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Natural Home Remedies to Cure Endometriosis Symptoms

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Endometriosis includes unnatural growth of endometrial tissues (which come from the lining of uterus) out of your uterine cavity. Since the condition which can cause discomfort, pain, emotional distress and bleeding, it may be harder to deal with the condition. Before starting the treatment on your own, make sure to seek professional treatment first. Once your doctor approves, you can take the following steps on your own.

Traditional Medications

Store-bought NSAIDs

The cramping and pain occurring in pelvic area and abdomen are the most painful symptoms of endometriosis symptoms. Luckily, you can take NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen sodium, ibuprofen and aspirin to relieve your endometriosis pain. These drugs can help you in any kind of cramps. You may take NSAIDs around 24 hours before period if pain increases in menstrual period.

You need to ask the best NSAID regimen to the doctor. Generally, you can take ibuprofen of 400 to 600 mg orally in every 4 to 6 hours. Usually, you can take at least 275 mg of naproxen sodium. Make sure not to exceed 1375 mg in a day.

You can take 325 to 650 mg of aspirin at least 3 to 4 times in a day, without exceeding 4 gm. Ask your doctor before you take any medication.


It is actually an herb used by some women to control their hormones. Taking chasteberry can help you control your hormones to a great extent. You need to use this herb for a year to make a change. So ask your doctor first. It can interrupt with other medicines like Parkinson’s medications, hormonal therapy and antipsychotic medications. Every morning, you can take at least 400 mg of chasteberry.

                                                             Natural Home Remedies to Cure Endometriosis Symptoms


This traditional medication is helpful to relieve pain. It may interrupt with other medications. So, be sure to ask your doctors first. Take at least 40 mg of bromelain every morning, night and noon.


NSAIDs are not suitable for everyone as they may lead to nausea. They may also cause diarrhea or vomiting. You may switch to acetaminophen (or Paracetamol in UK) if it’s the case. The standard dosage is around 650 to 1000 mg in every 4 to 6 hours. In any single day, don’t exceed 4000 mg. Don’t take more than recommended because it can lead to liver damage. Drinking alcohol can increase this risk.

Go for Iron Supplement

If you are bleeding for a long time heavily, you may be vulnerable to anemia. If you have to take iron supplement, ask your doctor and refill the iron supply in your blood.

Physical Remedies


In combination with endometriosis, when research has been limited, it may still be helpful to treat your condition. In order to get the good acupuncturist, the best thing is getting the doctor’s recommendation. Despite having limited research available, it still helps with painful symptoms for women.

Take Some Bath

Get two small tubs ready. Sit in them and fill one with cold water and another with hot water. Change the tubs after sitting for 3 minutes in hot tub and 1 minute in cold one. Get back and ahead for three times to each tub. Do it a few times in a day. Hot water shouldn’t be too hot to bathe.

                                                       Natural Home Remedies to Cure Endometriosis Symptoms

Get Some Heat

If you have cramps due to endometriosis, heat can be helpful to take the benefits. On your front or back, you may try heating pad. A warm bath can also help you with cramps.

Get Therapeutic Massage

Massage can be helpful if you have uterus blockage because of endometriosis. See the doctor for any recommendation.

Dealing with Heavy Bleeding

Plan in Advance

In your menstrual period, excessive bleeding is the common problem with endometriosis. It is important to seek medical treatment and plan in advance with menstrual period. Don’t schedule time-consuming and tiresome activities and events if you have heavy period constantly. Breakthrough bleeding is another period. So, keep the period supplies handy.

Combine Your Menstrual Products

If you are having very heavy flow, you may want to use some products for your protection. You may use a tampon and pad together to stem the flow. Instead of washable pads or tampon, you may also consider using menstrual cup.

Drink Proper Water

Be sure to get little extra salt in the diet in case you are heavily bleeding. If you get dizzy when standing up or heart racing hard or fast after lying down, you need this treatment. Drink around 4 cups more water. You may also consume tomato juice to add salt.

Get More Absorbent Pads

If you use pads, be sure to choose wider, longer pads which can be more absorbent. Wings are also helpful to keep problem of spillage at bay.

Make Changes in Lifestyle

Do Regular Exercises

With regular exercise, your brain releases endorphins like serotonin to help you feel good. Simply speaking, exercise can be helpful with endometriosis pain. It can be helpful to prevent endometriosis. You may try aerobic activity for around 30 minutes in a day, 5 days in a week or 150 minutes. Some of the common aerobic activities are playing sport, running, swimming, or climbing stairs. You may perform strength training around two times in a week.

Consume Different Healthy Foods

Your body needs to be kept healthy as much as possible to manage the symptoms well. Try to eat different vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains. Don’t know how to eat healthy? Ask a nutritionist who may guide you about making a best diet plan. Skip some common allergens like corn, preservatives, and soy.


Even though it may not be effective in treating endometriosis symptoms, it can at least help you deal with pain. You can perform deep breathing to relieve pain. Relaxed, deep breathing is an easy technique. Here, you can focus only on breathing and block out all sensations and thoughts, closing your eyes. When you breathe through nose, count to 4 times in your mind, hold it for 4 counts and then count 4 times when you breathe out. Keep doing it until you feel relaxed.