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Know About Premature Graying Of Hair, Reasons and Its Prevention

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These days, grey hair has become the common problem these days and nobody can avoid it. Though the natural process of whitening of hair is not uncommon, this phenomenon is getting most widespread these days in young ages. It is increasing at a rapid rate also in teenagers. Almost all teenagers, men, women and age groups are suffering premature graying of hair.

What is Premature Hair Graying?

According to a world-famous dermatologist, Jeffrey Benabio, premature hair graying is just a process where pigment is not generated from cells that produce color. Hair graying is natural. With age, man loses the capacity to synthesize the natural amount of melanin (which gives natural black color to hair). It declines the production of melanin and it ultimately causes whitening or graying of hair. In case hair grays sooner in life, premature graying is linked to some bad habits and it needs therapies and pathologies.

                                                                  Premature Graying Of Hair

Causes of Premature Hair Graying

These days, the causes of grey hair are still under debate. In order to reach the end conclusion, new research details are being gathered in order to deal with this condition. Some of the main causes of grey hair are lack of vitamins and proper diet, genetics, and smoking and drinking habits. Well the main reason is genetic behind the grey hair. If your parent has gray hair at young age, you are more prone to have gray hair. However, the scientists found that the hair also turns gray with the overload of hydrogen peroxide and melanin in the body.

Our hair need proper nourishment with vitamin B12, minerals, copper and zinc which help improve metabolism and are responsible to give natural color to the hair and lack of such minerals and vitamins can affect your hair color. If the body has deficiency of vitamin E and C, your hair is more likely to turn gray.

Smoking is yet another reason behind premature hair graying. One reason is that smoking develops free radicals in the body and they cause oxidative stress in our body which leads to reduction in pigmenting capability of melanin and it results in graying of hair.

Bad food habits are another major culprit. Processed and junk foods increase deposition of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGE) and oxidative stress in the body to accelerate aging and cause loss in hair color. People who are very addicted to such foods instead of foods rich in vitamin E and C, lose their silky and nice black hair at young age.

Tips to Deal with Premature Graying of Hair

If both parents suffered from premature graying of hair and if you are highly prone to have grey hair, it is important to take proper precautions in order to delay hair graying. In order to take necessary precautions, you should avoid direct sunlight exposure and use elemental zinc, copper, nicotinamide and antioxidants to avoid the risk of developing gray hair. People will obviously get a lot of benefits once they get conscious about healthy lifestyle and daily eating habits.

Natural Remedies to Prevent Premature Hair Graying

                                                                    Premature Graying Of Hairs

Natural remedies can also lead to remarkable chances in order to avoid premature hair graying. Especially flavanoids, natural herbs are the rich antioxidant sources that play several roles in preventing premature hair growing and pathologies.

Black walnuts are very effective in improving the production of black hair and they can maintain black color for longer. They are also economical and useful remedy that can hide gray hairs.

Curry is effective to improve the production of melanin. The copper, zinc and iodine rich foods, particularly sea foods are effective to prevent premature graying of hair.

The combination of carrot juice, sesame oil and fenugreek seeds are used as remedy by ayurvedic practitioners against gray hair. Use carrot juice and sesame oil in equal ratio. For example, you may take 1 cup of carrot juice, 1 cup of sesame oil and half cup of fenugreek seed powder. Blend all of such ingredients in a bottle and store in the sunlight for at least 21 days. Apply it for around 3 months to the hair to avoid premature hair graying.

What If Natural Remedies Failed?

If natural remedies are failed, there are lots of dyes produced and marketed for hair blackening that imparts the black color to your hair. But it’s not the solution for long term. In addition, getting an appealing hair style can truly hide your great hair color if the above remedies fail. If you go for an attractive hair style, you can drastically change the attention from your grey hair. Rather than targeting the hair color. By doing so, you can easily draw the attention to your style and it is the hope for survival with your gray hair.

These days, the risk of hair graying is drastically increasing in daily life and research is being done in order to understand etiology deeply to deal with the causes and find the solution against this condition. There are several environmental factors, such as direct sunlight exposure, must be reduced to the minimum when it comes to hair graying. In order to improve the melanin formation and preserve your hair color, good food can help you at a great extent. You can get the better solution by implementing melanocytes.

Accepting the Gray Hair

These are the easiest tips to go gray without losing style –

  • You can choose cold turkey with a short, chic haircut if you are using dye.
  • Go for modern haircut. You may choose a style with steep edges, such as some smooth bangs, a bob of some kind and a nice fringe.
  • A colorist may help you to weave in highlights and use toners in order to reduce the transition line between your last hair dye and natural hair color.
  • Choose shampoos that have a blue base. They can keep the production of gray hair and a yellowish cast. Use conditioning mask, at least once in a month, to keep your hair moisturized well.