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Using Dry Shampoo On Hair

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Learn the new art of dry shampooing hair and also learn how to use dry shampoo on hair. This hair washing technique can be helpful when you are in a hurry and have no time to wash your hair.

dry shampoo on hair

Although dry shampoos are used since several years ago, its use is not yet fully disseminated. However, it seems glimpsed a growing interest from consumers in this care treatment for hair that does not use water. Originally, the dry shampoo was used in veterinary, to deal with the most reluctant to get wet pet cats-and-above all, in fact, is still used. New more sophisticated formulas led to the creation of a product for the general public.

‘What type of hair is more appropriate? Actually it can be used on all hair types, but the most common use is given in oily hair, because it usually has astringent components.

How to apply?

The Application must be made with dry hair, previously stirring the product. It starts with the roots and keep on the ends. Furthermore, it is necessary to do so with layered cover the entire surface of the hair. Everything depends on the volume, but overall would be three layers on each side of the head. Dry shampoo usually comes in spray, but when applied out as dust, so it is necessary to consider that in the darkest hair and will form a noticeable white coat.

In the darkest hair dust it is more visible. Therefore, it is necessary to remove it with a comb. To remove it, you should comb your hair (for those with frizz is preferable to use a wooden comb) and massage it. In addition foro removing the white coat, the shinier hair comb is obtained.

What are its main characteristics and properties?

A large part of the dry shampoo has astringent properties. Many come with fragrances such as lemon or mint enhancing astringency. Some others are moisturizing and shine; there are those who add volume.

What is the frequency of use recommended?
Dry shampoos can be used daily, but does not replace a traditional shampoo. It is a product fto be used in emergency.

What are the pros and cons of using it?
No these products has no significant cons except against which is more expensive than traditional shampoo, because it has an advanced technology. But beyond that, they are all pro: you save time on many occasions and is a quick fix for clean and good looking hair. For those who hair has more frizz, it is best to use a wooden comb to remove the white layer of dry shampoo.

Why this product is not as well known among consumers?
It has to do with the consumer needs to experience the foam because it perceives that way cleaning is effective. Dry shampoo as it goes against the tradition of the foam, I think it will continue to be an alternative, but hardly replace the traditional shampoo.

Ideal occasions to use dry shampoo
Dry shampooing technique can be used after physical activity, no rush to get away impeccable. At the conclusion of a long journey, either by bus, car or plane. On every occasion that you need to remove the oiliness of hair quickly and effectively.

How to prepare a dry shampoo home

Powders, starches and flowers are able to prepare a good homemade dry shampoo. You can choose between bicarbonate, corn flour, corn starch or baby powder. Always select equally chosen ingredients. Mix the ingredients in a bowl and add dried herbs or flowers (they can be pink, lavender, violets, mint) and put everything in a jar. Empty all the ingredients in the jar for a few minutes, until the mixture has a uniform consistency, add a few drops of the essence you chose and poured into the plastic bottle. Secure the lid and bring to a dark cupboard let stand 3 to 4 weeks. Finally, the mixture is ready to clean and be used as a good to dry shampoo hair.

Tips for dry shampooing hair

Dry shampoo is the product that every girl must have for emergencies. This product serves you for those days that did not give you time to give you a traditional shower and do not want your hair look greasy, or when you have made a hair dryer and want to hold a couple of days. However, when not in use it is easy that you do not grab the joke and discover its benefits. The key is how you apply it to truly serve. Here are common mistakes while dry shampooing hair.

  1. Must use on dry hair
  2. After applying give a 3-5 minutes time for it to work.
  3. Do not rush to brush and shape or may not absorb the oily hair.
  4. You do not have to use it only when your hair is really dirty.
  5. Give the shampoo some space to be spread and not be a lump.
  6. You can apply when you have your hair clean and dry so you last longer this way.
  7. You can apply when you have your hair clean and dry so you last longer this way.
  8. Do not apply it as close to your head.
  9. You must not spray the whole bottle of dry shampoo.
  10. Do not use it all the time. Dry shampoo does not replace the shower and normal hair wash, only should be used occasionally more than 1 or 2 times a week.