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Myths And Facts About Hair Care

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Find some common myths and facts about hair care that will help you in making the right decisions. Note these myths to protect and make hair strong, soft and beautiful.

wash your hair properly

We are often surrounded with many myths about the hair care which we sometimes make our hair less nourished. Maybe because you do not have clarity about the hair care that can improve its appearance, because sometimes we get carried away by popular myths and rumors that confuse and sometimes worsen the situation. These myths actually act as obstacles for us to get beautiful looking hair. So to avoid this problem, we have come up with some myths and facts about hair care that will help you in maintaining strong and soft hair without much effort. Here we leave some truths that will help you know how to beautify and take care of hair properly.

  1. Washing your hair every day is bad.
  2. False. The hair is washed according to the needs of each individual. Some people have oily hair and therefore should wash daily. Others, have very dry and washing becomes less frequent. There are people who washed once a week or even a fortnight. It depends on the need of each and the products used. According to dermatologists, everyday hair rinse with water is not a problem, but using chemical shampoos everyday is what makes them dull and weak.

  3. You must not dye your hair in pregnancy.
  4. False. There really is no significant scientific evidence that prove this. However, a personal advice from a dermatologist is it best to wait until after the third or fourth month to do so. There is already baby’s organs formed. Even by the mother, who is more sensitive and dyes with strong odors, dyes, chemicals and ammonia may feel sick. This is best done from the fourth month and hopefully with milder products(with vegetable products.).

  5. Cut the tips causes hair to grow.
  6. False. The hair does not grow at the tips. The fact that we cut does not grow it faster, it actually removes the splits which prevents it from more breaking of hair. This hair are free from splits and grows healthy. What it is necessary to stimulate the hair bulb (root), which is a rounded structure that is born at the junction of the dermis and subcutis (fat under the skin). There’s the hair follicle, which is where it grows. Cut will not affect its growth. Yes they do health, good nutrition and scalp circulation.

  7. The hair grows old.
  8. True. Yes as you get older, what happens like the aging process of the skin of the face, certain nutrients are decreased which make it weak and white. With the passage of time keratin is lost, the main protein found in hair and that makes you go losing its structure to become brittle, thin, dry and dull. Also the black color turns white because of the loss of melanin.

  9. Dying more than three times a year is wrong.
  10. False. If the person is healthy, has no skin problem, allergies and no medical contraindications, you do not have any problem and can use the dyes as often as you need it. This also depends on hair growth, there are people who grow them apace and have to dye at least every 2 months days. The idea is to use safe products (that do not cause harm to health). It is a personal decision.

  11. Women don’t become bald.
  12. False. Yes there are. Alopecia is an issue that also affects women, what happens is that it gives them the same baldness we see in men. They begin to submit entries to the 20 or 30 years and your hair loss is concentrated in the frontal region to the crown. It is more severe and can be given by hereditary factors, diseases, etc. In women it is less severe and depends on many factors such as metabolic, after radiotherapy, genetic problems or nutritional deficiencies.

  13. Gray hair is inevitable.
  14. True. Once the gray, they can not be avoided and turned to black, unless using dyes. And if there is a family history, there will surely be more likely to have them. With the passage of time or by genetic factors, melanocytes that are on the bulb (where the hair is born) stop producing melanin is what gives color to the hair. Once these cells die is nothing to do, the process is irreversible. It is more common in people with fair skin, because in them the fastest process is presented. Gray hair does not indicate illness and old age in many cases, because there are people from age 20 have hair without color. However with new researches happening, you can ask your dermatologist for a treatment if present.

  15. Cold water is best for your hair.
  16. True and false. Actually the ideal temperature for washing hair is like everyone. The idea is that it is neither too cold or too hot. Start with warm water to remove fat and impurities and finish with cold to close the hair follicle can be a good way to do it. Hair washed with cold water makes it difficult for the impurities to be cleared and hot water destroys hair keratin, degrading its structure. Hence, use warm water and give the last rinse with cold water.

These were some of the common myths and facts about hair care which I think is now cleared to you.