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How to Wash your Hair Properly

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Washing your hair properly is one of the most important tasks which should performed to make it soft, beautiful and shiny. This simple task is often neglected by many people, while many of them do it wrong. To prevent dandruff, lice and other scalp diseases proper hair care is required. We present a hair washing routine that must be followed to keep you hair in perfect condition.

wash your hair properly

Everyone knows to wash the hair, but do actually do it correctly? Shampooing hair imperfectly can actually lead to some of the common hair problems like dandruff, dry hair and itching. Due to lack of proper knowledge the quality of the hair can be degraded and hence use should learn the art to rinse hair correctly. Here are the basic steps you should follow to perfectly clean your hair without damaging.

Washing hair properly is something that is usually done without much thought about how it is done, but that does not mean it done right. No wonder when women go to the salon and wash their hair, it is much cleaner, shiny, silky and stays beautiful longer. This is because there, the person who washes the head, takes time to do it right and correctly. To learn those expert salon tips here are the following things you need to remember while rinsing hair.

  1. Give oil massage to hair

    This is the first step you should perform before washing your hair. Just 30 minutes before taking bath, apply oil and then massage. This gives two benefits, first that it provides moisture and after washing it makes hair shiny. A second benefit is it helps to stimulate blood flow to the scalp that keep hair healthy.

  2. Remove dirt from hair scalp

    Take a comb and gently rub it to remove the knots in hair and make them straight. This method will also remove the dead skin cells and dandruff from the scalp, making it easier for the shampoo to remove them. This helps to keep hair clean and clear.

  3. Wet your hair under water

    Now completely wet your hair to make it soft. Use cold or warm water instead of hot water. Hot temperature can take away moisture and can also damage hair leading to hair loss. It can also lead to graying of hair and making it dry, rough and frizzy.

  4. Now use a good shampoo

    Apply shampoo to hair and spread it all over. Massage your scalp in a circular way for 2 minutes and leave it for another 2 minutes. Now wash it properly to clear the dandruff, dirt and dead cells from the scalp. Wash it again so that the shampoo does not stay in your scalp and hair. Shampoo will help to remove oils from hair and make it soft. Shampoo your hair once in two days to keep hair clean, as washing it everyday can make hair lose moisture and make it rough.

  5. Use a conditioner

    Use a chemical free conditioner which is free from ammonia to prevent breaking and whitening of hair. Apply the conditioner to hair and evenly spread it. Wear a plastic cap so that the conditioner works well. After 5 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly with cold water to wash out the conditioning product. Cold water will help to lock the moisture to hair, which is provided by the conditioner. First oil massage, then shampoo followed by conditioner will make your hair shiny clean, clear and ultra soft and silky.

  6. After wash hair care

    Now it’s time to completely dry your hair. Wrap a towel or pat it gently to soak the water from hair. Avoid rubbing it with a towel to dry it. Wet hair is weak and such frictions can lead to damage, hence handle your hair with proper care to make them beautiful.

  7. Use a hair dryer

    Now use a hair dryer to completely dry your hair. Keep it at a low temperature instead of high. Heat can damage hair and make it dry and rough. Instead spare a little time and use dryer at a low temperature to get perfect hair.

  8. Add some extra moisture

    Once your hair is totally dry, you can backpedal and add leave in hair conditioner from the mid-lengths of the hair to the finishes. This will prevent hair from knots, keep it soft and even make your hair simpler to handle. Following this simple remedy will make the task of next rinse much simpler. These simple tips will not only keep hair dirt free after shampooing, but will also add the necessary required to keep it soft and healthy.

  9. Style your hair

    This is the final step that includes the use of a wide tooth comb. Gently comb your hair and give a style to it.

Some tips for rinsing hair

  1. Washing hair should not be done more than four times a week.
  2. Use a shampoo that helps to clear the impurities from scalp without damaging the quality of hair.
  3. Don’t rub your towel to the hair to prevent damage and breakage. Instead, wear the towel on your hair so that maximum water is soaked and then go for a hair dryer.

By following this complete guide to wash your hair you can keep your hair clean, clear and healthy. Wash your hair just thrice a week using the steps mentioned above and get soft, smooth and dandruff free hair.