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How to Take Care of Hair

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Proper washing and providing moisture is the best way to take care of hair. Naturally made home remedies like honey,aloe-vera,olive oil, vinegar, eggs, almond oil and coconut oil can also be helpful in making hair healthy. Some people have nice and beautiful hair but they don’t know how to maintain it. Here are some basic tips and hair care routine that you should follow to prevent any hair damage.

Take care of hair

After Shower

This step is the first and most important step that can make hair healthy or dull. Lets say you’ve taken shower now and usually first thing you do is you rub your hair with towel which is wrong because it causes breakage and damage to the wet hair shaft. Well what you really should do is you should comb you hair with wide tooth comb slowly, because hair is easily damaged when wet.

Hair products

Use hair serum of any brand to protect your hair on regular basis. If you’re going to use heat styling products on your hair then you need to apply thermal protection serum. Generally, you should not use heat styling agents.

Increase your hair’s health

If you really want to increase your hair length and to make it healthy then you should use coconut milk on your hair. You should put coconut milk on dry hair, carefully pour it on all over your scalp and then cover your hair with shower cap for 20-30 min. Then you should wash your hair and apply shampoo and conditioner. Frequent use of coconut oil leads to smooth and healthy hair. You can also do this process by Egg, yoghurt etc. It is usually called natural ways to keep your hair smooth and healthy.

Deep conditioning

For deep conditioning you need to need to apply oil on every scalp properly and then let it remain as it is for the entire night and then next morning you should wash your hair by shampoo and conditioner. This will provide you better result. It should mostly be done during winter months or if you live in some place with cold climate.

Comb your hair

This is the basic step which we have learned before we even thought about taking care of our hair, but nowadays people don’t usually care about combing it they just apply gel and make some funky hair style and leave the hair to it. Combing your hair is important it should be done at least twice a day.

Tips for maintaining healthy hair

  1. You should wash your hair from equal intervals of time depending on what type of hair do you have. For example let’s say you have curly hair than you should wash it twice a week, for any other kind of hair, wash it every alternate day.
  2. You should use a conditioner after shampooing; it makes your hair soft. The products you use should not be chemical hazardous. And it should be good for your hair.
  3. After washing your hair you should not rub it against the towel just use the towel to soak the moisture from your hair and than just let your hair dry.
  4. Use a wide toothed comb to brush your hair. Never comb your hair when they are wet.
  5. It would be nice if you apply oil on your hair and scalps and keep it covered with shower cap for hour or so and then rinse your hair nicely.
  6. Every 45 days trim your hair a little. So you can have nice and healthy hair.
  7. Normally you shouldn’t apply heat products on your hair. But if you do apply it to curl or straighten your hair then you must use heat defence. You’ll get it as spay, cream or gel. This will prevent split ends.
  8. Eat wisely, because your eating habits directly affect your hairs.
  9. Drink at least 6-8 glass of water. It helps to keep moisture in your hair and prevent it from drying.
  10. It would be wise to reduce or eliminate drinking and quit smoking, because it effects your hair growth.
  11. You should follow an appropriate diet plan just to give your hair enough nutrients it needs.
  12. Use bobby pins, hair bands or anything that doesn’t cause harm to your hair.
  13. Don’t overdo your hair for some styling contest or anything. Because hair can look good and the product used can be harmless to your hair.

Use the following tips and you can maintain your good and healthy hair.