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How to Lose Belly Fat Fast for Women

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Many women complain of having a fat belly region and hence I have come up with these best ways to lose belly fat fast within four weeks. From foods to exercise for women, I have covered almost all the topics that will help you make your belly slim. From your side I just need some daily effort and I promise that you will definitely lose those extra pounds and have a toned body.

How to lose belly fat fast for women

  1. Proper cooking and eating habits will get you rid of belly fats quickly. A healthy diet with less fats and full of nourishment is the key to make belly flat and free from fats. You should cook food in olive oil to prevent build up of unwanted cholesterol in body. According to experts olive oil helps to stimulate a special hormone that tells your brain that the stomach is full. This controls your appetite and at the same time body is not feeling hungry. A research suggests that chewing food slowly can also help to reduce appetite. Apart from this women need to break their meals into two and then have it in an interval of 2-3 hours. In the 2-3 hour gap if you feel very hungry then have popcorn, tomato, carrots or a sandwich (without cheese).
  2. Eat right to make your tummy slim. Except the foods which are high in cholesterol and sugars you can eat everything. But to lose weight fast you need to make a special diet with apples, oats, fish, eggs, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbages and many more foods that can help. Also include fibrous food like carrots, apples, whole wheat products, corn, cauliflowers and green leafy vegetables. During the digestion process these fibers absorb the unhealthy fats, sugars and cholesterol from stomach and flush them out of body in form of waste. One thing you should keep in mind is that never starve to become slim. Instead eat the right foods in a proper way to make your body toned.
  3. Exercises are important to tone your abdomen muscles. A research by the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism proposed that the combination of aerobic exercise and strength training is better than aerobic exercise alone to lose belly fat. Free weights, exercise machines and bands are used to do this strength training. Simple aerobic exercise like jogging, swimming, cycling plus little weight lifting will remove the extra fats from belly make it flat.
  4. Special exercise for abdomen. These exercise are specially for losing the belly fats and make it slim. Some of these exercises to strengthen abdomen muscles are given below.
    1. Plank is considered to an effective exercise for belly area that can be done at home. Lean down on your elbows and toes and hold this position for some time and then relax. Repeat it for more time (up to 10), do not over do it. This exercise puts a pressure on the belly fats, which result in their removal.
    2. The bicycle exercise aims in removal of the extra cholesterol on our abs. To start with this exercise lean down in supine posture with both your hands behind the head. Raise left knee towards the chest and now bring your right elbow and touch it to your left knee. Now change your knee and elbow and repeat. This exercise is done in one to three sets with at least 10-12 repetitions.
    3. Crunches are the most popular exercise for shedding the extra pounds on your abdomen. Like bicycle exercise crunches perform one to three sets of crunches with 10 repetitions. To do crunches lay down and fold your knees. Put your hands behind your head and get up. As you go up exhale and while coming down inhale.
    4. To start with leg raises sleep and then raise your both legs in an acute angle. This pressurizes the stomach area leading to removal of fats. After raising both your legs together hold for few seconds and then relax. Repeat this technique for 10 -12 times.
  5. Yoga is also effective for trimming the extra fats in the belly region. There are many different postures of yoga like cat-cow pose, cobra pose, boat pose and camel pose that can help you solve your problem. Practice yoga in the correct way or under the guidance of an expert. Doing yoga in a wrong way can lead to complications.
  6. Stress is what you need to stay away from to keep body healthy and strong. When women are in stress a hormone is released in the body that starts storing fats. This causes fat deposits in your thighs, belly area, arms and face. There are different techniques to combat stress and depression for people living a dull life. Daily exercising, going for small vacations, proper sleep, yoga, hanging out with friends and of course shopping which every woman loves or something else that can keep your mind in relaxed and in a joyful mood.
  7. Water is an important factor that helps to reduce fats in the body. Water not only keeps body hydrated but is also important for the process of burning the calories from body. When you start your meal have small sips of water in between to make you feel full fast. Apart from this have minimum eight glasses of water everyday.
  8. Motivation is required to prevent yourself from quitting. At times you may feel that there is no progress and you may want to quit, but you should not. Every day in the morning read an inspirational quote to keep your fat loss program in the correct direction.
  9. Things you should avoid. Alcohol, aerated drinks, pizzas, burgers , chips and foods having a high content of sugar should all be avoided during this program. You need to sacrifice your favorites for some weeks until you have a slim belly.
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