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Tight Your Wiggle Arms with These Easy Workouts

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If your jiggly arms make you feel embarrassing whenever you go sleeveless, you are not the one who feels uncomfortable. These wiggle parts are known as ‘triceps’ in your arms. These large muscles are positioned at the back of upper limb and they are responsible to straighten your arms. There are two major reasons behind your flabby arms – the first one is body fat and next one is your age. Our skin gets saggier when we grow older and it loses elasticity with time. It is very remarkable in the upper parts of the hands. The problem is that we cannot do much more about it. If it is due to body fat, we can reduce body fat to lose weight and arm fat. Along with proper nutrition, you can also tone muscles with resistant exercises. You can do the following exercises at home. Some of these exercises require dumbbells (hand weights of over 1-2 kg).


It is a very simple exercise to do at home. All you need to get on the floor and your hands must be under the shoulders. Elbows should be closed to your sides and then you have to lower your body. Then get back to the first position. It may feel too hard. Change your position in a way that your knees touch the floor and are bent. Repeat the process at least, 10 to 15 times.

Triceps Dips

To do this exercise, you will have to use a stable chair. You need to place your shoulder and hands width aside on the chair and your hips in front of the chair. Straighten out the arms and keep your elbows bent slightly. Then bend the elbows slightly and lower the body to the floor until your arms reach the angle of 90 degrees. You may feel stress in triceps and press with the arms. Push your body back up to the beginning position. Repeat this process at least 10 to 15 times.

                       Tight Your Wiggle Arms with These Easy Workouts

Triceps Kickbacks

In order to do this exercise, you will have to use dumbbells of 1 to 2 kg. Hold the weighs and get to the floor while your toes and knees touching the floor. Bend the upper body ahead from the hips up and bend the elbows at the angle of 90 degrees. Extend both your arms back and your palms facing one another. Feel the pressure on triceps and get back to the beginning process. Perform 3 sets while repeating 8 to 10 times.

Bent-Over Row

Place the width between shoulder and feet apart. Bend your upper body and knees ahead with hips up. The spine should be kept neutral and lower back shouldn’t be bent. Hands must be straight under the shoulders. Bend the elbows and lift your arms to the sides of the chest and it is wise to pull the shoulder blades towards one another. Lower the weights eventually in the controlled movement and feel pressure on triceps. Repeat this process at least 15 times.

Triceps Extensions

You can lie or stand on the floor to do this workout. You also need dumbbells of 1-2 kg or higher. Lye on the back and raise your arms over the chest. Your elbows shouldn’t be locked and it must be slightly bent. Now you have to bend your elbows at 90 degrees to get the weights to the floor. Elbows must be on either part of the head. Lift back and repeat the exercise for 15 times.

If you stand, do it with your knees soft without being locked. Straighten the arms and your elbows are next to the ears. Bend your elbows at the angle of 90 degrees. Squeeze the triceps and straighten the arms. Repeat the process for 15 times.

                                                                     Tight Your Wiggle Arms with These Easy Workouts

One-Arm Pushup

Lie on the left side and keep your knees little bent. Your left arm should be on right shoulder. Push right palm on the floor until it gets straight and lift up your upper body. Repeat the process 10 times and change your sides.

Improve Your Vascular Health with Proper Diet

Less percentage of body fat means having more visible veins. It is as simple as that. You need to estimate your daily needs for calories, according to your age, weight, height and gender and find out the amount of calories needed on an everyday basis to stay slim. If you want a handy and simple option to keep track on your exercise routine and calories, you may use a fitness app on your Smartphone to help you in weight loss plan. Now, let’s discuss the foods you should include in your diet that will help you in your exercise regimen –

Consume Lean Protein

To have a tree branch veins, you have to consider having a clean diet which is enriched with lean protein. You need to consider taking 1 gram of protein for each pound of weight if you want to get veins back to the position and build lean muscle. Your diet plays a vital role in your fitness routine and you have to focus on it to reduce the percentage of body fat. The type and overall amount of calories you consume every day are very important to consider to burn fat and build lean muscle mass. Some of the great additions are lean chicken, legumes, eggs, protein-based soy and fish for your arm-strengthening workout.

Reduce Your Sodium Consumption

You need to control the amount of sodium intake in your body. This way, you can avoid the water weight you hold on it. It will tighten your skin around the muscles and your veins will pop up. Consume least possible salt to get your veins more visible.  You need to stay well hydrated while limiting the salt.

Eat Carbs which Are Digested Slowly

Along with controlling your sodium consumption, you need to increase intake of carbohydrates which are digested slowly. It can help you reduce water weight and help you slim down faster. You can take carbs with lower QI-index like sweet potato, rice, and brown bread to process off the sodium and your veins will pop up after workouts.