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How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

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Do you have hair problems and looking for a natural remedy? Find the best way to use coconut oil for hair growth and make them stronger and longer.

use coconut oil for hair

It’s not a big surprise that coconut oil is good for your hair. People have been using coconut oil since the ancient time to help with their skin and hair. The oil is removed from the dried and then shredded coconut pulp. At first it was used for its moisturizing properties in both hair and skin but now the research shows that it can even help to make our healthy and strong and grow longer than ever before.

Coconut oil when applied spread all over your hair and scalp and protect them from sun, wind, pollution and any other thing that can damage your hair by moisturizing them. It has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which defends against dandruff and helps to detoxify your scalp helping your hair to grow. It also contains Vitamins E and K which makes your hair shine and silky smooth. Lastly coconut oil can penetrate deep into your hair prevent it from frizzing and split ends.

How to use Coconut Oil For Hair

Impressed yet learning about all the good things coconut oil can do for your hair. But before completely falling for it and buying coconut oil it would be better if you learn how to use it first. So, here are some of the famous ways one can you coconut oil for hair growth and many other things simultaneously.

Coconut Oil Massage

Coconut oil alone can do many great things for your hair. Take some warm coconut oil in your hands and massage it slowly in your hair and scalp. Massage it in circular motion to spread the oil and boost the blood circulation both at the same time. Then gently comb your hair so the coconut oil can be spread to your entire hair evenly. You may also apply warm coconut oil to your entire hair using your hand. Cover it with shower cap or some cloth you don’t mind washing after. Leave it for an hour or overnight. Then wash it using lukewarm water. Use a sulfate free shampoo and if possible a natural one. You don’t need to apply conditioner as coconut oil does the same job as conditioner. Do this every alternate day and you will have shinier, silky smooth, long hair.

Coconut Oil with Regular Products

You can also use coconut oil by mixing it with your regular hair products. First is coconut oil and shampoo. Take equal amount of coconut oil and your regular sulfate free shampoo. Apply it in your hair just you do with shampoo and leave it for a couple of minutes. Then wash your hair normally. You may or may not apply conditioner or coconut oil after shampooing depending on dryness of your hair.

Second, is to use coconut oil with your conditioner. Mix 4 tablespoon of conditioner and 3 tablespoon of coconut oil. Apply it your hair properly and massage your scalp in circular motion to increase the blood circulation. Comb your hair to spread it all over your hair. Cover it with shower cap and leave it for couple of hours. Then wash it using warm water and then shampoo it properly and pat it dry. Repeat every alternate day to see the appropriate effect.

Coconut Oil with Honey

Making a hair mask using coconut oil and organic raw honey is best to treat damaged hair and it helps to make your hair soft, silky smooth and healthy as it can. Mix organic virgin coconut oil and raw honey in equal amount and mix it properly. Heat it for few second just enough to make it warm but not hot. Apply this mixture to your hair and scalp. Cover your hair using a shower cap and leave it on for an hour. Once done rinse your hair using shampoo and pat it dry. Do this twice every week to see the change in your hair. You may also add lemon juice if you want to make it extra shiny.

Coconut Oil with Avocado

Avocado is known as super food as it has all the qualities a human body need in a day. But very few people know that it is equally helpful for hair. Make a mixture using paste of avocado or avocado oil and coconut oil in equal amount. Using this mixture massage your hair and scalp properly. Apply this at the tips of your hair as well. Leave it on for a half an hour and then wash it using natural or any sulfate free shampoo. Do this every alternate and you will see the change in your hair. Using avocado is best if you have any hair fall condition as it helps to make your hair stronger and prevents hair loss.

Coconut Oil with Lemon Juice

Lemon juice helps with sticky hair and it also makes your hair extra shiny if you need it. Make a mixture using two part coconut oil and one part lemon juice. Apply this mixture to your hair and scalp and massage it properly all over your hair. Comb your hair to spread it evenly all over your hair and scalp. Cover it with shower cap and leave it for 3-4 hours or leave it overnight. Finally wash it using lukewarm water and sulfate free shampoo and towel dry. Do this regularly to see the glowing results. Lemon juice can also help to prevent dandruff.

Coconut Oil with Essential Oils

Make a mixture using coconut oil in a container and mix half teaspoon of basil oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil or any other essential oil you have. Stir it properly to make a proper mixture. Apply it on your hair massaging them and then comb your hair gently to spread the oil all over properly. Cover it with a shower cap and leave it for couple of hours or overnight if you want. Finally wash is with using lukewarm water using sulfate free shampoo or natural shampoo if possible. Do this once a week at least to see the change in your hair.

Coconut Oil with Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry is the best herb there is for hair loss. It helps with extensive hair loss and grey hair as well. Melt two tablespoon of coconut oil and then stir it in a tablespoon on dried gooseberry. Let it mix for a 5 minutes and then let it cool for another 5 minutes. Once it’s cool enough then apply it on your hair and then cover it with shower cap. Leave it on for 4-5 hours or leave it overnight. Then rinse it off using lukewarm water and with natural or sulfate free shampoo and pat it dry. Do this twice a week to see the results.

Coconut Oil with Almond Oil

Almond oil has many different benefits for hair. It contains Omega-3 fatty acid, Vitamin E, magnesium, etc which can help with many variety of hair problems. Using just a couple of drops of almond oil will help strengthen your hair and is best for damaged hair and hair loss troubles. It will also help with hair shines and nourishing the scalp.
Mix a few drops of almond oil in your otherwise pure coconut oil. Massage your hair from scalp to tip using this mixture. Comb your hair gently to spread the oil all over and in equal parts. Leave it for an hour or two and then rinse it with lukewarm water using natural or sulfate free shampoo. Do this couple of times every week and see the change in your hair.

Tips to use coconut oil for hair

Even though you have read how to use coconut oil for hair growth it always better to have some tips and tricks just to have an upper hand if things isn’t going the way you planned.

  1. Never use hair straightening or curling irons as it damages your hair.
  2. Avoid blow dryers as much as you can as it dries out your hair.
  3. Do not use commercial hair styling product as it contains chemical which can cause damage to your hair and leave it much worse.
  4. Try using natural shampoos and conditioners if you can as it helps to get healthy hair.
  5. Focus on your diet and remember to drink plenty of water as staying hydrated is the best thing you can do for your hair, body and skin all at the same time.
  6. Exercise regularly, sleep well and avoid stress as they all can cause hair loss or hair fall.
  7. Before using any natural or commercial products try testing it first in small amount for allergies.
  8. And it’s always best to consult with a doctor before using any natural or commercial product.

Having a good hair is every person’s dream. It doesn’t matter if they are men or women, everyone likes to show off their hair at one point or another, I know I have. Coconut oil will help you do just that. In fact it will help you get the hair that you so dearly want. Just use coconut oil daily and you will be surprised to see the results.