makes it difficult to scrunch your hair. Uneven hair too makes it difficult to scrunch your hair. For scrunching of your hair, some of the accessories that can be used include hair pin, butter fly clip, double prong clip and duck bill clip. Then for combing of hair there are various types of comb like tint comb, barber comb, styling comb, comb for removing tangles, back combing combs etc. Some of the brushes that can be used to scrunch your hair include round brush small, round brush big, styling brush, vent brush, denman brush, hair dye brush etc. Then you have to consider hair parting which include no parting or concealed parting, side parting, diagonal parting, centre parting, curved horizontal parting, centre parting with bang, back parting and so on.

Hairstyle matters

Getting the right hair style is an important part of scrunching your hair. You have to mould your hair as per your choice. Molding of hair can be straight, curved or semi circular. There are also forward shaping or side forward vertical shaping, top forward shaping, etc. There is also finger waving of hair which can be like C, U or V curve without really forming any curls. Curling of hair can be in three parts. Base Curl, which is the stationery part of the curl, it is fixed to the scalp. Stem Curl, which is curling the hair between base and real curl. There are two types like open centre curl or closed centre curl. Now the mobility of curl is based on the stem of the curl. There are various types of stem curl like full stem curl, half stem curl, no stem curl, root tensioned curl etc. The direction of stem and curl is also very important. Forward curls are towards the direction of face which includes up stem, back stem or down stem. Backward curls are curls of reverse direction from face which again includes back stem, up stem or down stem. Curl direction also can be clockwise or anticlockwise.

Adjust the roller settings

Roller setting is very important part of scrunching your hair. There are various types of rollers which are made of rubber, plastic, wire or sponge. There are also tapered rollers, directional rollers and ringlet rollers.

Hair braiding

Scrunching your hair by braiding it can also be done, you can try the French braiding, one stem braiding, two stem braiding, three stem braiding, five stem braiding, reverse braiding, visible braiding and invisible braiding.
You can also try and scrunch back your hair. This depends on a length of your hair. For long hair, you can make various types of buns. And for short hair you can have a ponytail. Hence scrunching of hair can give you a different look and can add charm to your personality. Some people are able to change their complete persona by scrunching their hair.

Using sprays

After scrunching you can use sprays on it to make your style last longer. This is not a compulsory thing to do, but if your want your curls to remain intact then these sprays can be helpful.
There are new scrunch sprays also available in the market which does not require the use of curlers. Just use this gel as mentioned on the product and use a hair dryer. With such sprays you can keep this hair style for the entire day. If you are looking an easy way to get this style then these products can work great. Just after your shower, wrap the towel for 10 minutes, after that take the product and spay it to the lower ends of your hair. Now use a hair dryer on the ends for 5 minutes and you congrats you have got a new hair style.

These are some of the best ways to scrunch your hair, if you use some different technique then please mention in the comment section.