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Tips to Promote Good Hair Growth and Stop Hair Loss

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Does it feel like your hair stopped growing? Is your hair tresses damaged from a lot of hair treatments, overexposure to heat or breaking because of over teasing? To ensure proper growth of your hair, it must be replenished, rehydrated and recovered from the damage. You cannot stimulate hair growth overnight. Hair locks glow if they are healthy. Caring for tresses, living a healthy lifestyle and protecting hair from exposure to heat are few of the ways to ensure hair growth.

Protecting Hair from Overexposure of Heat

Protecting Hair from Overexposure of Heat

Don’t Blow Dry Your Hair

If you apply unnecessary heat to the hair which is damaged already, it will just cause more breakage. You should let your hair dry in hair instead of blow-drying them. Use a diffuser if you have. It attaches to the hair dryer’s tip to spread the heat properly along the hair.

Apply Heat Protectant

If you have to blow-dry your hair locks because of lack of time, curl your hair, or straighten your mane, use a heat protectant to avoid further damage. You can buy it at any drug store to apply before styling your hair.

Reduce Using Flat Irons or Curling Irons

Straightening or curling to the hair will cause more damage. If you straighten or curl your hair, you should let your hair air dry before styling it. Use a flat iron or curling iron which shows the temperature of plates or barrel. Use tools to lowest possible heat.

Lead a Balanced, Healthy Lifestyle

Stay Hydrated

Improper water consumption prevents cell reproduction and growth. Without hydration, your hair growth will be stopped. Along with the growth of hair, proper hydration is also required for proper functioning of the body. Try to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Reduce caffeinated drinks and set an alarm which will remind you to drink water every hour.

Eat Foods which Promote Scalp Health and Hair Growth

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Keratin and proteins are known to be the building blocks of hair. Choose a diet rich in lentils, nuts and lean meats to promote hair growth. Eat foods which naturally have Vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron, and Omega 3 fatty acids. Bananas, eggs, raisins and olive oil are enriched with vitamins that are required to promote hair growth and maintain scalp health. Don’t consume too much carbonated drinks, salt, alcohol, sugar and white flour. Also, keep fad diets at bay. Your hair will stop growing if your body is at risk.

Take Proper Sleep

To lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle, it is important to get a lot of sleep. Stress and anxiety can inhibit digestion, reduce stomach acids, and stop assimilation of vitamins, proteins, and nutrients which are important for hair growth. Too much stress may occasionally alter hormone levels, disrupt the growth of hair and cause hair fall. Proper sleep can promote cell growth and reduce stress and helps in cell repair. So, leave your tablet, phone or laptop aside. It’s time to take some Zzz.

Getting Some Hair Treatment

Opt for Nourishing Hair products

Before buying any hair conditioner and shampoo, check the labels carefully. Look for conditioners and shampoo which have vitamins A, C, B, and E as they can hydrate and nourish the hair. Don’t use products which have several detergents, especially ammonium Lauryl sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. It will cause more damage and strip the natural oils off. Don’t wash hair too much. It is better to shampoo and condition your hair alternatively. While shampooing, apply it on your scalp directly, lather it and let the shampoo coming down your hair. Apply conditioner to the ends if you have an oily scalp.

Go for a Deep Conditioner

Apply a deep hair conditioner to the hair only once a week. It can replenish, repair, and rehydrate your damaged hair from the root to the ends of tresses. You can either own a deep conditioner from beauty store or go for natural ingredients to make hair conditioner of your own.

Use a Hair Brush with Boar Hair Bristles

When it comes to brushing your hair, use hair brush which has boar bristles to lead a shiny, healthy mane. They can stimulate the scalp and condition your hair naturally and improve hair texture and frizz. After brushing, you will need less styling products and you don’t have to wash hair too frequently. Focus on spreading natural oils of your hair while brushing. Boar hair bristle works great in it. Don’t use brushes that have plastic or metal bristles.

Trim Your Hair Constantly

Trim your hair around every 6 to 8 weeks on a regular basis. It will keep your hair feel healthy and look beautiful.

Don’t Opt for Teasing and Tight Hairstyling

Some hairstyles can slow down hair growth and put pressure on your roots. Hairstyles like braids, cornrows, and high ponytails pull on the scalp and cause hair breakage.

Get Some Scalp Massage Every Week


Choose Best Type of Hair Oil

In order to massage your scalp, there are different oils available to choose from. You may choose from olive, jojoba, coconut, egg or castor oil. You can also try some essential oils like lavender, almond or cedar wood oils.

Pour a tbsp of oil on your fingertips

Scoop or pour around a tablespoon of your desired oil on a small dish and dip the tips of your fingers on the oil. Shake off excess oil on the dish.

Massage the Scalp

Massage your scalp with your fingertips to stimulate roots. Massage the scalp for around 10 minutes. Dip fingertips on oil when needed. Don’t overdo it if you have oily scalp.


On average, hair grows around 15.2 cm (6 inches) every year and more in warm weather. Don’t use chemical dyes or perms to straighten your hair as they can cause damage to the hair shaft. Let the roots heal and hair to grow again by stopping beauty regiments. Don’t use brushing too much as weak roots may fall off and hair to fall out. Use proper conditioning and oiling your hair and stay rehydrated.