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Beware of These Concentration Killers Making You Unproductive

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Responding to voicemails, emails, and chats with friends and family, and updating status and checking for updates on social media sites can take a toll on your daily life and distract you from priorities. Instead of completely discontinuing your Facebook account, do ‘control’ yourself.

It’s no shocking fact that you are having hard time dealing with the projects at the office and you need to focus also on your home. Don’t get victimized of concentration killers. They all want to distract you with what you actually have to do. In order to improve focus, experts recommend you to identify what is interrupting you. Here are some of the top concentration killers that can keep you from doing your work properly and take evasive action.

  1. Multitasking

Multitasking people are likely to feel that they are doing more. However, it always takes a longer time to do multiple tasks at once than to focus your attention on one task at once. We often waste time in switching between tasks. In a research study conducted at the Federal Aviation Administration and the University of Michigan, a test has been conducted in which volunteers were required to classify their geometric objects or solve math problems. In this research, it was found that people took more time who switched between tasks. Since the tasks were more unfamiliar or complex, they needed more time to do tasks.

It is important to be choosy when it comes to multitask. For instance, talking on the phone while folding laundry is okay but it is not good if you are working on a high-priority or difficult task.

  1. Mental Distractions

If you are worried about your money, when you are thinking about responding to something in your mind which didn’t go according to plan and wondering if you took vitamins, it is difficult to stay focused and to settle down on a project you want to do. Such kinds of distractions overpower us a lot.

Beware of These Concentration Killers Making You Unproductive

In order to let go of such lingering thoughts, you should write them down instantly. For example, you can write your frustrations on a diary or add items to to-do list. If you are tensed on a specific problem, find time to discuss about it with someone. If you have active listener or a supportive, they may help you remove some of the stress which is revolving over your head.

Meditation is also helpful for you. If you start meditation, you try to manage most of the distracting thoughts so they stop compelling your attention so badly. It may help you find out how to refocus your attention and get it back and put it where you need it.  In a study in 2007, a team of researchers found that people who took meditation course for 8 weeks improved skills to focus attention.

In order to learn the basic tricks, something like paying attention to the sensation of breathing and shifting it to other sensations in the body, it is recommended to take stress reduction class based on mindfulness for 8 weeks, either online or in person.

  1. Boredom

Dull tasks are likely to make you prone to distractions and interrupt you to focus. When you are bored, your mind finds anything else which is more interesting than what you are actually doing. This way, you should give some rewards to yourself, such as a favorite snack or coffee, once you did a specific task on time. Suppose you have to do a huge task and once you complete it, reward yourself with something you like the most, such as dark chocolate etc. Be sure not to overdo it. You may also schedule breaks by taking a quick walk for 10 minutes outside. This way, you will have something to look forward and get a chance to recharge yourself.

Multitasking may be helpful in case of boredom. If you are doing something so dull that you feel under-stimulated, multitasking may often be helpful. If you are having trouble filing your receipts or having a difficult time washing dishes or focusing on a hard task, text to your buddy or listen to your favorite radio station to keep you motivated and focused.

  1. Fatigue

According to several studies, sleeping less impairs short-term memory, attention, and other mental problems. When your sleep is disrupted, your focus falls apart. Sleep duration varies from person to person. But 7 to 9 hours of sleep is important for most adults. You should get around 7 hours of sleep to recharge yourself and improve your focus throughout the day. You should also schedule your tasks which need more focus throughout the day when you feel most alert.

Beware of These Concentration Killers Making You Unproductive

  1. Interruptions from Electronic Media

It’s easy to fall into the trap of your own social distraction by constantly checking out updates on social media all the time. When you try to focus, you may lose your momentum of thought whenever you get a notification or a new email.

We often tempt to respond to the instant message, email, chat, or voice mail just after receiving them. But you have to do something to avoid technology to interrupt you. You need to create blocks of time during which you focus on your job without any notifications, emails and phone calls. Check your emails on specific times of day and close your inbox rest of the time. You may also take your mobile device or laptop where you don’t get wireless internet for a couple of hours.

  1. Side Effects of Drugs or Other Medical Problems

If your concentration killers hinder your ability to work at home or at the office, of if you are having trouble from a physical condition like insomnia or weight gain, you should ask your doctor. Poor focus also comes from medical conditions like sleep apnea, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anemia, depression or thyroid disease. Some of the medicines which are used to treat epilepsy, depression, or flu infections are likely to cause problems in focus.