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How to Strengthen Hair Roots Naturally

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Find the best way to strengthen hair roots naturally. Foods like eggs, avocado, fish, broccoli etc. and home remedies like avocado will strengthen follicles quickly.

strengthen hair roots

That autumn is at the point of leaving our lives, but this does not mean that the hair loss will stop. If we have not remedied before, this fall can continue until the winter months, something that can already start. The fall of hair in autumn is a natural, since like many animals make the change of their skin, we have to renew the hair follicles and therefore it hair loss is natural. However, if we have vices such as alcohol or tobacco, we are continually stressed, abuse chemical hair products or even eat poorly, most likely this sporadic fall becomes rigorous, something that can severely damage our scalp.

To avoid it you must strengthen hair roots with the use of strengthening shampoos, which you can find at a good price, or through the daily intake of highly beneficial components that make hair stronger. Since the health of hair depends largely on the nutritional balance of our body, it is necessary to eat a balanced diet. If you do not know the best nutrients for the health of your hair, do not worry, since we are going to tell you all the details about them. Are you ready to get healthy, strong and defined hair? Take note!

Folic acid to strengthen hair follicles

It is a nutrient that you can find easily in foods such as eggs, avocado, orange, broccoli or beets, essential for your hair to enjoy health, since a deficit of it is a great damage to the scalp. It is essential for cell multiplication and for the formation of red and white blood cells. Remember that a deficiency of this element in the body leads to hair loss. So, eat foods rich in these nutrients to strengthen hair roots naturally.

Vitamins for strong hair

Vitamins are very important when we talk about strengthening hair follicles, especially the A, B and C. While vitamin C is a basic natural antioxidant to strengthen the hair that you can find in most fruits, such as lemon or orange, vitamin A is involved in the formation of cells and the development of hair follicles and you can consume it using carrots, broccoli or apricots. On the other hand, vitamin B helps hair remain strong during the passage of time and prevents damage to the hair follicles. You can find it in eggs, fermented dairy, fish and soy.

Proteins to strengthen hair roots

Another fundamental component that you must have in your body if you want to strengthen, give volume and density your hair are the proteins. Hair is made by the use of keratin which is a protein and hence this component is very important to strengthen your hair. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to surpass with the amount of proteins that we ingest to the day, since we must consume the adequate contribution to our own physical necessities. Proteins can be found in fish, cheese, eggs and meats.

Biotin for healthy hair

Biotin is an essential element for the health of the skin, hair and nails. It generates itself in our gut, being able to transmit brightness and density to our capillary environment. However, if we carry a bad diet, biotin will not occur and therefore our hair will weaken. The foods that contain this hair benefiting component are cereals, eggs and in general any food that contains yeast. Right amounts of biotin in our diet will strengthen hair roots from inside.

Minerals to treat weak hair

If vitamins were essential, the minerals are no less, since for example an iron deficiency can make your hair look weakened, dull and brittle. Something that in most cases usually translates into a sudden fall of hair. Minerals are very important because in fact the hair is formed from some of them like copper or magnesium and zinc. You can find them in nuts, fish, spinach, lentils and lean meats, among other foods.

Hair detox for healthy hair

Yes, your hair sometimes needs a break and with these regular shampoos and conditioners to look sensational. Many times we worry about making a detox of the body to eliminate the toxins that are doing us wrong or are damaging our health. This in a way contributes to the skin and hair look beautiful, but it will always be better to give special care to our hair and skin whenever possible.

Hair detox arises from the need to eliminate waste products that we use daily for hair care. If you want to strengthen hair roots, doing a detox at least once in a week will help you have healthier hair.

Use a comb to scrape the scalp. You must do it carefully because we do not want to damage it. The goal is to eliminate the dryness that may be present in your head. Make a mixture of avocado or avocado with olive oil. It does not mean that you will increase the fat of the hair. This will serve to restore it and give luminosity. Apply it and put on a bath cap to create some heat.

After 20 minutes, remove the mixture with cold water and remove the remains with neutral soap. It is important that you do not use your usual shampoo. Your goal is to let your hair rest from the chemicals contained in hair products.

After this ritual you will see how your hair looks brighter and healthier. To keep it that way you need to move away from shampoos and hair care products that have parabens and sulphates. This is because in addition to damaging the color, they weaken it. Remember to wash your hair with warm water as excess heat affects the production of fat.


Basically these are the main ingredients that you should incorporate into your diet. You must be aware that maintaining a proper and balanced diet will immediately reflects the health of your hair. We are sure that you will achieve a unique, strong and healthy hair. This will not only avoid prolonging the natural hair fall in autumn, but keep hair strong throughout the year.