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10 Natural Home Remedies to Prevent and Cure Seasonal Allergies

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Having runny nose, sore throat or itchy eyes? Welcome to the season of allergies.

Seasonal allergies can annoy you and deter your lifestyle, and so are the over-the-counter meds you pop to ease sniffing, sneezing, red eyes, and other symptoms of allergies. They are expensive and tire you out. Though you cannot control the pollen in the atmosphere, you can, at least, limit taking drugs you pop in response. We see the biggest trend in allergies today is not medicine and technology. In fact, it’s the likeliness to switch to natural treatment. There are some natural home remedies that really work and keep allergies at bay. Here are some of them you should work on –

Herbal Supplements

These supplements can easily be found in the form of tea, drops or capsule. You may have, at least, one scientifically-proven allergy fighter in your kitchen already, i.e. Green Tea. It has natural anti-histamine properties which are effective enough to interfere with allergic skin testing, according to an allergist, Tim Mainardi, MD, New York City. Sip 2 cups of green tea everyday for 2 weeks without waiting for allergy season to avoid congestion.

There are several herbs used to block allergies and side effects of over-the-counter drugs. Licorice root is considered to be a great choice as it raises the levels of steroids naturally produced in the body. It may be helpful to loosen mucus to a cough less and breathe easier. However, there is a lack of studies to prove this. Before getting any herbal treatment, ask your doctor first. Some products may have ingredients that can cause damage to your lungs and liver. They may cause a reaction if you are allergic to daisies, ragweed, or marigolds. Be cautious while using licorice. Don’t take a lot of herbs as it may cause heart problems and high blood pressure. Avoid licorice if you are nursing or pregnant as it may lead to preterm labor.

Dietary Changes

Have you ever tried to know how nose gets runny just after finishing a place of spicy food? This is so because spicy, hot wings can help clear out your nasal passages, according to a family medical specialist, Kathryn Boling, MD, Mercy Medical Centre, Baltimore. Add hot ginger, cayenne pepper, or fenugreek in your meals. Garlic and onion are also helpful to unstuff your head and calm your sore nose.

                                    10 Natural Home Remedies to Prevent and Cure Seasonal Allergies

Ask your physician if avoiding some foods from the diet might help you ease allergy symptoms. Some dairy foods and dried fruits, such as cheese can make the nasal blood vessels to swell and get you congested. If you are allergic to pollen, ragweed, or any other weed pollen, you should strictly avoid banana, melon, sunflower seeds, cucumber, and chamomile. All such foods can worsen your symptoms. Write the foods you think may set off allergies. Show your ‘food diary’ when you visit your doctor next time.

Start Treating Before Symptoms Attack

Start treating the allergies before you feel something wrong, according to Nathanael Horne, MD, New York Medical College. As allergy season may start earlier this year, it is very important. One of the best ways is to use a saline to clean up your nose everyday and wash off pollen. Though this method won’t replace medication, but it can lower the requirement for drugs. In a study, people who cleaned up their sinuses two times in a day for 3 to 6 weeks had fewer chances to develop nasal congestion than the ones who didn’t.

Use Turmeric in Cooking

Turmeric is a most common spice used in cooking Indian dishes and curry. It contains Curcumin which works as a decongestant to ward off colds and reduce symptoms of allergy. It can be as effective as some medications for specific conditions.

Use Butterbur

You may get more punch from pharmaceuticals. But for a natural way, butterbur has a proven track record to treat pollen allergies among other herbs. According to some studies, it can have the same effectiveness as that of antihistamine to treat nasal symptoms, without any sleepiness. However, it is not proved yet that it is safe for long-term use.

Try Acupuncture

It is an ancient Chinese therapy which has been effective to cure several allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, puffy eyes and runny nose. In this session, hair-thin needles are gently placed under the skin at various parts of the body by a well-trained practitioner. Even after the initial treatment, it is common that you may see improvement. If you have chronic allergies, you might have to go for two sessions each week and it lasts for 6 weeks.

                    10 Natural Home Remedies to Prevent and Cure Seasonal Allergies

Clean Nasals

Flush off pollen and dust from your nose by using a Neti pot. You could get one from your nearest medical store. It looks like a small teapot that has a long spout. Pour it with sterile or distilled water and clean one nostril at one time. Do it two times a day to relieve the symptoms of allergy.

Prefer Chicken More than Beef

In a study lasted for 2 years, it is found that people who had trans oleic acid more in their diets (a kind of mono-unsaturated fat found in dairy and meet mostly) had three times more chances to develop hay fever than those who didn’t eat.

Get a Fish Oil Supplement

In a study about people who had allergic asthma, those who took fish oil supplements every day for a month had lower chances to develop an allergic reaction.

Avoid Things That Cause Allergy

It is, probably, one of the easiest ways to avoid the allergic attack. Just get rid of things that can cause sneezing.

  • Remove all the allergens from furniture and rugs by vacuuming once in a week. It is better to use HEPA filter
  • Buy dust-proof mattress if you have allergy to dust. You can also buy dust-proof pillow covers.
  • Close doors and windows during peak allergic season.
  • Remove your shoes before going inside
  • Wash off your clothes which may get in touch with pollen. Take a quick clean in the shower before sleep.