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Rogaine Hair Re-growth Treatment for Men | Miracle Formula to Treat Hair Loss

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Around 85% of men across the world are vulnerable to have critical hair thinning by the age of 50 years. In fact, some guys start losing hairs before 21 years. Also known as alopecia, hair loss is basically not a sign of any medical problem. It is not harmful to your health.


Almost all the hair loss problems in men are caused due to a genetic problem, male pattern baldness, which comes from family. Some other causes are too much Vitamin A, some medications, or not taking enough protein. Stress or illness can cause heavy, sudden shedding, known as telogen effluvium. The best part is that male pattern baldness can be recovered.

How Does Hair Transplant Work?

In this procedure, the healthy hair is moved from the side and back of the head to the top. It is a costly process and you may have to undergo few times before it actually works. You will lose the most by 2 months but new strands will start growing. Within 6 months, it will look normal.

About Male Pattern Baldness

The common sign of this hair loss problem is an M-shaped, thinning hairline. On the top of the head, the locks start thinking and a bald spot is left. The two meet gradually and you gain horseshoe-patterned hair along the sides. You will see the Norwood Scale there.

The main culprit behind this condition is DHT hormone which shrinks the hair follicles. Gradually they shrink so well that they have not enough space to grow other hair.

                                       Rogaine Hair Re-growth Treatment for Men | Miracle Formula to Treat Hair Loss

Relying on ‘Miracle’ Products

It’s easy to hang on to your hair rather than replacing it. When you find out the options for hair regrowth, be careful. Ask your dermatologist or doctor if you are in doubt.

Rogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Review

When it comes to treating hair loss in men, there is literally nothing better than Rogaine Unscented Men Hair Regrowth Foam. Around 9 of 10 men got surprising results in clinical trials by using Men’s Rogaine Foam. The hair got thicker than before.

For better results apply the foam twice a day, daily, to regrow your hair within 2 months. For best results, it may take around four months for some men.

About Rogaine Foam

Also known as Minoxidil, Rogaine Foam came in liquid form and was applied using the eyedropper for several years and it had Propylene Glycol that caused flaking and severe irritation in several users. It affected its efficacy severely and many people stopped using it. The company addressed the problem and launched Rogaine foam, a new product made of revolutionary technology. It was launched in 2007 and it removed the problem of irritation completely. The drying time has also been reduced and new FDA research is done on it. It has higher success rate than its predecessor.

Rogaine Foam – What to Expect?

When results may occur within two months, it is likely to take around four months to get visible results. It is vital to keep using Rogaine foam daily to maintain and maximize results. In the first couple of weeks, it is likely to show you temporary rise in shedding. It is about the beginning of new growth cycle and it is a good sign for that. See the doctor if it does not stop even after two weeks.

Using Rogaine Foam

Take only half cap of foam. Split hair and apply in the affected area which is witnessing hair thinning. Massage the foam throughout the area with fingers and wash hands. Apply the foam at night and in the morning and allow it to dry. It is important to use it frequently to ensure hair re-growth. The foam is designed for men who are suffering general hair thinning over the scalp. It is not designed for receding hairline or frontal baldness.
Rogaine Hair Re-growth Treatment for Men | Miracle Formula to Treat Hair Loss

Rogaine – The Legacy

Rogaine is the first FDA-approved topical brand for hair regrowth in both women and men. With around 20000 volunteers in clinical studies and 20 years of experience, Rogaine has become the No. 1 brand recommended by dermatologists for hair regrowth. All the products from Rogaine are designed to help regain the healthy hair and reverse the hair loss.

Safety Precautions

Before using Rogaine Foam, make sure to read all the details on the booklet and package. Don’t throw the package off because it has important info. Don’t incinerate or puncture the container. Also, avoid heat and high temperature. Store it in cool and dry place only. It is designed for men only. Also, avoid flame, fire, or smoking during application or immediately after applying it.

The product is not intended for women because women face different amount of hair loss and their hair loss occurs on the front of the scalp. This 5% Minoxidil topical foam is not designed to cure receding hairline or frontal baldness.

Make sure your hair loss is patchy or sudden and you don’t have any family history with it. Don’t use this product on children and babies. It is not intended for people under 18 years. If your scalp is inflamed, red, irritated, infected or painful, use other medications.

If you are suffering heart disease, be sure to see the doctor. Don’t apply this product on other body parts while using it. Also, avoid contact with your eyes. In case it comes into contact with eyes accidently, splash a huge amount of cold water to clean your eyes well. Some people witnessed changes in texture and/or hair color. It may take several months to regrow your hair. You may see results within two months by using it twice a day, every day.

You may want to use it for around four months for some men before you get effective results. The hair regrowth varies from person to person. The product may not be effective for everyone. If you are having a rapid heartbeat, chest pain, dizziness or faintness, stop using it and call the doctor. It may cause unexplained, sudden weight gain. It may also cause redness or scalp irritation, your feet or hands swell, and unwanted hair growth on face. It is harmful to breastfeeding and pregnant women. Keep this foam out of children’s reach.