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Wild Growth Hair Oil-Get Long, Thick Hair

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Wild Growth Hair Oil features high-quality and rich plant-based formula which conditions, hydrates and softens to provide more manageable hair. If your hair is hard to manage, tangled and dry, they will become healthy, soft and less vulnerable to hair breakage and split ends. This hair oil promotes thick, strong hair growth for all types of hair.

  • For long, thick hair growth
  • Concentrated formula
  • Detangles and softens hair
  • Reduces blow-drying time
  • Stretches relaxers


I am suffering problematic hair. So, I was looking for something that can be helpful to manage my frizzy, curly and thin hair. I know it’s the worst combination. Recently, I came across this product. Wild Growth hair Oil has really got awesome reviews and it really works. I decided to try this hair oil for myself and wrote a review on it. I decided to find out if it really works with reviews but failed to find enough on the web. So, I chose to try it on myself and share my experience with you. A lot of women, especially African Americans, use this oil. The oil claims to deliver fastest hair growth possible. It is designed for all hair types. Along with growing your hair faster, it is also helpful to reduce breakage and hair loss.  It has advanced oils and moisturizers which are helpful to lock in the natural moisture of your hair.


Wild Growth Hair Oil is formulated with 100% natural ingredients which really work to detangle, condition, and help achieve lasting results.  It contains jojoba oil, olive oil, vitamin D, coconut oil, inositol, choline, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorous, fragrance and natural color.

How It Actually Works?

With the help of Wild Growth hair Oil, you can get thicker and long hair growth. It contains lots of natural ingredients like vitamins and oils which are the good choice for your hair and scalp. I have been using this hair oil for around 2 months and I found my edges growing back again. I was suffering thinning at the front of the head and my parting really looked wider. My parting really looks fuller since I started using this hair oil. I won’t have to go far to tell that my hair is thick now. I was suffering from hair fall because of hormonal problems. It has really made a great chance and my hair really grew more than it naturally does.

It goes a long way as I have thin hair. If you are Asian or Caucasian who have thin, fine hair, you may use a couple of drops to massage scalp and work it really well to the strands and add the much-needed softness and shine to your hair. It is also the best choice for men because you can get proper hair growth and remove all the hair problems.



  • The best part of this hair oil is that it contains all natural ingredients and it is easy to use and it is dense with rich and moisturizing agents. It contains coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oils, which are the healthy oils.
  • Wild Growth Hair oil contains all the vitamins needed for healthy hair growth. It contains choline, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E. According to the latest research studies, it was found that vitamin D is vital for your hair growth. This vitamin plays an important role in this formula. Vitamin D is surprisingly not found in most of the hair growth formulas available on the market. Vitamin A and E have been typically used in topical ointments for your scalp and skin for years. They may be helpful with cell growth and cell differentiation also.
  • Chlorophyll is considered to be the oxygenator of cells and the topical application can be helpful to oxygenation of cells in the scalp and it can improve blood flow.
  • The product contains Minoxidil which really brings in extra blood flow to the scalp.
  • The deficiency of iron is associated with hair loss. But there is a lack of research which supports the use of iron to treat hair fall. However, this product contains iron and it works.


  • Don’t use too much of this hair oil because it can weigh down your hair. It leaves your hair looking greasy after shampooing. There is no need to use too much of hair oil to get significant results. Your hair will drop if you use a lot of it and use enough for great results. It can be used after conditioning and shampooing if you are suffering coarse and thick hair.
  • There are some users who don’t really like its smell and this smell is found horrendous. Personally, I think it is actually not strong or bad. It is actually the smell of oils which it has. If you have a problem with its smell, you may use it at night and wash your hair next morning to remove all of its smell.


The efficiency of any product always relies on its ingredients. If a product contains high quality and natural ingredients, you should expect best results. Another best thing is that you can use Wild Growth Hair Oil as an alternative to hot oil treatment. At first, it felt that all the people are fibbing about hair growth and I found how they can get such amazing results. This hair oil straightens your hair and relaxes them. While straightening the curves, you can instantly get the great length. It really makes great logical sense. With the help of Wild Growth Hair Oil, your hair and scalp can definitely come alive. People will notice hair looking and shine at its best and your hair can really be healthy. Despite the slow process, this oil really works and gives smooth hair.

Many people spend thousands of dollars on supplements and vitamins, conditioners and shampoo. But this hair oil is very reasonably priced and you can find a lot of benefits for hair care.