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Beauty Treats Lip Scrub | Exfoliate Your Lips with Dark Cherry Flavor

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You may have heard about facial and body exfoliation. But most people don’t know about lip exfoliation and lip scrub. But these days, lip exfoliation is one of the hottest trends in beauty and health industry. We have to scrub away the dead layers of the skin in order to maintain youthful and smooth skin. And the same formula stands true to your lips. You have to scrub the external layer to keep your lips smooth and beautiful. Like any other body scrub, lip scrub adds gritty substance in order to exfoliate the surface layers when they are rubbed on the lips. Lip scrubs are used to remove dead skin cells from the outer surface of lips. But they are safe if they are ingested accidently, unlike body scrubs. Lip scrubs are made great tasting and sweet to make scrubbing both healthy and delicious.

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Benefits of Using Lip Scrub

By removing the dead surface from the lips, you will get the fresh new layers, resulting in smooth, soft, and kissable lips. There are several other benefits of lip scrubs if it is not enough for you. Along with smooth surface, lip scrub also stays longer on the lips. This way, lip liner, lipsticks and lip gloss can look a lot long-lasting and effective.

Lip scrub provides amazing lip exfoliation and lips can be moist and they can easily retain the moisture for a longer period and they can also help avoid cracked lips. If you use lip scrub on the regular basis, you will never get chapped lips due to exposure to cold and the wind. Apply the scrub and get well-moisturized lips.

When to Use Lip Scrub?

According to the beauty experts, you need to use lip scrubs to scrub your lips at least one time in a week and more in winter season. Scrubbing your lips can take just a few minutes. So, you should do it at least once or twice a week. You can also apply it in evening or just do that after brushing your teeth. You can achieve beautiful, smooth lips with lip scrub and it always stays in your reach.

You can easily get lip scrub. You can easily access it in beauty shops and cosmetic stores. Or you can also buy online like Amazon. You can also go DIY to make your lip scrub. You can make your own to save on lip scrub. You can easily make your own homemade solution. But you may buy the one with natural ingredients if you don’t have time.

They contain a lot of exfoliating ingredients and they come with a lot of amazing and exciting fragrances. They are also easy to use. All you need to apply the lip scrub to your lips, scrub gently and wash it off and clean it with water. They leave your lips silky smooth and light. You can get the best results if you apply your lip scrub on a regular basis. There are different types of lip scrubs available. They come in jars and in tube forms that work like a lipstick. If you need a quick fix while traveling, both of these types of lip scrubs are convenient.

Beauty Treats Lip Scrub – My Experience

Beauty Treats Lip Scrub

Beauty Treats Cosmetics is known to offer high quality lip scrubs presented by Pandora Collection. Beauty Treats Lip Scrub moisturizes and exfoliates lips as it contains Vitamin E and antioxidants. It contains finely-ground walnut shells that are helpful to remove dead skin gently and leave the lips supple and soft. It comes with four treatments.

  • This awesome lip scrub is available in four flavors – Wild Apple, Almond Crème, Dark Cherry and Vanilla Bean.
  • It is really a high quality lip scrub
  • It is advised to use it 2 to 3 times a week for smooth and soft lips
  • It is also easy to apply. All you need to apply little bit of scrub to your lips and massage dull skin gently. Wash your lips and remove with washcloth.

Founded by Marnie Massie, Treat Beauty is offering revolutionary lip care product line. The founder also has sensitive skin. She was unable to find the right products which are available for her. So, she decided to introduce her own range of natural products to soothe dry skin. She wanted to develop not just cruelty-free and natural products, but also delicious.  I personally tested two lip care products offered by Treat Beauty.

But I loved using the lip scrub because of its delicious fragrance and I also got a little bit of taste accidently, not intentional. I found it really sweet. The best thing is that it is not toxic at all. It is sugar based and it contains Shea butter. It can smooth out your lips with exfoliation. I massaged this lip care product into my lips in a small amount and washed it off with clean water. It makes me feel a little tingling on my lips from the sugar and its abrasiveness. It really feels smooth to touch. The scrub keeps my lips moisturized well along the day and it feels literally moisturized just after lip scrub without applying any balm.

This excellent lip scrub is the best product to apply at any time and carry in your handbag for on-the-go moments. You can easily get a small kick to your lips with ease. You can really get the slight pink tint to your lips and it can truly brighten up your lips. This is the reason I adore my lips and tints a bit. It smells soft and feels nice. It has an amazing light texture on lips. It really works well with the lip balm.


I have been using this lip scrub every 2 to 3 days a week. It lasts really long and I love its fragrance. After scrubbing my lips and washing it off, it can leave your lips with pretty and deep color and your lips can look natural with it. It really feels nice and makes my lips smooth.