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Get In Shape: Here Are 20 Fast Weight Loss Tips

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Losing weight faster is the ultimate dream of everyone. All of us wish to have a slimmer body without a lot of effort. Such kind of wish always remains in our minds. In case, if you have tried but failed to lose weight, it’s high time to try it. To lose weight instantly, a lot of people try a lot of workouts and crash diets. Here, we have some of the simple tips to lose weight faster and easier. It’s all about getting fitter, not slimmer.

Set Healthy and Realistic Weight Loss Target

You have to decide the amount of weight you should lose. A lot of people claim to be overweight and start their journey. But you should calculate the target weight off your height with BMI calculator or other reliable methods and set a healthy target for weight loss.

Cut Down Your Calories

Reduce the fats from meat and avoid fatty foods. Eat a lot of fruits and fiber-rich vegetables to your diet. Instead of oily breakfast, have some vegetables and lean protein or whole grain cereal for instant weight loss.


Drink Plenty of Water

You should drink around 6-8 glasses of water every day. By drinking more and more water, you can control food cravings and your tummy feels fuller. Before every meal, take a glass of water to avoid overeating. Replace all your sugary fruit juice, sodas, coffee, and tea with a glass of water to lose weight faster.

Walk for 10 Minutes in Every 4 Hours

The Missouri University researchers report that being inactive or sitting down for around 4 hours can slow your metabolism down and you will easily store fat. So, you should walk for around 10 minutes in every 4 hours.

Keep Your Kitchen Well Stocked

Store proper amount of vegetables, fruits, grains, healthy meats, cereals, flavorers and spices. It will help avoid unhealthy eating and improve weight loss.

Time Management

In weight loss programs, it is mostly ignored thing. You need to decide the part of the body to exercise. You need to decide when you will store your home with groceries in the week, and when you will cook. Your days will be unplanned and rushed if you don’t do it. It won’t be easier to manage your weight loss program.

Chew More in Portions

Rather than swallowing the big piece of pastry, take the smallest size or just share with someone. Chew everything around 8 to 12 times and eat slowly.

Eat only Home-Cooked Meals

Whether it’s your mom or you, who are cooking, make sure everyone use healthy ingredients and follow healthy cooking methods. Use low salt, less oil, and fresh food for best results. Along with fast weight loss, this habit can make it easier to fit from inside.


Break Your Fast

After taking sleep for around 6 to 8 hours, the blood sugar or glucose level goes down to the minimum. If you miss the breakfast, you’ll turn your body into hibernation mode, which causes minimum or no calorie burn. According to studies, over 95% of people are overweight just because they skip breakfast. Your body needs to recover its metabolic rate every morning. It helps maintain blood sugar level, keep up your hormone levels and burn more calories.

Reduce Salt

Don’t eat more than 1 tbsp (2500 mg) of sodium per day or it will cause weight gain and retain water. Crave to drink water is a symbol that you have taken too much sodium. When your sodium intake gets high, body urges for more water in order to dilute sodium.

Find a Hobby

Traveling from bed to office desk and then back to bed is, basically, not a healthy lifestyle. Relying on just 30 minutes of activity is not enough. Plan weekend trips, enjoy social games with family and friends, dance, clean your house, enjoy sports, and do anything.

Find Ways to Relieve Stress

Adopt simple hobbies and look at meditation, yoga, or deep breathing to fight stress. You will find that your exercise and diet are no longer disrupted.

No Sodas

Your regular soda is literally a weight gainer beverage. You have to avoid all types of sodas, even your favorite Diet Coke. Only water is a Zero-Calorie weight loss liquid that helps you lose around 1 pound each week. Replace 2 soda bottles with 2 water bottles.

Sleep Tight

Your body needs recovery and it needs to regenerate well after a long and tiresome working day. You have to give yourself enough time. Take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Sleeping more or lesser can lead to storage of fat. Be sure to take enough rest.

Be a Slow Eater

According to several studies, slow eaters consume around 70% less calories for each meal. Chewing and eating food well can give your body a lot of time to activate appetite-based hormones. This habit will help you eat less.

The More, the Merrier

It is okay to have small meals or several snacks throughout the day, if your diet is healthy. You should consume fresh homemade snacks, fruits and yogurt. Sounds old school? But it works well to avoid mindless cravings and binging.

Don’t Eat Directly from Container

It is better to take food in a small cup or bowl. Take the amount you should eat and stop it when it’s over.

Keep Snacks at Bay

When it comes to healthy diet, it is better to keep unhealthy snacks away. Store only healthy snacks and make sure that the packet of chips or other snacks are stored where you cannot reach in every few minutes.

Get Going, Be Active

Whenever possible, you should always be on the move. Don’t let your work life taking a toll on your personal life. Go for quick walks and get some fresh air in every two hours. Try to walk to the station, grocery store or the bus stop etc. and other small distances.

Get Some Healthy Vacations

Find the way to eat smart and perform some bodyweight workouts on a holiday to enjoy the vacation right. These lifelong habits can keep you fit forever.