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5 Best Beauty Tips for Lips

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Keeping lips beautiful adds attractiveness to the face and for this there are certain daily tricks to be followed. Here are five best beauty tips for lips that will help you to get the lips of your dream. There are few home remedies also included if you don’t have the money for buying some products.

5 Best Beauty tips for lips

People hardly follow a lip care regime that helps in keeping the lips look attractive. It is a very important part that makes the face attractive and more appealing. There is a routine you need to follow to keep lips beautiful. This routine includes cleansing, moisturization, massages plus following all the basic precautions that can help you to keep lips in a perfect condition. Here are all the step by step beauty tips for lips.

  1. Peel the dirt from lips

    Exfoliating lips once a week is a very important step for maintaining the beauty of lips. With the help of any scrub or a home remedy scrub off the dead skin cells and the impurities. If you don’t know to scrub, these tutorials will teach you how to exfoliate lips. Along with the scrub you can use a tooth brush for deeply removing this unwanted dirt. This regular cleaning will help you to lighten the complexion of lips and make it pink. Using natural remedies for cleansing is good, but not as effective the lip scrubs available. Some of the best natural exfoliating products are lemon, papaya, oranges and aloe vera. So select any good scrub and follow this first beauty tips for lips.

  2. After exfoliating, now moisturize

    In the above step due to exfoliation your lip moisture has been cleared and hence this step is to provide additional hydration to prevent it from drying. Apply any vitamin E moisturizer or an unflavoured balm to keep lips moist. Since lip skin is very sensitive and lacks melanin these hydrating creams protect them from dryness and keep it beautiful and soft. Buy a good product which has good ratings from its users and if this product is not in your budget then go for some home remedies like honey, aloe vera, olive oil, coconut oil and milk cream. These natural products contains great powers that can help in maintaining the moisture levels of skin.

  3. Massage lips to improve it texture

    Massaging is a great exercise for lips that stimulates blood circulation making it look more nourished and beautiful. This is because more blood means more supply of nutrients and oxygen to the skin. Giving an ice massage will help to clear the dirt as well as moisturize lips. This is a great remedy to turn the colour of lips to red. Add few ice cubes to a piece of clean cloth and slowly move this cloth on the lip. Using aloe vera gel to massage cracked lips will help to treat the infections and seal these cracks with the antioxidants and moisture present in it. Just massage lips for 5 minutes a day and repeat it two times a week.

  4. Keep the lips refreshed

    Keep cool cucumber slices on the lips and take a 10 minutes rest. This will provide moisture and the lightening properties of cucumber will fade the dark spots and make lips look pink. Keeping cold slices will refresh the lip skin and turn it beautiful. Moving ice can also provide great refreshment to the lip muscles.

  5. Foods for lips

    Eating healthy foods mean having lots of fruits, vegetable that nourishes the body with vitamins and minerals. These are some of the precautions to be followed to keep lips beautiful. As the skin of lip is very sensitive, having hot tea and coffee tends to burn this skin that later makes it dark. Excess spicy and salty foods should also be avoided to prevent the lips from any damage. While having food if some of its particles stick to the skin then immediately clean it with a tissue or cloth.

  6. Things to be avoided

    1. Licking habit of a person will always make his lips fall in trouble. The wiping of the moisture due to the saliva often makes lips dry and then chapped.
    2. Well you have always heard this saying that “Cigarette smoking is injurious to health”, but it is never specifically said for the skin. Well, I will say that it also has many damaging effect to the skin. The tobacco compounds in the cigarette smoke can turn your lips dry and dark.
    3. Having lot of tea and coffee throughout the day can dehydrate the body and thus make skin dry.
    4. Protecting skin from the harmful rays of the sun is also very important. Since there is an absence of melanin in lip skin, our lips find it difficult to protect itself. These rays also evaporate the moisture and hence we should daily provide some extra moisture to it.