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How to Get Rid of Knee Pain

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Daily exercise like walking, running or cycling can help you get rid of knee pain fast permanently. Lack of calcium and blood flow to knees can be a reason for the trouble and painful joints. Use hot water bags and daily massage the area to get quick relief from knee pain naturallly. After trying everything if the pain is severe you should immediately contact a physiotherapist.

How to get rid of knee pain

  1. Exercise play an important role in keeping your joints strong and healthy. Daily exercise like walking or cycling for just half an hour can keep your knee joints in perfect condition. This is a best precaution you should follow to avoid any kind of pain in knees. Daily walks can improve blood circulation towards knees and soothe the pain in it.
  2. Massage olive oil or mustard oil slowly to both your knees. Massaging these natural oils help to stimulate blood towards knees, while these oils contain essential properties that help to relieve pain. It also helps to relax muscles and reduce swelling of knees. A study was made in U.S. which divided knee patients into two parts. In group one, knees of patients were massaged twice a week. After a month it was confirmed that first group patients had less pain as compared to second group which was not massaged.
  3. Avoid keeping legs folded for long time. Keeping legs folded reduces the blood flow towards legs that is a major reason for extreme pain in knees. Folding legs for longer time also puts a lot of stress on the knee muscles. Keep your legs in straight and elevated position as much as possible.
  4. Your weight can be a issue for the acute pain in your knees. When you stand for longer time there is a lot of strain on knees which leads to pain. Knees are the shock absorbers of our body and being overweight increase the force on cartilage which is at center of our knee and thighbone. Hence reduce your weight to get rid of all body problems. Daily exercise and healthy diet with less fat intake will help you lose excess body weight.
  5. Keep hot water bags on knees or sit inside a steamy bath tub for 30 minutes. Keeping hot water bags on knees four to five times a day will significantly reduce the pain in your knees.
  6. Avoid wearing high heels and wrong foot wear and shoes to protect your knees from damage. Women wearing high heels are more prone to patellofemoral due to the increase pressure on the muscles of knees. Wearing such high heels for longer time can make your back and calves muscles short leading to osteoarthritis. Just for the purpose of style your muscles and joints are being degraded. Hence wear comfortable footwear to avoid any kind of foot and knee problem in future.
  7. Buy some pain removal sprays and creams and use it regularly for your leg joints. These topical creams get absorbed through skin, soothing your pain. The available medication include sprays and gels that you should rub it to your joints to get rid of painful knees. These products contain properties and ingredients like capsaicin, salicylates, counterirritants that get absorbed by skin and provide quick relief to your joints.
  8. Lack of calcium in body can also be a reason for the pain in your joints. Include calcium in your diet, as deficiency of this mineral can lead to knee suffering. Foods like broccoli, milk, almonds, fish, lady finger (okra),spinach are good source calcium. These foods should be included in your diet to keep your bones strong.
  9. Yoga is one of the most popular and natural form for treating various joint pains. It has originated from India has also gained popularity across Europe, U.S and other continents. There are various yoga poses which can help people suffering from arthritis. Since I am not a yoga expert I don’t know about the poses, but you can surf on internet.
  10. Ginger is also an old age remedy to get rid of knee pain. You can add ginger to your tea and consume it daily. Ginger oils are also available that can be massage to your knees to remove pain.
  11. Consult a physiotherapist in case of prolong severe pain in your knees. An expert can provide you with proper medication and exercise that can help to relieve the pain in joints. Never take any medicines without consulting your doctor.