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Yoga & Weight Loss – 6 Yoga Poses to Get Back in Shape

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Yoga is not just a religion. It’s a science of youthfulness, well-being and integrating mind, body and soul. Yoga is nothing new for us. It’s an ancient Indian process which is related to the overall health of humans, including physical wellbeing. Yoga can be considered as a holistic package. Unlike any other physical activity which is only based on rejuvenating and cleansing human body, yoga works from within and outside as well. If you start practicing yoga in daily life, you can feel the change – physically, mentally and spiritually. It can also help in weight loss as an added bonus.

These days, people are getting more conscious of their body and worrying about increasing waistlines and risks of metabolic diseases like diabetes, cancer etc. Due to this sudden upsurge, it has become a trend that people are prioritizing their overall wellbeing and switching to fitness regimes and customized diet plans.

For a longer period of time, it was believed that yoga consists of different exercises where you have to hold the postures for several seconds. We used to consider it as a regime which is designed for the people who were fit already but want to improve flexibility. Somehow, we couldn’t consider yoga as the best tool for weight loss when compared to highly intensive gym workout sessions. It took some time to find out how various asanas work and their efficacy. However, the understanding of them was affirmative, gratifying and enlightening.

                                                                                                   Yoga & Weight Loss – 6 Yoga Poses to Get Back in Shape

Yoga for Weight Loss

Before addressing weight loss, it is vital to know different factors that are responsible for weight gain. Along with bad food habits, you should also understand that you gain weight also because of improper functioning of various body parts.  Yoga includes some of the most common breathing exercises which are aimed at balancing, cleansing, and rejuvenating your inner organs. Several basic asanas and breathing exercises are helpful to boost heart and metabolic rates. After healed from inside, you need to shift your focus to the outer body.

We cannot actually target any specific asana for weight loss. Most of them are aimed to cleanse your inner body, strengthen your stamina and core muscles, and increase metabolic rate and flexibility. Yoga involves backward and forward bends, twisting the body, inversions, and various poses to increase flexibility and open up the rusted muscles and improve weight loss.

Yoga Poses to Getting Started

  1. Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is one of the very well-known, basic and widely practiced Yogasanas. As the name suggests, it involves saluting the sun. It includes 12 different poses arranged in series to focus on different body parts. It consists of 12 poses in one, such as forward bend, basic prayer pose and Cobra pose, which is the great thing about this pose. According to the experts, it is the best way to stay active and this pose is helpful to exercise all the areas of the body. It is helpful to improve your skeletal systems, such as ligaments and it also eases anxiety and stress.

  1. Veerabhadra Asana or Warrior Pose

In this asana, you have to perform the mountain pose and stretch one of the legs back and other leg goes with the lunge-like position with the knee at 90-degree position and your hands must stretch just above the head. You can go further to Warrior Pose 2 in which you get your hands in front of the chest and straighten your leg and point it out when your other leg is at 90 degrees and both arms stretched out wide. This pose works on your thighs, legs, arms and back. It improves blood flow in the body.

  1. Trikonasana or Triangular Pose

This way, you should start with stretching your leg wide and turning out your right foot. Stretch your arms and open push the right part of waistline over the right leg and go down slowly while facing down with a flat back. Right palm should be kept on the ground. You may keep it on your right foot or in front of it, or on the block with stretching the left arms up. This asana addresses arms, thighs and both sides of your body.  

                        Yoga & Weight Loss – 6 Yoga Poses to Get Back in Shape

  1. The Boat Pose

Lie on your back down and go to the V-shaped position which resembles a boat, as the title implies. Hold the position for 10 seconds and raise the bar with each day. You may feel abs muscles tossing but it will remove belly fat.

  1. Purvottanasana or Upward Plank Pose

It may look a little hard to crack on the beginning but this Asana will leave you much more fulfilled. It truly works on your shoulders, back, spine, arms, and wrists and it fortifies your muscles. It is also ideal for the respiratory system. It is wise to go through this asana for core strength of your body. It also works on inner thigh muscles, legs, and hips. Keep your legs stretched to sit in front of you. Take your hands behind the hips getting towards the feet. Prepare the body to go up. Raise the body and pull your head back.

  1. Bridge Pose

This way, you need to lie down on the back using your hands stretched on the sides. Fold your knees, spread out and raise the body from pelvis area. Hold the position and get support from hands. It addresses your thighs, hips, back and stomach.

Physical exercises are always important for your health and overall well being. It also prevents all the health problems. You need a proper diet to keep every kind of physical activity productive and effective. There are different health benefits of yoga. It also helps avoid depression and anxiety. There are certain yoga poses you can perform at the beginning and level up with more complex ones. It can easily help prevent several disorders that may take a toll on your daily life. There are several breathing exercises you can perform to get relief from several heart problems. Yoga is practiced not just in India, but also in several western countries.